Creative Requirements

All creative is due five business days before campaign start date. Sponsored editorial, including Awesome Lists, require at least two weeks lead time. A due date will be provided on your intake form. 

Website Ads 

Banner Ads (sizes):

  • Billboard (970x250 Desktop and 320x100 Mobile)
  • Medium Rectangles (300x250)
  • Large Rectangle (300x600)
  • Mini Banner (300x100)

Creative specifications:

  • We accept artwork as third-party tags (SSL compatible) or images (GIF, JPEG, JPG or PNG).
  • HTML5 tags must include a ClickTag and be available for testing (backup image required). Please utilize a validator such as this one to ensure the tags will work in our adserver, Google Ad Manager.
  • Maximum recommended file size for images is 500 kb.  We cannot accept files of 1 MB or larger.
  • Animation may include up to 4 frames/slides with a minimum of 4 seconds per frame and up to 4 loops.
  • Banner ads must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content.
  • Expanding ads and in banner video require pre-approval.
  • We use Google Ad Manager for serving banners and our native text message on our secure site.

Spotlight Native Text Message

  • Displays in spotlight on our website across all devices.
  • We accept text up to 75 characters and a click through URL or a Click Tracker URL.
  • We can accept an impression tracking URL.
  • We cannot use third party tags for the text message. 
Pre-Roll Video Ads
  • MP4 or MOV
  • Max file size of less than 25 MB
  • 1080P or 720P
  • 16:9 "widescreen" format
  • Max length of 15 seconds 


Dedicated Emails and eBlasts

  • Please provide a subject line, image, and copy for your email based on the following specifications: 
    • ​Image specs:
      • ​Dimensions: 550x450 pixels
      • File format: JPG or PNG
      • Max file size: 1MB
      • 1 image click through URL 
    • Copy specs:
      • ​Email Subject line
      • ​Text with 150 to 200 words of copy with click through URL noted in brackets next to clickable text
        • Example: Please come to our open houses [] for a fun time!
      • Notes:
        • Copy may be edited to optimize performance and meet email marketing best practices.
        • No hyperbole, ex: this is the best camp ever! No generalized platitudes or rhetorical questions.
        • No superlatives ("a top school" instead of "the premier school"), and no unproven claims such as "number 1 camp in the state".
        • Third person only -- no first person references


Editorial Inclusion

Editorial Inclusion

  • Listing summary included in one editorial roundup for one year
  • Requires an active Provider Directory Listing subscription, as editorial will link to your directory listing.
  • Active Deals will be included in the editorial.

Photo with caption (add on)

  • 2 to 3 horizontal photos with minimum size of 960x650 pixels (no advertisements and no writing or logos placed on the photos) and our team will select one.
  • ​Include a brief description of the photo and let us know if photo credit is due.
  • We accept JPEG, JPG or PNG file formats for your image.
  • We cannot accept files larger than 4 MB.

Promo Video (add on)

  • Provide a YouTube, Vimeo or other embeddable video link. 
  • 16:9 "widescreen" format
  • Subject to Mommy Poppins editorial approval and placement is solely determined by Mommy Poppins editorial.

Sponsored Editorial Posts

  • We can accept link trackers on the editorial.
  • We cannot guarantee any other trackers will work, but we'll give you an estimate of clicks to your website at the one month mark.


Social Posts

  • You can provide a link or other tracking link.


Newsletter Ads

Text Ads - Top Text and Lower Text

  • Click here to submit via our Newsletter Text Ad/Deal Spots Form.
  • These text ads have room for 150 characters, which must be submitted with a link.
  • Mailchimp suggests using Google Analytics or ClickTale for tracking.
  • We will format a descriptive title for your ad.

Banner Ad -  Horizontal image (550x150) with click URL (displays below editorial and lower text ad). 


Provider Directory Listings 

A Provider Listing includes your business name, a link to your website, a contact email address, up to 5 location address, a business description (1,000 characters max, including spaces and punctuation), and up to 8 images. Descriptions may be edited according to our house style. Our image guidelines are as follows:

  • Images must be plain photos, not logos or ads with text.
  • Images must be horizontal.
  • Image size must be 960x650 pixels (If you are unsure, please go to or another application to check)
  • You can create your Directory Listing through our secure online Directory portal.
  • Click here to view our Provider Listings frequently asked questions.


Provider Directory Listings Deals 

A Deal includes a headline (50 characters max), a brief description (250 characters max), and a link. Deal text may be edited according to our house style.


Event Calendar Listings

  • Click here to submit your event
  • Click here to view Event Calendar Listing Policies
  • Click here to view Event Calendar Listing FAQs
  • Image specifications
    • File size:  must be less than 4 MB
    • Allowed file types:  PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG
    • Orientation:  horizontal/landscape 
    • Pixel Size:  960x650
    • Plain photos, no logos or ads with text


Creative Services 

Animated Ads can be created for you.  You will need to submit up to 4 correctly sized images and the click through URL. 

We can connect you with a third-party professional for other creative design and editing needs.


Please direct any advertising inquiries to our Ad Sales Team Manager.

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