Mommy Poppins Directory Listings FAQ

Why hasn’t my listing been published yet?
All submissions and edits are moderated by our editors to maintain quality and consistency on our site. It usually takes two business days for moderation, although in peak times it can take up to five days.

Why are listings moderated?
To maintain the quality, editorial style, and consistency on our site, all listings and deals are reviewed and edited if necessary. This provides a better experience for the reader, makes sure your business is represented in the best light, and keeps the site to the high standard that our users expect from Mommy Poppins.

What should the title of my listing be?
​The title of your directory listing must be the official name of your business. Listing titles may not include taglines or slogans. At the discretion of our editors, a word or phrase may be added to describe or clarify what the business offers.

What are your guidelines for listing descriptions?
Here are some of the basic editorial guidelines for our listings, but editors may also use their discretion to edit listings as they see fit.

  • Use the third person (it or they, not I/we/our).
  • No URLs, contact info, or offers in your description text. Use the special fields for this info.
  • Do not include pricing or scheduling details that may become outdated.
  • No hyperbole or claims that can’t be proven.
  • ​Do tell our readers what is unique about your business, providing both a concise overview and the highlights that make your business stand out.  

What are your guidelines for images?
Directory images must be horizontally oriented and between 620x400 and 1200x750 pixels (960x650 is ideal) with no text or logos.

Can you provide statistics on my listing, such as the number of views or click-throughs it has received?
We do not currently provide statistics on directory listings, but you can add a custom tracking URL to your listing to track stats on your own. When you have your custom tracking URL ready to add, log in, click the edit icon next to your listing, and paste your tracking URL in the “Website” field. Don’t forget to click “Save” to submit your changes. If you have questions about adding a tracking URL to your listing, please reach out to your sales representative.

How do I get to my dashboard/log into my account?
Click on the little person icon at the top-right corner of the site.

How do I cancel my listing?
You may cancel your listing at any time by logging in to your dashboard and clicking the “Manage Subscriptions” button. Please be aware that when you cancel a listing subscription, it is demoted from the site immediately. Your payment is not prorated for partial months.

How do I renew a listing?
To renew a canceled subscription, go to your dashboard, find your listing under “Canceled”, and click “renew”.

How do I make changes to a listing or deal?
To make edits, log in to your dashboard and click on the edit icon next to the item you want to edit. Your edits will be submitted for moderation and be published to the site, on approval, within a few days.

Can I schedule a start or end date to a listing or deal?
A listing subscription begins when it is paid for and ends immediately when it is cancelled by logging in to your account and clicking cancel. Deals must include an expiration date and will automatically unpublish after that date.

When will I be charged?
All of our listings are on recurring subscription plans. You will be charged at checkout, and your credit card will be automatically charged on the same date each month (or year for an annual directory listing) until you log in to your account and cancel your subscription. When you cancel your listing subscription, your listing will be demoted immediately, not at the end of the payment cycle.

Can I cancel my listing today so I don’t forget to cancel before it renews?
When you cancel a listing subscription, it is demoted from the site immediately. Your monthly or annual payment is not prorated for partial months, and your listing subscription benefits will not continue until the end of your payment period.

How do I know when my subscriptions will renew?
Log in to your account and click the “Manage Subscriptions” button under “My Listings”. Find your subscription and look in the “Next Payment” column to see the date of your next renewal payment. If you have an annual listing subscription, you will also be sent a notification one week before renewal.

Will I be notified before new charges?
For monthly listing subscriptions, you will receive an email confirmation of each payment made. For annual listing subscriptions, you will receive an email notification a week before your renewal.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
Our site is secure. All information is encrypted and we use the highest standard of credit card processing technology to process your credit card info so it is never stored on our site or servers.

Why didn’t my coupon code change my checkout balance?
You must click “Apply Coupon” to apply your discount. When the code is successfully applied, you will get a message that it was successful and you will see the amount deducted at checkout. If your coupon code was not applied successfully, make sure to go back and apply your code before you check out.

How do I get more people to see my listing?
Adding a deal will give your listing more exposure. It will be called out with a red DEAL flag in the Directory and it will be added to our DEALS page. You can also feature your listing to move it to the top of the page. Email to ask about featuring your listing.

Can I add a deal to my existing listing?
As of September 4, 2018, all new Premium Directory Listings include deals. Log in to your account and click on the edit icon. In the edit form, click the “Add a Deal” link, enter the details of your deal on the next page, and click “Save & Continue”. If you have a monthly listing subscription created before September 4, 2018, you must cancel that subscription and resubscribe to be able to add a deal.

What type of deal can I offer?
Offers must be a compelling value and include instructions for redeeming. Offers may not be something that is normally offered as part of purchase. Allowable types of deals include discounts, free demo classes, coupon codes, event-specific offers or promotions, and scholarship offers, but not all of the above are automatically allowable. Deals will be reviewed by our editors, who have the right to refuse any deal at their discretion.

What should I include in my deal?
Make sure to include all relevant information for redeeming your offer, including any coupon codes and all possible ways the user can redeem (online, by phone, or in person). All deals should include an expiration date, any restrictions, and a link to your website. If there is a specific page with information about your offer, link directly to that.

Can I be listed for free?
We do not currently offer free directory listings, but if you cancel your paid listing it will be demoted to a basic listing (containing only your business name and contact information and appearing below all paid listings in the Directory). Your basic listing may remain on our site for free for a period of time. These free directory listings may be periodically removed from the site at our editors discretion.

Still need help? Email with any questions.

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