Mommy Poppins Calendar Listings FAQ

Why hasn’t my listing been published yet?
All submissions are moderated by our editors to maintain quality and consistency on our site. Paid listings are moderated first. You’ll receive an email notification with the link once your paid listing has been published. Free listings are moderated on a first-come, first-served basis. We receive a high volume of submissions, especially around holidays, and it’s possible we will not get to all free listing submissions. We recommend submitting at least one week before your event date. Another reason your listing may not have been published is that it is already in our calendar. You can search for your event to see if there is a different listing of it published. 

Why are listings moderated?
To maintain the quality, editorial style, and consistency on our site, all listings and deals are reviewed and edited if necessary. This provides a better experience for the reader, makes sure your business is represented in the best light, and keeps the site to the high standard that our users expect from Mommy Poppins.

What are your guidelines for listing descriptions?
Here are some of the basic editorial guidelines for our listings, but editors may also use their discretion to edit listings as they see fit.

  • Use the third person (it or they, not I/we/our).
  • ​No URLs, contact info, or offers in your description text. There are special fields for this info.
  • Make your description compelling by specifically describing the unique features of your event without using hyperbole, all caps, or exclamation points.  

What types of events can I list?
The Mommy Poppins Event Calendar is for family-friendly events within local areas that we cover. Please see our Event Calendar Listing Policies for more information. We do not promote ongoing camps, ongoing classes, party places, or services in our event calendar. These should be listed in our directory. You can self-submit your directory listing information here.

How do I list all my programs? 
Each listing must list one distinct event, meaning it has a time, a date, a name, and a location. For instance, you may list a one-day open house from 12-4 PM on Thursday, September 12th. Or you may list an open play every Wednesday from 9 AM to 10 AM. You cannot list Mommy and Me Play Time 9 AM-3 PM to include various programs you host throughout the day. Each listing may include one address. Some events may only qualify with a paid listing subscription.

When will I be charged?
If you opt for a Premium Event Listing subscription, you will be charged at checkout, and your credit card will be automatically charged on the same date each month until your event has passed. Your listing subscription will be automatically cancelled on the day after all event dates have passed. 

Do I have to pay for a full month for a one day event?
Yes. Paid subscriptions are charged a basic monthly fee whether they are one-day, multi-day, or recurring. The fee covers priority moderation and the additional promotion and benefits for your listing while it is being promoted on our site. It is not prorated by the number of days of your event or by partial months.

Do I have to pay for a full month if my event ends before the end of my billing cycle?
Paid event listing subscriptions are charged every month on the same date each month, and payments are not prorated by partial months. If you post your event on August 15th and your event occurs on September 16th, you will be charged on August 15th and again on September 15th. Your listing will be automatically cancelled on September 17th after all event dates have passed.

How do I make changes to a listing or deal?
We do not currently allow edits to event listings. If you need to edit your event listing, please email

Can I schedule a start or end date to a listing or deal?
An event listing subscription begins when it is paid for and ends immediately after the event date has passed. Deals must include an expiration date and will automatically unpublish after that date.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
Our site is secure. All information is encrypted, and we use the highest standard of credit card processing technology to process your credit card info so it is never stored on our site or servers.

How do I get more people to see my listing?
Adding a deal will give your listing more exposure. It will be called out with a red DEAL flag in the Calendar, and it will be added to our DEALS page. You can also feature your listing to move it to the top of the page. 

What is a featured listing? 
Featured listings get significantly more promotion on the site than any other event listings. They are listed at the top of the featured calendar that displays across our website and at the top of the event calendar listings for the date of the event.  

Will I be charged monthly for my featured listing? 
No. Featured listings are charged a one-time fee per date you elect to feature your listing. 

If I have a multi-day event do I have to feature it for each day? 
You do not have to feature a multi-day or recurring event for every day it occurs, but you may elect to feature it for any date it occurs. 

Can I have a featured listing appear at the top of the calendar on days other than the event date?
No. All events, including featured events, can only appear on the dates they are happening. 

Can I add a deal to my existing listing?
To add a deal to your event listing, you must upgrade to a Premium Event Listing subscription. Log in to your account and click on the edit icon. In the edit form, click the “Add a Deal” link, enter the details of your deal on the next page, and click “Save & Continue”.

What type of deal can I offer?
Offers must be a compelling value and include instructions for redeeming. Offers may not be something that is normally offered as part of purchase. Allowable types of deals include discounts, free demo classes, coupon codes, event-specific offers or promotions, and scholarship offers, but not all of the above are automatically allowable. Deals will be reviewed by our editors, who have the right to refuse any deal at their discretion.

What should I include in my deal?
Make sure to include all relevant information for redeeming your offer, including any coupon codes and all possible ways the user can redeem (online, by phone, or in person). All deals should include an expiration date, any restrictions, and a link to your website. If there is a specific page with information about your offer, link directly to that. Make sure to note your offer expiration so you can update it before it expires in order to have an active deal listed.

Can I be listed for free?
We currently offer free listings in our event calendar for listings that meet our free listing guidelines.

Still need help? Email with any questions.