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Best Places for Kids and Families to Play and Learn in Nyack

We wrap up our month-long coverage of Nyack with a look at indoor places for kids to play and learn in the area.  We've already featured the top 25 things to do and taken a closer look at Palisades Center. Now we turn the spotlight to where to learn and play indoors.

Nyack offers so many fun-filled indoor experiences for kids and families, the onset of cooler weather and subsequent detour from parks and playgrounds is a bit easier to take. Read on for our picks of the best indoor places to play in Nyack. 

Indoor Gyms for Westchester Kids

With the gorgeous fall foliage comes the cool, changing weather. As we lumber toward winter and even cooler temperatures, families may be looking for playground alternatives for their kids to burn off a little steam. No worries--Westchester offers many great options for indoor play! We've written about indoor play places throughout the county but there's still more fun to be found!  We've rounded up seven fun-filled kids gyms (many with more than one location) that offer everything from classes and camps to free play and more.

So whether you're looking to drop the older kids off for a class, join in with the little ones during a Mommy-and-Me, or simply sit and enjoy a nice break while the tots get their sillies out, these gyms are sure to please both kids and their parents. Read on for more details on seven indoor kids gyms in Westchester. And be sure to sign up for our FREE weekly newsletter to have all our latest posts delivered straight to your inbox!

Indoor Play Places in Rye: The Best Local Spots for Westchester Kids to Play and Learn

This month we highlighted Rye and everything it has to offer residents and visiting families. So far, we've taken a look at things to do in the neighborhood and the best places to eat with kids in tow. Now, as we wrap up our month-long coverage, we're turning our attention to the best places for kids to play and learn in Rye.  

Whether it’s specialized classes, sports instruction, language learning or so much more, this area has got you covered and promises fun, exciting and educational activities all year round. Read on for our top picks of the best places to bring the kids in Rye.

Dining in Rye: Kid-Friendly Restaurants & Dessert Spots for Westchester Families

This month our neighborhood spotlight is on Rye, and while you’re out and about enjoying our list of the top 25 things to do with your family, you and your little ones are likely to work up an appetite. Luckily, there is no shortage of fantastic dining options for family-friendly meals in this area. Whether it’s pizza, classic American fare, or even Cajun seafood the family is craving, Rye and Rye Brook have it all, from appetizers to dessert.

We've rounded up our favorite local dining and dessert spots in Rye. Looking for more dining options? Check out our Kid-Friendly Restaurant Guide, full of options and reviews on the best places to eat with kids throughout Westchester. Keep checking back, as our guide is updated frequently.

Where To Play Tennis Like a Pro in Westchester: The Best Private Clubs for Families

The US Open is here and in full swing. We've already told you about about fantastic public tennis centers in lower Westchester and in the northern part of the county. However, for tennis enthusiasts of all ages, Westchester also offers several private tennis clubs, offering everything from lessons and leagues to special family events. 

These clubs, offering varying levels of membership, offer fun opportunities and wonderful amenities to introduce even the youngest players to the game or sharpen the skills of more seasoned athletes. Read on for details on these family-friendly tennis clubs. Also, be sure to check out our Classes Guide and Class Directory for even more ideas for classes of all kinds, from athletic and enrichment to performing arts and more. 

Tennis in Northern Westchester: Five Great Centers for Kids and Families to Play and Learn

Last month we told you about great places to play and learn tennis in lower Westchester. Now, we're back again with a round up of the best tennis centers in the upper part of the county! With the US Open quickly approaching, tennis is in the air and families and kids of all ages are getting out there and enjoying the game.

Westchester is home to some of the finest tennis establishments for private and group instruction, camps, parties and more. Read on for our picks of the top tennis facilities in upper Westchester. Looking for more ideas for fun this month? Check our our August Go List and SUMMER OF PLAY Guide

Historic Mansions for Westchester Kids: Step Back in Time with Interactive Fun for Westchester Families

Historic mansions may not be the first thing kids (or their parents) think of when planning a fun-filled outing, but take a closer look. Westchester County is home to several historic homes that offer visitors more than just a glimpse into the past. Many have dedicated kids programming, annual and seasonal events, fairs and festivals and stunning displays and exhibitions. We've covered many of these events on Mommy Poppins, including the debut of Lightscapes, and the annual Sheep-to-Shawl and Great Jack O'Latern Blaze at Philipsburg Manor.

Now we've got the scoop on six historic mansions throughout Westchester that are worth checking out with the entire family. These architecturally stunning homes have been restored or maintained throughout the years (and in some cases, centuries) and offer a peak into prominent, wealthy family life (in the case of the Rockefellers), colonial life during the 18th century and so much more, as well as interactive programming that brings history to life in fun, educational and unforgettable ways.

Tennis in Lower Westchester: 7 Great Centers for Westchester Kids and Families to Learn and Play

Summer is in full swing and August is fast approaching. If your family is as into tennis as mine, this means basking in the glory of the US Open and enjoying the exciting sport that is tennis! Even if you or your little ones are not quite as skilled as the Williams sisters, fear not--Westchester County offers some of the best tennis centers offering lessons, camps and so much more.

Regardless of age or skill level, if tennis is a sport you’re looking to learn, or even if your kid is already a seasoned tennis player, read on for our picks of the top tennis facilities in lower Westchester. Grab your racket and get ready for fun, great exercise and professional instruction close to home. And if you're looking for more ideas to get your kids active, check out our Classes Guide