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5 Connecticut Winter Day Trips With Children

The stillness of winter inspires tranquility, often accompanied by the craving for adventure or a quick break from the daily routine. Day trips can provide the ideal escape, without requiring reservations, pet-sitting arrangements, or an entire week worth of packing. Here are a few family-friendly itinerary suggestions for a wonderful local getaway, knowing that at the end of the day, you will cuddle up in your own bed. In some cases, even crossing the border into a neighboring state can still have you back home for (a late) dinner. Also check out the Mommy Poppins Day Trips section for more inspiration, along with 50 Things To Do This Winter in Connecticut

50 Things to Do with Kids This Winter in Connecticut

Winter in Connecticut. Sure it's quaint and cozy, and classically New England. But it can also feel incredibly long. By February, you and the kiddos may find yourselves practically climbing the walls. Fear not, we have a list of 50 boredom busters sure to keep the entire family busy until spring. Whether you want to sled, ski, or ice skate, or if you've got a sweet tooth to satisfy, we've got something to occupy every whim. Don't let the winter doldrums get you down; there's much fun to be had out and we'll show you exactly where to find it. And if this isn't enough to keep your troops from a winter mutiny, you can find even more ideas in the Mommy Poppins CT Winter Fun Guide. Here's to winter! Make it your family's best one yet. 

Silver Lights Festival Adds Sparkle to the Season

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, gorillas swung from trees, playful penguins surrounded an igloo, and a seal put on a rooftop show. Technically, the time is now, the land is the not-so-distant city of Meriden, and the adorable creatures are more than 300 characters featured during the Festival of Lights. This annual and very family-friendly holiday lights event in the New Haven area is not to be missed due to its charm, great photo opportunities, and affordable price tag (umm, it's free!). 

Massive Holiday Show List: Everything from the Nutcracker to Charlie Brown and More

Attending a musical or theatrical performance is a beloved holiday tradition. If you have a budding ballerina in your midst and Clara's story is on your "must see" list, don't worry: we also have you covered for performances of The Nutcracker. If your children would be more entertained by a mischievious white dog or an inspiring story of a changed life, those are here too!

Additionally, the Mommy Poppins Holiday Guide has many more suggestions for your family this holiday season, including places to visit with Santa

Weekday Fun: Halloween, Great Pumpkin Sail, Disney on Ice

Halloween week is here, and for many that means dressing up in fancy or scary costumes and indulging in tasty treats. The Mommy Poppins Halloween guide is packed with great ways to celebrate, including the Best Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods in NJ and 30 Free Events and Parades that are frightfully fun. If you have little ones, don't miss the Best Halloween Events for NJ Preschoolers

After Halloween, watch your favorite princesses glide and sing at Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream, have a mommy-and-me date at Chocolate Works, make amazing LEGO creations, and more. And take advantage of the mild temperatures to continue exploring the beauty of autumn with activities such as corn mazes, fall hikes, and other seasonal fun.

Read on for our best children's events the week of October 30 – November 3, and don’t forget to check out our Event Calendar and November GoList for even more fall happenings.

Bucket List of Free Places to Play in CT

Play is synonymous with childhood; it develops physical strength, social skills, imagination, and it’s a whole lot of fun. Just watch children buzzing by on a playground or in a park, giggling in a sandbox, or raising their arms in delight as they zoom down a slide. Throw in a free opportunity for play, and most parents will be as giddy as their kids. So here are some suggestions where to burn off energy, but not cash.

Best Halloween Events for NJ Preschoolers

"Trick-or-treat!" Kids of all ages love reciting those magic words in exchange for bags filled with goodies. Walking through the streets and knocking on strangers’ doors late in the evening, however, may not be the best option for toddlers and preschoolers. Luckily, New Jersey offers plenty of opportunities for safe trick-or-treating in controlled environments. From pumpkin farms to amusement parks to community events, you can experience the fun of trick-or-treating without worry at these structured, family-friendly outings.

Read on for more than 20 fun ways to celebrate the holiday with little ones, and find even more Halloween happenings in our Event Calendar and Halloween Guide.

50 Things to Do With Kids in Connecticut on Columbus Day

It seems like just the other day we were making back-to-school plans, and now we're looking for ways to make plans and optimize every day off from school. Columbus Day falls during one of the most beautiful months of the year, especially in New England, and October weather means great times can still be had making new friends on the playground or digging in the sand and looking for seashells at the beach. Whether you're in the mood for aviation history, sharks or jellyfish, tigers or sloths, Renaissance masterpieces, testing your agility or your taste buds, or a scenic drive, you will likely find something for everyone on our list of recommendations. Here, in no particular order, are plenty of ways to spend a Monday off from school.