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A Visit to the New England Air Museum with Kids

Whether they're excited about Amelia Earhart, the Wright brothers, or Buzz Lightyear, if your children have an interest in flying - or you want to spark their love of science and exploration - get ready to board on a family adventure to the New England Air Museum where real-life aircrafts and interactive exhibits make for an educational and thrilling outing in the Hartford area.

Family-Friendly Ethnic Restaurants in the Hartford Area

Children’s curiosity is boundless, especially when learning about the world around them, and food has the power to educate while filling our bellies with yumminess. Coq au vin? Paella? Pansotti alla genovese? Chow Mein? Moussaka? You’re getting hungry…very hungry...and below are 10 suggestions for international cuisine in the Hartford area, where you can turn a family lunch or dinner into an exciting opportunity to try a new texture or spice. For even more fun, perhaps your family can practice learning a few words in a foreign language or listening to music from that particular culture. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can even try to replicate favorite recipes at home, at a later time. Of course, Connecticut abounds with delicious eateries, so you can also check out some ethnic family-friendly restaurants in the New Haven area

15 Holidays to Celebrate in January

Welcome 2017. Welcome January. It’s time to kickstart the new year by celebrating 15 holidays sure to make your heart burst with happiness. We see you rolling your eyes: Didn’t the holiday season just end? No worries. These celebrations do not require ugly sweaters or schmoozing at obligatory gatherings, and spending extra money is optional.

A Day Trip to the Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven

The Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven houses one of the oldest natural history collections in the world and is one of the best family-friendly museums in Connecticut. Featuring three floors of exhibits, it makes for a wonderful and memorable day trip with children. In the colder months, you can spend plenty of hours indoors, learning about birds, gemstones, dinosaurs, and everything in between. On warmer days, walking around the city becomes a pleasure, as does taking a detour through Lighthouse Point Park, relaxing on the boardwalk or exploring the playground. Don't leave head home before sampling the delicious cuisine at one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood, and if time allows, check out It Adventure Indoor Ropes Course. There is no doubt that the New Haven area packs many opportunities for adventure, including free family activities, and below are reasons why the Peabody Museum should definitely be on your "Must See" list. 

Hartford Area Sledding Hills

The first storm of the season creates quite a stir for those of us who excitedly await a winter wonderland. Sure, building snowmen and having snowball fights leave us breathless with fun, but it's hard to match the thrill of holding tight to a sled while careening down a hill on a quest to be the one who finishes first and travels the farthest. For a truly great sledding experience, check out these awesome hills in the Hartford area. Winter lasts only about 12 weeks, so pack a thermos with hot chocolate, maybe grab an extra pair of mittens and socks (don't forget lip balm and sunscreen!), and embrace the snowy adventures.

If you are looking to explore more winter activities, check out our Ski and Snow Sports GuideMount Southington for downhill skiing and Winding Trails for cross-country are two local attractions worth exploring. Sledding fun also awaits in Fairfield County.

Holiday Shows That Aren't The Nutcracker: A Christmas Carol, Rudolph, and More

Let's face it -- tutus and tights aren't everyone's favorite way of celebrating the holiday season, but for many families, attending a musical or theatrical performance is a beloved tradition. If your loved ones are seeking a break from sugar plum fairies and an army of mice, we have a few suggestions for festive productions lighting up the stage at a venue near you.

If, however, you have a budding ballerina in your midst and Clara's story is on your "must see" list, don't worry: we also have you covered for performances of The Nutcracker. Additionally, the Mommy Poppins Holiday Guide has many more suggestions for your family this holiday season, including places to visit with Santa