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Brett Singer is a writer, husband, father of two, and founder of <a href=""target="new"></a>. He has written about parenting for AOL ParentDish, <em>Time Out New York Kids</em> and ParentsConnect, and also contributes to Snakkle and The Onion AV Club. He's also appeared as a talking head on CNN, ABC News Now and the Fox News Channel. As a parent, he likes to emphasize the importance of eating right, being polite and watching superhero cartoons, not necessarily in that order. Brett is also on <a href=""target="new">Twitter</a>.

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Film Classes for NYC Kids

These days, kids can make movies using their cell phones. One look at YouTube is proof enough, but my older son's really into cinema and has sent me searching for film classes.

I'm well aware he may not turn out to be the next Scorsese, but he can learn lots of interesting skills in these programs. Many of them go way beyond the camera; he'll also get to try his hand at auditioning, storyboarding, editing and maybe even animation depending on which class he takes.

If nothing else, once he finishes, he can help me go through that hard drive of family footage I've amassed. Here are seven places that offer kids' film classes. Ready ... Set ... Action!

Notable News: Sex Ed Via Text, Legos for Girls, School Funding Snafu

The holidays are over (boo), which means the kids go back to school (yay!). Yes, we love them, but I doubt I'm the only parent who feels like I need a break to recover from holiday break.

For better or worse, it's time to get back to business, like our biweekly links roundups. Our first 2012 installment includes stories about schools (of course), Legos aimed at girls and sex ed via text message. Gives a whole new meaning to ROTF.

Notable News: Governors Island Revamp, Controversial School Decisions and Proof the World Really is Beautiful

We're taking a break from the holiday rush to share a few non-seasonal stories that have intrigued us over the past few weeks.

This edition of our Notable News roundup features articles about schools, changes to Governors Island and a new Laurie Berkner e-book, and ends with a video so wonderful, it could make Scrooge himself smile. (Because really, we're kind of Scrooge-like right about now...and yet we grinned.)

Notable News: Indoor Pop-Up Park, School Bus Tracking App, Maurice Sendak's Favorite Menorahs

Life's feeling more like a circus than usual these days, thanks to the holiday rush. So we thought we'd give you a break by (for the most part) shying away from seasonal links in our latest biweekly news roundup.

Stories that piqued our interest this time around include a handy way to track your kids' school bus via iPad (yes, there really is an app for that), the return of a popular downtown indoor park and a kids' fave at the Whitney, the scoop on how to help your children's school find unclaimed funds and a funky display of menorahs curated by beloved children's author Maurice Sendak. His picks aren't as wild as you might think.

Notable News: Volunteering Over the Holidays, School Bus Strike, Controversial School Rezoning

We're going to school you in this edition of our biweekly news roundup. We've got info about a public school district rezoning (ugh), a possible school bus strike (double ugh) and a big new name in the online high school game (and to think, back in our day we actually had to go to school).

And since Thanksgiving is almost here, we've also got suggestions for ways you can give back to your community, as well as a possible big change to next year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Notable News: HPV Vaccine for Boys, Renovations for Central Park Playgrounds, Sculptures on Broadway

Has it been two weeks already? Apparently so, and we're back with our biweekly news roundup.

Before you head to the polls for Election Day (or to the playground since public school students have the day off), check out our take on a number of interesting stories, including the suggestion that boys get the HPV vaccine as well as girls (because it's nice to share), a possible space museum in Midtown West and some awesome public art.

Notable News: New NYC Schools Site, Kids' Night on Broadway, Local Moms Needed for Two New TV Shows

We said we'd bring back our biweekly roundup of news and links that pique our interest and guess what? We're keeping that promise.

This time we've got info on a newish website about New York City schools, a well-known mommy blogger moving to a new online home, the next Kids' Night on Broadway and a rumor about a fresh bagel place taking over H&H's former space on the Upper West Side. Plus, if you've been dreaming of parlaying parenting into a shot on reality TV, we've got the scoop on two shows looking to cast locals mom. Sorry dads. We'll try to get you next time.

Notable News: Parents and Kids Occupy Wall Street, to Redshirt or Not Redshirt, Remembering the Man Behind Mac

It's been a while since we've done one of our link roundups. We'd blame the start of school for the delay but really, it's the days off that are killing us. I originally tried to start writing this on Columbus Day when my kids were home... bad choice.

It's been a very busy few weeks news-wise, and while most of it isn't specific to parents, everyone we know has been thinking about Occupy Wall Street and the death of Steve Jobs. Read on for some interesting tidbits on both of those big stories—including the scoop on NYC families who are spending time at OWS—the (possible) downside of redshirting and other cool media bytes.