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Commonpoint Queens


Commonpoint Queens is a social services organization that meets the diverse and evolving needs in Queens. It provides early childhood programs, summer camp, senior services, mental health resources, support during crisis, wellness, and everything in between.

The Central Queens location, formerly known as the Central Queens Y, has been a staple in Forest Hills for decades, helping the best swimmers and athletes learn and develop their skills in a nurturing competitive environment. Offerings include:

Infant/Toddler: Pre-nursery classes (without parents), Mommy & Me, music and craft programs (with adult), gymnastics.

Swim: Private/group lessons, classes for children as young as 7 months, American Red Cross program, lifeguard training, competitive/non-competitive teams.

Youth Sports: Gymnastics, basketball, soccer and baseball clinics, basketball leagues.

Dance: Pre-ballet, ballet, hip-hop, Zumba.



Compress2Impress is an American Red Cross licensed training provider, training individuals, healthcare providers, security officers, and more in First Aid/CPR/AED at an affordable price. Compress2Impress knows how busy and expensive your life can get, especially living in NYC. By providing First Aid/CPR/AED classes at an affordable price, Compress2Impress makes sure you're still able to do your day-to-day activities without putting your life on hold.

Bright Start Babies


Bright Start Babies provides help and support for parents and babies from the heart. Offerings include:

  • GoGo Babies Tummy Time, Developmental Movement, and Baby Yoga for babies 6 weeks through 18 months
  • Understanding Your Newborn in the 4th Trimester workshops for families in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy and families with babies up to 8 weeks old
  • Baby Massage Workshops
  • Birth Trauma Healing & Bonding Repair.

Bright Start Babies provides educated, sound, well-researched, tried-and-true help for people wanting to conceive, pregnant families, and postpartum families, including assistance in trauma healing from stressful conception, gestation, or birth. The goal is to help create solid foundations for the newborn and its parents in body, mind, and social-emotional growth and development.

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BHMS Beginnings - Brooklyn Heights Montessori School


BHMS Beginnings is a program for parents and infants ages 3-24 months. The goal of this program is more than routine childcare; it is for parents to relax and enjoy these early months with their babies while learning from a trained Montessori guide. It provides children an opportunity to experience the Montessori setting, discover new friends, and engage with their parents in a totally new environment.

Each class is held in a carefully prepared Montessori environment designed for the specific age group with age-appropriate materials. The setting is peaceful, serene, and relaxing.

Each class includes children’s exploration of these topics: 

  • Movement
  • Language
  • Play and self-expression
  • Communication and cues
  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Independence
  • Self-regulation
  • Limit setting
  • Attachment
  • Home environment
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • Infant feeding
  • Diapering and toileting.
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The purpose of is to provide a place where women can ask questions and find answers in a safe, non-judgmental space; a place where women can access yoga and meditation from their home when walking out the door is too much hard work; a place where they can interact with nutritionists, doulas, social workers, and plain old mamas who know. Throw in a little curated shopping experience with recommended items to promote healthy living and some pampering, and you have MamaSoul.

MamaSoul knows that women in all communities can be in need of this type of help, but unfortunately don't have the access or the means. That's why 50% of monthly membership fees go toward a charity promoting mental health and wellness in women (for example, during National Yoga Month, MamaSoul will be donating to The Yoga Alliance).

Please visit the website for more information and to join.

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Holmdel Preschool


Holmdel Preschool is a high-quality preschool offering classes and full-time care for children between the ages of 3 months and 6 years. Also offered are Mommy and Me classes for children between 5 months and 2.8 years. Holmdel Preschool has a learning academy that provides tutoring as well as an enrichment program offering cooking, art, literacy, and science. During the summer, a camp program provides swimming in the private, on-premises pool.

Lil Chameleon - Classes


Lil Chameleon is an award-winning, community-minded space where families can come together to buy, sell, and trade their children's clothes, books, toys, and gear in a stylish and highly curated children's resale boutique. Lil Chameleon also offers classes, meet-ups, activities, events, and Mom's Nights Out, where families can learn, play, and grow together in a supportive community. You'll also love the private event space as your next spot for Insta-worthy parties and festivities.

Sagex First Aid and CPR Training


Sagex offers certified American Red Cross first aid and CPR training to expectant parents, caregivers, and children. In addition to traditional classroom courses, Sagex specializes in bringing the class to you. Contact Sagex if you'd like to schedule a class in your home, office, daycare, camp, community center, or even your local park. 

All ages are welcome, but participants must be able to successfully demonstrate the skills taught in order to receive official Red Cross certification. Parent or guardian enrollment is required with participants 14 years or younger. A parental consent form is required for participants 17 years and younger.



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