City of the Future Community Arts Event

Saturday, October 24, 2009 - 8:30am to 4:00pm

Who is building the city of the future? Children!
What will it look like? Come help us find out!

EVENT: Saturday, October 24th 9:30AM - 5PM @
LA PLAZA CULTURAL (Avenue C + 9th Street)

From 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM children (and their grown ups) will build a model of
Old PS 64/Charas El Bohio as it might exist in the year 2100.

It will be a wild day of building with music, food, and t-shirt making
as we rethink new uses for this former school building and community center.

Architects, builders, and artists will be there to help kids make their
revolutionary ideas rise up out of recycled materials, cardboard, wood,
rope, paint, and imagination.

From 3-5 PM we will celebrate the final production. Join us and walk
through Charas 2100 before it disappears... the structure will be recycled
by sunset.

* We recommend that builders be between the ages of 6-12 but all are
welcome to join us during the day to play music, draw, imagine, and eat

* This is an outdoor event. Dress accordingly. If it rains we will be under a tent.

TWENTY ONE HUNDRED NYC is a coalition of artists and architects who are helping children dream, plan, and build the city of their future. To volunteer for this or future events, contact:

LA PLAZA CULTURAL (Avenue C + 9th Street)