15 Baby Swim Classes for Tots or Toddlers (and Parents) in Los Angeles

Baby swim classes get LA kids water safe, fast. Photo by Molly O'Keefe courtesy of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center
Baby swim classes get LA kids water safe, fast. Photo by Molly O'Keefe courtesy of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

Kids dig water, and the younger we start them in baby swim classes, the earlier they build the skills needed to swim confidently and safely. Mommy and Me – or Daddy and Me – classes for baby and toddler are a fun and bonding introduction to a lifelong love of swimming. We know some great private swim classes for LA kids, but the group lessons below are all about getting in the pool alongside your baby or toddler. These baby classes and toddler classes near Los Angeles are a great way to spend time together while teaching babies an invaluable skill!

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Oh, but before you begin, we just want to clarify: There are many swim classes out there that intend to actually teach your baby to "swim," as in how to roll on their backs and float and do any other necessary function to stay safe if they were to, say, fall into a pool unattended. Babies from a young age can learn this. There are also classes that introduce babies and toddlers to the water, get them comfortable feeling the chill and the splash, and maybe start to reach with their arms or kick their feet while supported while teaching parents how to hold them safely and comfortably. Unless otherwise noted, we focus here primarily on these Parent and Me water acclimation classes (that of course help the baby or toddler develop pre-swimming skills, and may include the introduction of survival skills).

Baby Swim Classes with Multiple Locations


Founded in the 1800s as the Young Men's Christian Association, today's Y is open to all, regardless of religion, age, or social class. Locations throughout the Southland provide, among other things, safe and affordable recreation spaces, often with swimming pools. There are so many in the greater LA area, we can't list them all. But we recommend locating the one nearest you and inquiring.

Westside Baby Swim Classes

2. Culver City Plunge

Seasonally, in two-week sessions, five days a week (total of 10 classes) for 30 minutes each; See schedule for more details.
Ages 6 months to 3 years, $
Emphasizing both fun and safety, the classes at the Plunge help babies and toddlers become acclimated to the water, learn breath control, and become swim-ready.

3. KidSwim

Locations in Mar Vista, Cheviot Hills, and Hancock Park
Ages 5 to 30 months, $$
Choose from many arranged class offerings, or gather a group of your favorite moms or dads and their babies, and create a class in your backyard pool or a friend's. The instructor comes to you. Maximum eight babies and their parents, though six babies maximum is the preferred number. As it takes two or three classes for babies and toddlers to start feeling comfortable in the water, KidSwim recommends trying at least six consecutive classes. Read the school's KidSwim Method description for more information.

4. SwimRight Academy

Ages newborn to 2 years, $$
Ever have dreams of your child being in the Olympics? Maybe not yet. But take lessons here and you'll be that much closer to a four-time gold medal winner. Lenny Krayzelburg won medals in backstroke in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics, and now he runs an amazing swim school, with locations in Los Angeles and West Hills (see entry in "Valleys" below). Instructors teach "Parent-Tot" classes that help babies and kids become water safe by fostering a sense of confidence and independence. Sign up for a free initial evaluation lesson; sessions are then scheduled based on demand. The "Parent-Tot" classes are so popular that they are offered almost every day. Babies begin to learn the back float survival skill here.

5. Santa Monica Swim Center

Ages 6 months to 3 years. $ (Residents are given priority and a discounted rate)
Both pools are large and gorgeous and easily accessible from the Westside. Classes hope to make your tot love the water by teaching through games and songs—and bubble blowing, of course.

South Bay Baby Swim Classes

6. City of Manhattan Beach – Parks and Recreation

Ages 1-3 years, $ (Discounted rate for residents)
This class is not intended to teach your child to swim. Instead, it's all about safety and comfort in the water. And having fun, too. Sometimes the town pool is the perfect way to go.

7. South Bay Aquatics

Redondo Beach and Torrance
Ages 6 months to 3 years, $
South Bay Aquatics offers ongoing classes during the week and on weekends at heated, indoor pools with a climate-controlled dehumidification system to keep surrounding air comfortable and not too damp. What more could your baby ask for? That, and top-notch instruction. Your babies and toddlers will learn to feel at home in the water while they're held and guided by you.

8. Deep Blue Swim School

Ages 5 to 18 months, $
Instructors work with parents to help their child's natural instincts in the water and the primary skills of breath control and buoyancy. There are 2 Long Beach locations, both of which offer group activities and interactive water games appealing to a child’s sense of curiosity, wonder, and play. Double diaper (reusable Happy Nappy diaper cover over water disposable) required.

15 Baby Swim Classes for Tots or Toddlers (and Parents) in Los Angeles: Rose Bowl Aquatics

Baby learns to swim in Pasadena. Photo courtesy of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

Baby Swim Classes in the Valleys

9. Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

Ages 6 months to 3 years, $
Believing that babies and toddlers swim when they are ready, the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center offers classes that meet the child where they are at by gradually and gently introducing water play and skills. Bond with your beginners through songs and simple games. Offer support and confidence to more intermediate swimmers as you help them develop water independence, all with expert guidance from the Aquatics Center's instructors. Classes are offered all year round, in two Olympic-size outdoor pools.

10. Water Otters Swim School

Ages 6 to 36 months, $$
Water Otters knows that each baby and toddler is different, and so each will have a different reaction to the water. Some are bold and fearless, others are cautious and hesitant. No matter. The fun-filled classes are tailored to meet the needs of the children (and the parents!) in them. Learn to feel confident being in the water with your little one, and delight in watching them gain comfort and skill through fun instruction, games, and play. Water Otters can also come to your private pool.

11. SwimRight Academy

Ages newborn to 2 years, $$
We mentioned the Westside location above. But it's worth mentioning this school's Valley location, as both facilities are top-notch. The swim academy's philosophy is the sooner the better. Infants (and their parents) are welcome as soon as their belly buttons have healed from birth. And once the child is 2, the academy believes it's time for mom and dad to step aside in the water. Good stuff happens here. And above all the wee ones learn from the start that being safe and having fun in the water is a glorious thing. Sign up for a free initial evaluation lesson. Sessions are then scheduled based on demand. But the "Parent-Tot" classes here are so popular, they are offered almost every day. Babies begin to learn the back float survival skill here.

Orange County Baby Swim Classes

12. Waterworks Aquatics

Irvine; Other locations include: Carlsbad, Huntington Beach, Pasadena, and Sierra Madre
Ages 3 months to 3 years. $$
Perhaps your infant or toddler has never touched pool water. Or perhaps he or she is becoming quite adept at kicking and splashing. Either way, this premier swim school's Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level offerings will delight and challenge your budding swimmer, and gradually encourage competence and independence in the water. Double swim diapers required.

13. Australian Swim School

Santa Ana; Other locations in Anaheim, Fountain Valley, Tarzana, and Fullerton.
Ages 3 months to 3 years, $
Australian Swim School believes that teaching children how to swim in a group setting is the most beneficial, because of the socialization factor. Parents and the kids learn together to be comfortable in the water as skill attainment is achieved through songs, games, and routines.

14. Blue Buoy Family Swim School

Ages 3 months-3 years, $$
Classes are offered Mondays-Saturdays throughout the day. Blue Buoy has been teaching kids and adults how to swim in Orange County for more than four decades. It believes swimming is a basic life skill, and that is why it works with children when they are very young. It has a separate, smaller, enclosed pool for its Parent and Me classes, to help the kids feel safe and secure This two- to four-foot pool is specifically designed to inspire confidence while working on foundational skills.

15. Wild Child Water Play

Please note: Wild Child has not yet resumed classes in 2021. Please check the website to see when classes are once again available.
Ages 6 months to 3 years, $$
There are two locations of this swimming school in Laguna Niguel. Using songs, games, and interactive play, with plenty of one-on-one instruction and ample time to practice, Wild Child's small classes help build confidence and a love of the water from a very early age. Disposable diapers and plastic pants required for swimmers under the age of 3.

Originally published July 2, 2012

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Waterworks Aquatics - Huntington Beach

Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Right Academy - Westside JCC

Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Right Academy - de Toledo High School

KidSwim - Mar Vista

KidSwim - Cheviot Hills

KidSwim - Hancock Park

KidSwim - Hollywood

KidSwim - Sherman Oaks

Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Right Academy - WLA
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