What Should Parents Really Be Scared of on Halloween? [Infographic]

Kids' Halloween Safety Tips for Families

As parents, it seems like the list of things to worry about never ends. From prenatal health to getting them into college, raising kids is probably the most anxiety-provoking thing we will ever do. And, as if that isn’t bad enough, the 24-hour news cycle seems determined to inject new fears into our overwrought minds all the time.

But, as it turns out, much of what we’re told to be concerned about is actually quite harmless, while more likely dangers are seldom discussed. If we’re going to put so much energy into worrying about our kids, let’s at least worry about the right things.

Emergency room physicians are the sources I trust most because they’re on the front lines responding to issues that actually land kids in the hospital. And what does the American College of Emergency Physicians say you should worry about on Halloween? We created this simple graphic to share the real Halloween scares parents should be aware of.


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