Create a Directory Listing

Directions for creating your directory listing:

Go to our create a directory listing page.


IMAGE: Your picture or logo should be approximately 200 pixels square. If it is not square it will be auto-cropped square. Images smaller than 170 pixels in either dimension will have a black border around them. Click CHOOSE FILE, find the image on your computer, and UPLOAD.

DIRECTORY LISTING TYPE: Choose the type of listing you have signed up for and then a sub category. If your business offers more than one type of subcategory, click add and then you can repeat the process to add additional sub-categories.  

PICK UP LOCATIONS: This is only for camps that provide transportation. Select each neighborhood that you provide busing from. Click the add button to add each neighborhood. 

AREA/NEIGHBORHOOD: Choose the City, Region and Neighborhood your business is located in. Select more than one neighborhood only if you have more than one location. Mobile businesses that travel should choose the most broad location that pertains, rather than choosing every single sub-category. IMPORTANT: You must click ADD for each area or your info will not be saved.

AGE: Select age group your programs are most appropriate for. You can multi-select by holding COMMAND (mac) or ALT (PC) key while clicking more than one age.

ACA ACCREDITED CAMP: For camp listings only, choose one answer.

DESCRIPTION: Paste or type a description of your services up to 250 words.

LOCATION: Add the address for your business location. If you have multiple locations click ADD ANOTHER ITEM to open a new field. You can give your locations names if you have multiple, like “Westside Store”.

Click choose file to upload an image from your computer. Click UPLOAD and then ADD ANOTHER ITEM if you want to upload additional photos. We recommend 4 photos, but 12 maximum. All images must not exceed 600 pixels in either direction, image files must be less than 2 MB. You can add captions to your photos in the DESCRIPTION field after uploading. 

OFFERS: Share a discount code or highlight something new about your business. 

VIDEO: Enter the URL of your YouTube or other hosted video. 

FACEBOOKEnter your Facebook page URL and readers can like your page right from your listing. 

Your entry is not saved until you click SAVE. If you leave this page for any reason without clicking save you will lose all your work. After you save your listing you will be taken to a preview screen. Copy the URL from your browser and save for future reference. 

Your listing will not be PUBLISHED until it is moderated by our editor. Once you create your listing email the URL and business name to and we will look it over and publish it for you. 

If you have any QUESTIONS about these instructions or have issues creating your listing please also email us. Please put DIRECTORY in the subject and include the URL of your listing for any inquiries so we can quickly reply to your email. 

Finally, our new directory offers REVIEWS and STAR RATINGS as well as buttons to SHARE your business listing on social media. We encourage you to invite your loyal customers to leave honest reviews and share your listing with their friends. You are welcome to respond to any comments left as well. Please do not leave fake comments on your business.