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5 Hudson Valley Indoor Play Places Worth the Trip

When it’s raining or freezing or simply a day that ends in Y, a good indoor play place can be a godsend for entertaining kids. We’ve already taken a look at several indoor play places in Westchester, and now we’re going to turn our attention to the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley. These play spaces are all worth a trip across the bridge. 

Looking for places that let you drop off the kids while you get stuff done or have a date night? Take a look at our list of 12 Drop-In Play Spaces, and be sure to sign up for our newsletters!  

25 Exercise Games and Indoor Activities to Get Kids Moving

While suburban kids can always run around in their backyards, city kids often don't have that luxury. A park or playground is a worthy substitute, but sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate or just getting out of the apartment is too much to navigate with the kids. But if a family still wants to integrate movement and exercise into their everyday lives, there are plenty of quick—and fun— exercises that can be done right in your living room. Try our list of 25 easy indoor exercise ideas to do with kids at home. We promise everyone will be tired and laughing after attempting just a handful.

Looking for more indoor boredom busters? We have lots of ideas, including easy craft projects and 40 Snow Day Boredom Busters.

Ten Things My Tween and Teen Love about the California Science Center

I have a son and a daughter with four years between them, which means they don’t always want to do the same thing in the same place at the same time. Siblings! That said, one destination they can always agree on is the California Science Center in Exposition Park. This immersive, interactive exhibition space engages all ages, preschool to high school, and we rarely leave without the feeling that there was more to see and to do. As a parent I love this museum, because, while science is a universal topic, the California Science Center finds many ways to connect us with our own state of California and has exhibits highlighting our ecosystems, earthquakes, and industry.

Space belongs to everyone, but much of the Aerospace Industry is housed here in California. LA's free science museum recently acquired the Space Shuttle Endeavor, currently displayed in a temporary location but ultimately planned as the centerpiece of the new Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center. As thrilling as that big ticket item is, there are many smaller permanent installations that my kids love to revisit—and believe you me they know how to find them. Rotating exhibits also capture their attention: my daughter was so eager to get to last year’s Pompeii that she ended up going without me. I won’t make that mistake again!

Here is a too short list of ten things you gotta love about the California Science Center.

NYC Bowling Alleys That Welcome Kids

Bowling is a perfect indoor family activity when you find yourself with some spare time (sorry—couldn't resist). At about age 5, children really start enjoying it, making it an ideal family outing. Bowling birthday parties are a hit for the school-age set and most venues offer special packages and pricing.

There are traditional bowling alleys—think leagues, snack bars, pro shops—in the outer boroughs, but Manhattan's spots err on the side of grown-ups. Don’t worry though: Kids still can bowl in the borough—you just have to know when to go. Here are 16 places to bowl with kids in New York City, across all five boroughs.

Best Places to Go Bowling With Boston Kids

Bowling is fun for all ages, but hitting the lanes with children is particularly enjoyable because it's an activity that's hard to strike out with, whether a kid is on target hitting the pins or just whips the ball down the gutter. And not a lot has changed in bowling since parents were young.

Greater Boston offers a lot of bowling choices, many of them family-friendly places that have been around for decades. Be warned that this rundown skips some very cool bowling meccas, such as Lucky Strikes on Landsdown Street in Boston or the King's chain, because those places attract 20- and 30-somethings who come to drink and eat well while they bowl – not the best spots to bring your 5- or 6-somethings to. With that in mind, here are a dozen bowling lanes that cater to families looking for a fun afternoon out or an indoor birthday party place.

President's Day Fun in Fairfield County

This arctic blast makes me want to hole up on my cozy couch under some cozy blankets, but by the time Monday rolls around, which is only the first day of a full week of school vacation for my kids in Fairfield County, I'm sure we'll be suffering from a serious case of cabin fever. Happily, not everything is closed for President's Day, and there's a whole range of activities for kids of all ages whether you're looking for a drop-off camp or something to do together as a family. Here are some of our favorites.

Free Summer Reading Programs for LA and OC Kids

School's out for summer! Camps, vacations, and family visits are scheduled—or maybe you prefer a local, relaxing summer with lazy days spent at the beach or working on our 100 Things to Do with Kids in LA list. No matter what your family style, all kids can benefit from a summer reading program. Public libraries often have programs; but did you know that there are several other free programs for all ages, with prizes, certificates, and sometimes extra activities?

Our Trip Along the Chocolate Trail

What better way to spend a winter weekend than a trip along the Connecticut Chocolate Trail with my little sweetheart. Connecticut has many trails and tours that explore numerous hand crafted artisanal goodies, but the Chocolate Trail seems like a perfect fit for the Valentine's season. While there are many businesses on the trail, we decided to keep it more local and explore some of the spots just in Fairfield County.


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