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Heather hates bios. She started this bio about 23 times, and that&#39;s about as many former lives as she&rsquo;s had (Air Force brat, actress, stand-up comedienne, Saks Fifth Avenue perfume chick, editor on Wall Street, you get the idea). She enjoys jazz, TV and McD&#39;s French fries. When she&rsquo;s not writing about cool things for Mommy Poppins, she&#39;s blogging for CafeMom&rsquo;s The Family Piggy Bank and The Stir, freelancing for <em>New York Famil</em>y magazine and working oh-so-slowly on a book. On Heather&rsquo;s to-do list: Learning how to cook without using the microwave, fixing her sagging triceps and finding the best apps for her iPhone. You can follow her progress on Twitter <a href="http://twitter.com/#!/motherhoodlist" target="_blank">@motherhoodlist</a>.<br />
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<strong>More About Heather</strong><br />
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<strong>What&#39;s your favorite place to hang out with kids in NYC? </strong><br />
We hit the American Museum of Natural History at least twice a month, and love heading to Central Park to watch Abe, our doorman, deejay for the roller-skaters.<br />
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<strong>What do you do when you are kid-free?&nbsp; </strong><br />
I would love to say that I hit the gym or a cool dance class or catch a show at Jazz at Lincoln Center, but really, I catch up on errands and write. I should really go back to bed and sleep.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
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<strong>What&#39;s your best parenting moment? </strong><br />
When I told my kid that we can give MetroCards and sandwiches to the monsters at bedtime to make them go away, and she thought that was a great idea. We&#39;ve done that every night for more than two years now.</p>

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Editor's note: We're in the process of updating this post for 2015. Check back soon for the latest news. The holiday season is a great time to expose our kids to what it means when we say, "It takes all kinds."

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It’s holiday picture time. You’re bundling up the crew and heading out to take the annual shot to be sent ‘round the world (or at least to your cousin Courtney in San Antonio). Sure, you could trek to Rockefeller Center and pose in front of the most famous Christmas tree in the world, or line the kids up in front of Macy's gorgeous windows. But why not do something a little different this year? We rounded up a few places you may not have thought of (yet), as well as some off-the-beaten-path locales where you can say, “Fruitcake!”

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If you feel the same way, and one of your resolutions was to, ahem, get in shape before summer, chocolates and jelly beans and Peeps, oh my!, could derail those plans.

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Teaching Kids to Give Back: 5 Easy Ways to Volunteer from Home with Toddlers and Kids

So it begins: the season of giving. Whether giving thanks or giving presents, many of us are lucky to be able to do both. Sure, video games and gadgets are on the top of their lists, but why not give your kids the gift of giving? It’s hard to take your four-year-old to a soup kitchen, but here are a few easy and fun ideas to remind them (and you) how good it feels to do something for others.

And if your kids are ready to volunteer out in the world, check out our round up of kid-appropriate places to help out during the holidays.

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Well, needless to say, we have had quite a week here in NYC. First, we were all shaken up (literally) with that earthquake and then Hurricane Irene made some of us leave our homes, many of us buy things (hello, $30 flashlight) and all of us stop and watch the skies. NYCers, NJers, LIers, and CTers are still recovering, figuring out the damage, and, of course, talking about it. We hope you and yours are safe and sound.

While it was storming outside, it was rather calm online, except for all of the Mother Nature-related news. But, never fear, we found a few fun bits during the hours as we hunkered down–if you want to chat about something other than Irene’s awe-inspiring fury.

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Everyone else is screaming, "back to school!" But here we are, still in summer vacation mode.

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This week it's all about sex, bags and Sesame Street! (Yes, quite a far cry from sex, drugs and rock and roll.)

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