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Christine spent seven years working as an adolescent therapist, victim advocate and crisis counselor prior to taking on the role of mother. She is now the mom of two children, age 7 and 4 and for the past seven years has been grateful for the opportunity to be at home with them. Christine is an active volunteer in her children’s schools and community organizations. In addition to researching and writing for Connecticut Mommy Poppins, Christine teaches a preschool readiness program for KidsFit in the greater Danbury area.

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Mostly Free and Fun Things to do with the Kids this Memorial Day Weekend in Connecticut: Parades, Fairs and Picnics

Weather isn't look great this weekend and some of our outdoor event picks may be canceled, rescheduled or move inside. We're doing our best to keep this post updated, but if it does rain on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, be sure to check the events' official websites before going to find out if anything has changed. Memorial Day began as a day of remembrance for the men and women who have died serving our country in the United States Armed Forces.  We mark this day with parades honoring those lost, historical presentations and educational events.  Over the years Memorial Day has also taken on meaning for many as the unofficial start of summer, celebrating with barbecues, beach openings and fairs.  However you choose to observe Memorial Day we've rounded up events happening throughout the state for you to enjoy with your family. 

Mostly Free and Fun Things to do with Kids in CT This Weekend May 11-12: Fairy Gardens, Arts Festivals and Mother's Day Events

This is the eighth year that I am celebrating Mother's Day as a mother in addition to celebrating it as a daughter.  Raising my two children these past eight years has brought me joy, pride and yes, sometimes frustration, and has changed me as a person forever. I've also grown to understand and appreciate my own mother in ways that I never could have before having children of my own. 

Mostly Free and Fun Things To Do In CT With Kids This Weekend March 16-17: Pancakes, Princesses and St. Patrick's Day

I'm not Irish and I don't like beer or corned beef, so St. Patrick's Day has always been a non-event for me.  Just another day on the calendar.  However, with kids this holiday takes on a whole new meaning and offers so many new opportunities for fun.  This weekend I (along with the kiddos of course) am going to make my very first Leprechaun Trap.  Yes, that's right, a Leprechaun Trap.  A few short years ago I never knew such a thing existed.  Also on the agenda for Sunday are rainbow cupcakes and a Pinterest inspired craft. 

Mostly Free and Fun Things to do in CT with Kids This Weekend March 2-3: Maple Sugaring, Chinese Festival and Dr. Seuss

The warmer days and freezing night temperatures in late February and early March make for perfect maple sugaring conditions.  Over the past few years I've taken my family to many different farms in Connecticut to watch the process of tapping trees and turning sap into syrup.  While each place we've visited shares a different perspective on making syrup, one thing remains the same - my family's favorite part is always the tasting. Festivals throughout the state this weekend offer an opportunity for families to learn more about the sugaring process.

Mostly Free and Fun Things to do in CT With Kids This Weekend: February 16-17: Chocolate, Skating and President's Day

Students throughout the state have been home for days due to Winter Storm Nemo and now, many are about to begin their February break.  It seems like the kids will spend more time home than in school this month.  After enjoying several cozy snow days occupied by books, videos and board games I know I'll be taking advantage of some of the great events going on in the coming days for some family fun outside of the house. Our posts on Winter Break Activities in Fairfield and Hartford Counties are a good place to start as you plan your long weekend. 

Mostly Free and Fun Things to do in CT With Kids This Weekend February 2-3: Groundhogs, Puppets and Library Day

February may be the shortest month of the year, but sometimes it sure does feel like the longest.  The holidays are over, the snow's novelty has worn off and we're left with cold winter days, dark evenings and sometimes I'm tempted to hibernate inside my house until spring.  Kids will be anxiously awaiting the Groundhog's prediction this weekend to see if his shadow tells us to expect an early spring or six more weeks of winter.  But regardless of what that little guy predicts, we've got some great ideas to get you out of the house and enjoying yourself this weekend. 

Things To Do With Kids in CT This Weekend January 5-6: Lighthouses, Camels and Polar Bear Run

The new year is upon us and many Resolutions are being made.   I've read many blogs in the weeks since the tragedy in Newtown of individuals and families inspired to perform 26 Random Acts of Kindness.  A few days ago I read a post that intrigued and inspired me.  The author suggested taking the new year as an opportunity to encourage children to find ways to be kind to others.  So this year in my family, in addition to making a New Year's Resolution, we are going to find ways to perform random acts of kindness to others throughout the year.  I believe that this will not only benefit others, but will help to instill thoughtfulness, kindness and concern for others as part of my children's everyday thoughts. Doing something worthwhile for those in Newtown is one great way to get started.