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A Capella Music & Performing Arts School


A Capella Music & Performing Arts School offers private in-home and studio music lessons in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. The school provides high quality and fun instrumental and vocal lessons for kids, with the belief that finding the right teacher is the key to learning music and enjoying the process. 

The school's philosophy: Students enjoy music lessons in the convenience of their homes.

A Capella has holistic approach of teaching music. Lessons are challenging and fun at the same time. Students are prepared to be artists, creators, and producers, not just consumers of music. Teachers help students to become more creative and musically independent, creating a comfortable environment where students are introduced to music in a relaxed and stress-free setting. Hands-on music making is encouraged regardless of skills level.

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Sagex First Aid and CPR Training


Sagex offers certified American Red Cross first aid and CPR training to expectant parents, caregivers, and children. In addition to traditional classroom courses, Sagex specializes in bringing the class to you. Contact Sagex if you'd like to schedule a class in your home, office, daycare, camp, community center, or even your local park. 

All ages are welcome, but participants must be able to successfully demonstrate the skills taught in order to receive official Red Cross certification. Parent or guardian enrollment is required with participants 14 years or younger. A parental consent form is required for participants 17 years and younger.


My First Book Club


Through My First Book Club, children will gain a love of reading and an appreciation of books. They'll have the opportunity to become part of a community of readers and experience the social power of peers working together to explore the wonderfully exciting world of books. 

Clubs meet for one hour each week for ten consecutive weeks. Each session supports early childhood learners in making meaning while they read, think, and talk about books. Through the use of an interactive read-aloud, habits of a good reader are demonstrated. Children participate in guided conversations and activities about featured books.

Each club is kept to a maximum of 6 readers, and clubs are organized by age group. If you have a group of 4-6 children and would like to host a club, My First Book Club can create a class for you at your home.

My First Book Club will help your children establish their identities as readers while building the foundational skills for reading.

Lil' Eggheads


Lil’ Eggheads is a one-on-one, at-home tutoring service for children entering pre-K through 2nd grade. Lil' Eggheads specializes in early elementary school and test prep to provide your child with the foundational skills needed for the social, emotional, and academic challenges of the classroom.

Lil’ Eggheads approaches education through a mental health lens. This means the tutors look beyond the material to view the whole child. Sessions are tailored to your child’s academic as well as behavioral, social, and emotional needs. Successful students are curious and confident, and Lil' Eggheads tutors nurture these qualities in students.

Offerings include:

  • Test prep sessions (K/1 G&T, AABL, and Stanford-Binet)
  • Classroom prep sessions (foundational reading/writing and math skills)
  • Skill-building summer programs (Kindergarten G&T and phonics)

Visit the website for more information, and join the Lil' Eggheads community today!

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Metropolitan Music Academy


Metropolitan Music Academy offers music classes and private instrumental lessons for students of all ages and levels. The school program allows students to take lessons conveniently in their homes while providing all the benefits and opportunities that a community school can offer. ​The school boasts an extensive network of teachers in the New York metropolitan area including all areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn, Westchester County (NY), Bergen County (NJ), and Greenwich (CT). All of the dedicated faculty members hold advanced degrees in their fields, including Masters of Music degrees and Doctor of Music degrees from notable conservatories and universities across the country, and also are actively performing artists. Please visit the website for more information about Metropolitan Music Academy and the summer program.

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Ms. Lindsay's Lil' Rockers


Ms. Lindsay's Lil' Rockers was founded by preschool teacher Lindsay Ketofsky after discovering how much her students loved listening to her play the guitar. After some research, she realized that there are close to no programs out there that teach guitar lessons to children under 6 years old. Growing up in a family of rock and roll musicians and being a professional singer-songwriter herself, she felt that educating children about music is of great importance and decided to start her own program with the hopes of carrying on the love for rock and roll to the next generation. Ms. Lindsay offers entertainment for children of all ages and teaches guitar lessons to children 4-100 years old. With her experience, she has discovered that teaching guitar to young children is great not just for learning the instrument itself but also for improving reading and writing skills, developing attention span, and teaching kids to stay on top of homework and practicing at an early age.

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The Deliberate Myth Dungeon Master Services


Welcome to The Deliberate Myth, offering Dungeon Master services for kids and adults. Join in on an epic journey—a personalized communal story where every player can be whatever type of hero you want, in a custom world that you help create. Spur your child’s creativity and your own in a story to remember for years to come!

The Deliberate Myth offers three types of tabletop RPG D&D campaigns, all utilizing the 5th Edition Rules of the Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game:

  • Adventurer's Academy: Weekly after-school campaigns for 3rd grade and up. Sign up now!
  • Champions & Chaperones: Weekend campaigns designed for kids and adults.
  • Heroes at Home: Custom campaigns at your own table.
  • Plus three amazing birthday party options to help you level up in style.

Current rates and descriptions are available on the website. Find The Deliberate Myth on Facebook.

After-school registration is now open for fall 2018. See you at the table!

Choreography by Rae


Choreography by Rae provides fun, recreational dance classes for ages 4 and up. Specializing in dance education that nurtures the whole dancer, the program boosts self-confidence and focuses on fun and good form rather than trophies and tricks. Choreography by Rae offers small class sizes and performance opportunities. All skill levels are welcome to join.

Please visit for more information and to register.

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