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HudsonWay Immersion School NJ - Classes


HudsonWay Immersion School’s innovative approach to learning fosters children’s individual growth, development, and creativity, transforming students from pre-K to fifth grade into global citizens ready to Navigate the World®. Immersion education is a model in which students learn subject matter (math, science, social studies, and language arts) using the target language as the vehicle. The long-term benefits include enhanced mental development, flexibility in thinking and reasoning, and greater cultural sensitivity. The school offers full-day and after-school programs in Mandarin and Spanish for children of all language levels. 

Programs Available: Preschool, Day School, After School, Summer Camp, and Enrichment.

To learn more, call 908-598-8088 or visit

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iPlayTek is a fun and cool place to learn STEM. Programs include robotics, tinkering, Minecraft, game design, 3-D printing, programming, and much more. In iPlayTek classes, children have fun learning while working in groups to program robots or build rocket ships in a creative, hands-on environment.

iPlayTek is located in Forest Hills, Queens, and has partnered with the NYC DOE to bring its programs into schools.

Bard Graduate Center - Fiber Arts Workshops for Kids and Families


This summer, Bard Graduate Center has partnered with Textile Arts Center to run hands-on fiber arts workshops for kids and families. The workshops respond to two exhibitions, Fabricating Power with Balinese Textiles and The Codex and Crafts in Late Antiquity.

Weaving Beaded Jewelry​
In this workshop, led by TAC teaching artists, students will learn how to weave with beads while creating a piece of jewelry based on their design (bracelet, necklace pendant, or keychain).

Woven Wall Hangings
In this workshop, led by TAC teaching artists, students will be introduced to the basics of weaving on a frame loom and different tapestry weaving techniques and materials while creating a woven wall hanging based on their design.

Workshops are suitable for kids ages 5-12. All materials are provided. Textile Arts Center (TAC) is a NYC-based resource facility dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of textiles through creative educational programs.

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Pigeonholed Theater Company


Pigeonholed is a professional nonprofit theater company that believes in creating an environment where students are challenged to mature as independent thinkers and to trust their individual creative instincts. Equally critical to the curriculum, over the course of the program students will also participate in a highly diverse set of group activities aimed at fostering a spirit of teamwork amongst all the participants. By the end of the program students can be more self-assured and comfortable in front of a crowd, be more intuitive and empathetic as artists, and better understand how to channel their own creative impulses into productive work that the world needs to see.

All classes are taught by Interlochen Center for the Arts faculty and feature workshops with Broadway actors.

Fall classes offered are:

  • Creating Your Own Character (ages 6-10)
  • Acting Technique and Scene Study (ages 11-14)

Visit the website for a class schedule and more information.

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Goldfish Swim School - Pennsylvania & New Jersey


Goldfish Swim School is one of the top learn-to-swim facilities for kids ages 4 months to 12 years. Classes use the school's holistic philosophy, The Science of SwimPlay®, to build life skills both in and out of the water using play-based learning in a fun and safe environment. Your child’s potential is in there. Sometimes you just need to add water!

• Lessons for kids 4 months to 12 year old
• Flexible class times
• Shiver-free, 90-degree pool
• No sessions--year-round, perpetual lessons
• Confidence-building curriculum
• Family swims, parties, and tons of fun.

Visit the website or contact the individual locations for more info:,,,

Discover Goldfish Swim School!

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The Speech Tree


The Speech Tree is a private practice specializing in the evaluation and treatment of children with speech, language, and feeding delays.  Individual and group sessions are available, and most insurances are accepted.

Visit or call 732-617-1500 for more information.

Gray Studios On Broadway


Gray Studios now offers a new musical theatre program, featuring a musical theatre performance class, group vocal class, and dance class. Students explore in-depth a new musical each month, giving them the opportunity to learn about all genres and styles. They learn songs, scenes, and choreography for each show as the program works synergistically. Whatever show is being worked on that month will be worked from the performance side, dance side, and vocal side, with a monthly filmed final performance for parents. 

Gray Studios also features two-week summer musical camps and a ten-week, audition-only production twice a year. For more info, please visit, email, or call 818-582-3943.

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Kindermusik with Leslie


Through dynamic classes, research-based curriculum, and captivating information about child development, Kindermusik supports parents as they set a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Steeped in educational theory, Kindermusik's programs engage you in learning about your child. 

Kindermusik parents and kids laugh, smile, stomp, play, kick, clap, jump, sing, and dance. But having fun is just the beginning. Early introduction to music and movement impacts your child’s brain and body development in a way few other learning methods can. Kindermusik should know—it has been transforming the lives of children, parents, and teachers around the world since 1978. Science has shown that children of any age learn more when the learning is playful and fun. 

Kindermusik's purpose is simple. It's here to develop young minds and change the world. One child at a time.

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