Sol Educa, LLC

Learn Spanish through culture!

SOL Educa offers Spanish language and Mexican culture classes to children between 3 and 17 years old.  Its objective is to offer fun, engaging and effective Spanish classes. SOL aims to develop bicultural students with excellent oral and written Spanish skills.  

Group classes meet 3 times/week for 50-mins sessions, some students can be accommodated to join only 2 times/week.  Group classes are divided by age and proficiency level (beginner to advanced)

SOL also offer one-on-one classes which can be tailored to the student's availability and proficiency level.

Classes are Spanish immersion whicht provides an efficient opportunity of learning a language.  However, priority is placed on student participation.  Teachers on the beginner levels will use some English.

SOL has developed a curriculum which includes elements of the Mexican cutlure in its vocabulary, games, songs and classroom activities. In advanced levels, students learn about the Mexican history, literature, art, and regional traditions.  Students celebrate Mexican holidays (Day of the Dead, Mexican Independence Day, etc)  and students' birthdays, Mexican style.

At SOL it is believed that the full understanding and knowledge of a specific foreign culture (Mexican in our case), provides students context to the Spanish language learning and at the same time develops tolerant, inclusive, and socially flexible students.  Individuals with intercultural competence have demonstrated advanced reasoning, effective conflict management and teamwork.        

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