Best High Tea Spots in NYC to Enjoy a Cup with Kids

American Girl, Eloise Tea at the Palm Court, Madeline Tea, Lady Mendl's, Alice's Tea Cup

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a memorable experience, afternoon tea—popularly called high tea in New York City—can be a fun outing with kids. It's an especially great winter outing and particularly fitting during the holidays.

Several places serve high tea in New York City, with varying degrees of appropriateness for children. From the fancy Eloise Tea at the Plaza Hotel to the funky vegan snacks served at Teany on the Lower East Side, there are teas for children of all ages and parents of all budgets. Here's our take on some of the best high tea cafes in NYC.

Madeline's Tea at the Carlyle – Upper East Side
35 East 76th Street
Largely due to singer/pianist Tina deVaron, Madeline's Tea at the Carlyle Hotel is one of our favorites in the city. Held in the famous Bemelmans Bar, Madeline’s Tea pays tribute to the creator of the Madeline children's book series, Ludwig Bemelmans. Surrounded by the author-illustrator's delightful murals, deVaron explains that Bemelmans stayed in the Carlyle Hotel for 18 months painting depictions of famous NYC monuments in exchange for room and board. The setting is small and intimate, the food and tea are plentiful and the music rocks. A big thumbs-up for little Madeline.
Kids Will Love: Kid-friendly foods and Madeline dolls, books, napkins and plates strewn about. The star of the show is deVaron, who gets children up on their feet by singing requests, including everything from The Sound of Music to the Twelve Days of Christmas to Taylor Swift.
Children's Tea: This is kid heaven. A buffet offers kid pleasers such as banana and Nutella crepes, bacon mac and cheese, silver-dollar pancakes, cupcakes and, of course, lemon Madeleines, as well as more traditional tea sandwiches.
Best For: Children younger than 10 who love music and dressing up.
Cost and Schedule: $75 per person, $35 for children younger than 3 plus tax and gratuity. Offered on Saturdays November 7-December 26, with seatings at 10:30am and 1pm. Reservations are a must.

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The tea pots are delicate and beautiful at Lady Mendl's.

Lady Mendl's Tea Salon – Gramercy
56 Irving Place
Lady Mendl's is a true Victorian tea salon in a brownstone on Irving Place that serves an elegant, classic English afternoon tea. Sit on couches by the fireplace or at elegantly set tables.
Kids Will Love: The fancy room, service and touches such as decorative rose sugar.
Children's Tea: There are no gimmicks here or even a children's menu. The five-course tea includes sandwiches, scones with Devonshire clotted cream and jam, desserts and bottomless pots of tea from a wide selection, including several of the spot's own blends.
Best For: Ages 12 and older. Younger kids are not permitted. This is an ideal spot for a special outing such as a family get-together or a girl's birthday treat. The five-course afternoon tea takes at least an hour and a half. Read our full review and see photos.
Cost and Schedule: $59 per person plus tax and gratuity. Served Wednesday to Sunday at various times. Visit the website for a complete schedule. Reservations are required.

Alice's Tea Cup – Upper East and West Sides
156 East 64th Street, 212-486-9200
102 West 73rd Street, 212-799-3006
220 East 81st Street, 212-734-4832
Only someone with a heart of stone would not be enchanted by Alice's Tea Cup. With three NYC locations, it has the most magical atmosphere and the best food of any tea house we've sipped at. Note: All three outposts are tiny so expect a bit of a wait.
Kids Will Love: Butterfly wings are everywhere (you can borrow a pair during your visit or buy a set in the gift shop). The "Menu for the Small" features items such as peanut butter and jelly on banana bread.
Children's Tea: "The Wee Tea" includes a pot of tea or other beverage, one scone, choice of any children's menu item and dark chocolate mousse.
Best For: Everyone. The food is great, there are lots of options and it's not pricey.
Cost and Schedule: $26 for "The Wee Tea." Adult tea prices range from $28 for The Nibble to $65 for The Jabberwocky. Everyone can order off the regular menu. Served daily.

American Girl Tea – Midtown East
609 Fifth Avenue
Parents have plenty of opinions about American Girl dolls, ranging from "too expensive and too commercialized" to "love them!" But my daughter and I truly enjoyed the American Girl tea experience. The room and tables are lovely and cheerful, if a bit crowded, and the food is surprisingly good. Overall, this is a wonderful experience that any little girl will cherish.
Kids Will Love: Having a doll sit beside them in her own little seat and with her own place setting. The café provides plenty of dolls to choose from if your daughter doesn't have her own.
Children's Tea: Tea sandwiches, butterfly cookies and chocolate mousse flowerpots are among the highlights.
Best For: Girls of all ages who love dolls.
Cost and Schedule: $21 per person, excluding tax and gratuity. Served daily at 4pm. Call or book reservations online.

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Tea at the Russian Tea Room isn't just for the girls.

The Russian Tea Room – Midtown East
150 West 57th Street
This iconic NYC restaurant offers a children's tea with a few Russian touches like peanut butter and jelly blinis. It lacks the charm of other locations and suffers a bit from the soulless feeling of a tourist destination. On the other hand, its lack of frilliness made it possibly the best tea for boys. Read our full review and see photos.
Kids Will Love: Hot chocolate with whipped cream and a whole plate of desserts just for them. Seeing the fancy Russian toys in the gift shop is fun, too.
Children's Tea: Tea served Russian-style, or hot chocolate plus a tiered carousel of kid-friendly tea sandwiches and that aforementioned plate of desserts. See the full menu.
Best For: Boys, since the art deco room is not super girlie. The restaurant is often empty so the antics of small children are accommodated.
Cost and Schedule: $35 per child. Adult tea menus start at $50. You can take your children to tea, but order off the regular menu for yourself. I ordered a salad. While the kids had their special outing, I saved myself the calories — and about $20. Children's tea is served daily from 2pm to 4:30pm. You can book a kids' birthday party by reserving a table for children's tea (you pay regular menu prices) or working out a package for a private room.

Eloise Tea at the Plaza – Midtown East
Fifth Avenue at Central Park South
The stunning Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel reopened in 2010 after extensive renovations, and launched Eloise Tea, as well as an Eloise Shop and even an Eloise Suite (at more than $2,000 per night), all inspired by the popular children's book series.
Kids Will Love: Stopping by the pinked-out Eloise Shop, where they can play dress-up, watch Eloise movies in the reading room or play pretend tea.
Children's Tea: Tea sandwiches include peanut butter and jelly, and the dessert spread features Eloise pink cotton candy. Kids can pick from pink lemonade, vanilla iced tea or a variety of "hot hot" teas. See the full menu.
Best For: Special occasions. This is a special outing that your child will remember for a lifetime.
Cost and Schedule: $45 per child younger than 12, $60 per adult. Served daily from noon to 5pm; reservations fill up, especially during the holidays. Call to reserve.

Also Worth Considering

Rose House is located in Flushing's Chinatown at the Queens Crossing Mall, 718-359-7673.

Teany is the brainchild of singer Moby. This Lower East Side shop offers a vegan afternoon tea. While the tea and food are great and it is inexpensive, the atmosphere doesn't have the magic of other places. It is a great option for vegan and downtown families looking for a bite and a warm beverage. 212-475-9190.


We've noted what ages are appropriate at each venue, but you might be wondering if your kid is even ready for a high-tea experience. We've found age 5 a great starting point, but kids as young as 3 may enjoy those places geared toward children like American Girl.

All photos by Mommy Poppins.

This post was originally published in December 2010.

The Carlyle
35 East 76th Street
New York , NY
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Lady Mendl's Tea Salon
56 Irving Place
New York , NY
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Alice's Tea Cup
156 East 64th Street
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Alice's Tea Cup
220 East 81st Street
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Alice's Tea Cup
102 West 73rd Street
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American Girl Cafe
609 Fifth Avenue
New York , NY
Phone: 877-247-5223
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The Russian Tea Room
150 West 57th Street
New York , NY
Phone: 212-581-7100
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The Plaza Hotel
Fifth Ave at Central Park South
New York , NY
Phone: 212-546-5300
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Rose House
136-17 39th Ave The Shops at Queens Crossing
11354 Flushing , NY
Phone: 718-359-7673
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90 Rivington St
10002 New York , NY
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