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12 Things to Do with Your NYC Baby Before They Turn 1

The whole "New York City is a terrible place to raise babies" debate seems to continue, especially in conversations on local parenting groups. But as a mom of three who had all my babies right here in NYC, I disagree. Yes, it can be a nuisance to find subway stations with working elevators and contend with tiny spaces and noisy neighbors, but there are so many enriching first-time experiences to share with your baby in the city that make it worth muddling through the inconveniences.

So stock your diaper bag, strap your infant into a stroller or carrier and try these 12 things to do with your baby before age 1—one "first" per month before toddlerhood.

5 Things Parents Need To Know To Keep Kids Safe from Sports Injuries

There has been plenty written in the news lately about how kids are specializing in sports earlier these days, training harder than ever—in team sports in particular—to compete at higher and higher levels. This puts extra stress on growing bodies and often leaves parents on uncertain ground. As a parent of an athlete, I often wonder when my kid says, "It hurts here," how seriously I need to take it. Is this a bath and a good night's sleep after a tough work out, or is it a trip to the doctor? Like many parents I know, I sometimes find myself asking the coach for input, when really I should be asking a specialist. 

Knowing a good resource for kids' sports injuries is a big help—which is why I'm excited to be writing about LA's Orthopaedic Institute for Children. It has given me a chance to get some of my own questions answered on the topic of parenting an athlete, and to share the info with other sports parents. I posed a few questions to the associate director of the Orthopaedic Institute for Children’s Center of Sports Medicine in Los Angeles, Dr. Jennifer Beck, who gave me some great information about supporting a young athlete, and about why the demanding nature of sports while a young body’s musculoskeletal system is rapidly changing can sometimes cause injuries.

Why Painter's Tape Is Your Friend and 133 More Parent Hacks

Do automatic-flush toilets scare your preschooler? Do you always forget to put a spare onesie in the diaper bag? Do you go crazy trying to get the crumbs out of your car’s cup holders? These are the types of real problems parents face every day. Who would know the solutions better than other parents? The just released book Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life with Kids written by Asha Dornfest, founder of the Parent Hacks website, and her community of parent hackers has the answer to these issues and, well, 131 more.

Parent Hacks is a decade of the cumulative knowledge of sleep-deprived parents. What I love about it is its down-to-earth take on everyday frustrations and issues. Because the advice comes from real parents, many of the solutions rely on clever tricks using everyday things you find around the house, rather than pricey products. It's frugal, real advice—and often hilarious, including the fun illustrations by Craighton Berman. There are a lot of hacks dealing with poop and other gross situations parents find themselves in, making it a great choice for those with babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

We love this book so much that Mommy Poppins is helping to throw it a party. Read on to find out more about probably the most useful new parenting book around and how you can join us for a fun celebration if you are in NYC.

Parents Night Out in Fairfield County

Looking to partake in some of that elusive “us” time that couples are supposed to be indulging in? Then you can cross find a sitter right off that list of “reasons we never leave the house for a date."  Parents' Night Outs provide entertainment for your little ones so you can enjoy grabbing a bite to eat at a place that doesn't feature a kids' menu and placemats to color.  If you are on a first name basis with the Friday night delivery guy, here is a list of some Fairfield County businesses that have regularly scheduled Parents Night Out events.   

21 Signs You Have a NYC Toddler

Let's be honest. Raising a toddler is a handful, but raising a NYC toddler comes with its own unique challenges—and rewards—like trying to carry their tantruming little bodies up the subway stairs, but knowing they'll come out of it with some awesome values. It also means they develop some pretty distinctive NYC habits at an early age. Watching a toddler in NYC is both hilarious and hilariously frustrating, because they’re right at a crucial development phase in terms of language, basic skills and learning—and they’re doing it on full display of your building, block or, basically, the entire city.

Does your tyke display these quintessential NYC kid quirks?

Allergy Aware Bakeries in Connecticut

There are so many great bakeries in every corner of Connecticut. But, like many of you, my daughter’s school is a nut free facility. For everyone’s safety, if we want to send in treats for celebrations and birthdays, they have to be store bought and in their original sealed containers. For really special celebrations, like birthdays and holidays, I like to bring in something a little more festive than a box of Oreo Cookies. Thankfully, Connecticut has a growing list of bakeries that can provide a fresh-baked treat that everyone can enjoy.

25 Reasons Why New Jersey Is the Best Place to Raise Kids

My family has been raising children in New Jersey for generations. While the times, not to mention the landscape, have changed, NJ consistently ranks as one of the best states in the nation to raise kids. Growing up as a child in the '80s, I took advantage of my home state's great roller rinks, art classes and parks, and went to concerts, the Jersey shore and nearby NYC.

Now, as a parent, I appreciate so many more things about living here. From great schools to top-notch doctors and orthodontists, the Garden State has everything parents could ask for. Whether you're raising preschoolers or tweens, New Jersey has tons of attractions that will make your job easier and your family life richer.

Best of 2015: Philadelphia Area Parent Blogs We Love

We love that you love Mommy Poppins, with our constantly updating events calendar, Wee Work ideas, and mommy-approved outings and places to see. But let's face it, most people these days follow at least 10 blogs on the same topic. So we want to make sure you are getting the full inside scoop of parenting life in the Philadelphia Region by listing some great parenting blogs in the area!


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