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Allergy Aware Bakeries in Connecticut

There are so many great bakeries in every corner of Connecticut. But, like many of you, my daughter’s school is a nut free facility. For everyone’s safety, if we want to send in treats for celebrations and birthdays, they have to be store bought and in their original sealed containers. For really special celebrations, like birthdays and holidays, I like to bring in something a little more festive than a box of Oreo Cookies. Thankfully, Connecticut has a growing list of bakeries that can provide a fresh-baked treat that everyone can enjoy.

Best of 2015: Philadelphia Area Parent Blogs We Love

We love that you love Mommy Poppins, with our constantly updating events calendar, Wee Work ideas, and mommy-approved outings and places to see. But let's face it, most people these days follow at least 10 blogs on the same topic. So we want to make sure you are getting the full inside scoop of parenting life in the Philadelphia Region by listing some great parenting blogs in the area!

8 Ways to Meet Other Long Island Moms

New to motherhood or your neighborhood? Seeking to meet other moms like you? The winter months can make it tough to get out of the house and socialize. But don't worry--you don't need to take out a personal ad. Get up and out to meet new folks (and kiddos) with these local ideas. And for more indoor ideas, check our our Inside Activity Guide.

Moms Meeting Moms: Finding Parenting Groups in New Jersey

Whether you're a mom, a dad, a guardian, or a babysitter, one thing's for certain--it can be hard to meet other caretakers in a comfortable social setting. Suddenly, you turn shy and wonder if you're saying the wrong things; it feels like high school all over again! I've been there. When my daughter was born, I hesitated to make new mom friends because I was scared they'd judge me. I ended up meeting some wonderful local parents, and you will too! Below is a helpful listing of parenting groups for all new and not-so-new parents out there in New Jersey.

Relax! Baby Massage Classes to Soothe Parent and Newborn

There's no way around it: most babies fuss and cry a lot. And many new parents are eager to try anything to soothe their little charges, so perhaps it's not surprising that baby massage is one of the latest trendy mommy and me class options in NYC.

Touch is probably the first and most comforting language newborns and infants learn—and massage a timeworn practice. A gentle touch reinforces love, safety and trust between parent and child, making massage instruction one of the more bonding-focused mommy and me classes out there.

The benefits touted for adult or baby massage are compelling: improvement in overall health and sleep, reduction in stress levels, boosting the immune system and easing an infant's colic or even constipation. New York City parents have several great options to choose from, including private sessions at home, as well as venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn that host group lessons in massage.

Toys for Tots, Spark of Love, and Other Holiday Toy Donations for Children

With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday all behind us, can we take a breath to remember some of the ways we share joy this season that don't involve shopping here, there, and in our PJs? Maybe we can find some time to volunteer with our kids and help those less fortunate. If we are pursuing the parental thrill of buying super-cool toys, wrapping them, and making our kids' day on Christmas or Hanukkah, maybe we could add one for a child in need. Or, if money is too tight to donate a new toy, how about passing along some of last year's gifts to make room for what Santa delivers this season? We know of some great places to bring both kinds of toy donations and spread around some of that holiday joy.

Vaccines: 10 Things Parents Need To Know about California’s New SB277 Vaccination Law

As of January 1, 2016, California becomes one of just three states (along with Mississippi and West Virginia) with mandatory vaccination requirements. This means that personal or religious belief exemptions will no longer be allowed for children entering school at the following three points: Childcare/Preschool, Kindergarten, and 7th grade. This affects many more families than just those who oppose vaccines, and probably many who don't yet realize they are affected. Parents who have made use of the personal belief exemption as a means to buy time (perhaps because they fully intend to vaccinate their kids, but not on the same schedule as their school district), need to know that this strategy is no longer an option. Complete proof of vaccination must be presented at the time of enrollment, which may be several months prior to the start of the actual school year.

Holiday Volunteering: Helping LA Kids Find Their Spirit of Giving

Sharing traditions with our children makes the holidays all the sweeter. The pies we bake, candles we light, songs we sing, and the gifts we give enrich the rhythm of this festive season. Volunteering to help those in need is another tradition we can offer to our kids. Giving our time and attention to our communities, whether we're dishing up food or singing Christmas carols, is often the best gift of all. And setting up our kids for a life of sharing and empathy is a gift we give to them and to the world they inherit.


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