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12 Things to Do with Your NYC Baby Before They Turn 1

The whole "New York City is a terrible place to raise babies" debate seems to continue, especially in conversations on local parenting groups. But as a mom of three who had all my babies right here in NYC, I disagree. Yes, it can be a nuisance to find subway stations with working elevators and contend with tiny spaces and noisy neighbors, but there are so many enriching first-time experiences to share with your baby in the city that make it worth muddling through the inconveniences.

So stock your diaper bag, strap your infant into a stroller or carrier and try these 12 things to do with your baby before age 1—one "first" per month before toddlerhood.

25 Things to Do with NYC Preschoolers Before They Turn 5

New York City doesn't scrimp when it comes to creating awesome family events and institutions, from the Natural History Museum to the Brooklyn Children's Museum to only-here street and art fests like Figment on Governor's Island. But as a mom of two children younger than 5, I'm always looking for fun activities that appeal to the city's youngest children. It's such a special window of time, and I want to create lasting memories—within budgetary reason, and manageable enough for a kid who sometimes still needs a nap and a sippy cup of milk.

So, inspired by our roundup of 100 things to do with kids in NYC before they grow up, we came up with a list of 25 things to do with toddlers and preschoolers around the city before they turn 5 and head to kindergarten. A few of our selections are well-known favorites with specific under-the-radar attractions for preschoolers, while others are more off the beaten path, but all are things we've enjoyed doing or aspire to try soon!

Upper West Side with Kids: 30 Things to Do for NYC Families

The Upper West Side of Manhattan is one of the most famously family-friendly areas in NYC. I've lived on the UWS since I was just a tot and raised two children (now teens) in the same apartment where I grew up, so we're all very passionate about the neighborhood. (That's part of why we've covered it so extensively in the past.)

Roughly covering the area from Lincoln Center to 106th Street and Riverside Park to Central Park, there are a slew of kid-centric hot spots and activities in this massive neighborhood. It wasn't easy, but we've whittled down our list to 30 top picks for things to do with kids on Manhattan's Upper West Side. While you're sure to find the obvious ones (hello, American Museum of Natural History and Children's Museum of Manhattan), we also included lots of offbeat ideas and unusual info about the familiar attractions.

40 Things To Do with NYC Kids for a Fun-Filled Staycation

With spring in the air and NYC public school spring break on the horizon, many parents may be dreaming of a far-flung destination, but bank accounts or scheduling constraints may mean local family outings are more palatable.

Luckily for us, we asked readers to share things they’ve always wanted to do in the city and compiled them into this list of 40 ideas for a Big Apple staycation. We've pulled together a gold mine of activities for families looking to keep busy during spring break—or anytime. The only fare we'll be buying is from the MTA!

25 Things We Are Excited To Do With Philly Kids this Spring

Spring has sprung in Philly and it's the perfect time to get outdoors and find some new adventures with your littles. If you're feeling the winter blues, the good news is that spring is finally here (let's hope it sticks around this time), and there's plenty for Philly families to do. For many, spring heeds the opening of lots of outdoor play spaces like Diggerland and Sesame Place. Spring also brings festivals, Earth Day celebrations and fishing season.

Take a look at our events calendar for more springtime activities.

Spring Break in NYC: 50 Fun Things to Do with Kids

If you plan to stick around New York City for a family staycation this spring break (Monday, April 25 to Friday, April 29), we have 50-plus ideas on how to stay busy with a packed week of kiddie fun. 

From interactive exhibits and hands-on museum programs, to cool circus and family theater shows, to parks, playgrounds and indoor play spaces, there's no shortage of spring break activities for NYC kids in 2016. Some of our picks only take place on specific dates, others run the entire time but all are engaging ways to get out there and celebrate the season

If you're thinking of heading out of town for a last-minute vacation, you can find plenty of worthy far-flung destinations via our travel reviews of Caribbean resorts, walkable European cities and plenty of family hotels and cities right here in the U.S. Or check our just published 25 Spring Day Trip Ideas for NYC families for a shorter and less expensive getaway. Working? Consider a spring break weeklong or day mini camp, covering all manner of interests from STEM and fashion to gymnastics and swim.

25 Ways Kids Can Get Their Hands Dirty in NYC

Get your rain boots ready! Springtime means muddy puddle stomping and mud pie making season for kids—even NYC children. It's a great excuse to get outdoors for some unstructured, messy playtime. So we’ve rounded up 25 dig-in-dirt, you're-gonna-need-a-bath-tonight ways for city kids to enjoy the coming warm days beyond just the usual ramble through the neighborhood park.

If the weather is uncooperative, check out 50 things to do indoors with kids or get crafty with our WeeWork series.


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