Smithsonian Museum Day Live: FREE Admission to Museums in Westchester and Hudson Valley

If you’ve ever visited Washington, D.C., you’ve probably felt the pang of jealousy that entry to the Smithsonian Institution is free. Who wouldn’t want to see great art and rotating exhibits without opening their wallet? Well, now’s your big chance. Saturday, September 27, marks the 10th annual Museum Day Live! On this day, hundreds of museums nationwide offer free admission to visitors, orchestrated by Smithsonian Magazine. Of course there are many fantastic NYC museums participating in this event but we are happy to report that there are also several museums throughout Westchester and the Hudson Valley that are also partaking--and we've got all the details! Read on to find out which museums are participating, how to get your FREE tickets and other fun perks.  

Historic Mansions for Westchester Kids: Step Back in Time with Interactive Fun for Westchester Families

Historic mansions may not be the first thing kids (or their parents) think of when planning a fun-filled outing, but take a closer look. Westchester County is home to several historic homes that offer visitors more than just a glimpse into the past. Many have dedicated kids programming, annual and seasonal events, fairs and festivals and stunning displays and exhibitions. We've covered many of these events on Mommy Poppins, including the debut of Lightscapes, and the annual Sheep-to-Shawl and Great Jack O'Latern Blaze at Philipsburg Manor.

Now we've got the scoop on six historic mansions throughout Westchester that are worth checking out with the entire family. These architecturally stunning homes have been restored or maintained throughout the years (and in some cases, centuries) and offer a peak into prominent, wealthy family life (in the case of the Rockefellers), colonial life during the 18th century and so much more, as well as interactive programming that brings history to life in fun, educational and unforgettable ways.

Tennis in Lower Westchester: 7 Great Centers for Westchester Kids and Families to Learn and Play

Summer is in full swing and August is fast approaching. If your family is as into tennis as mine, this means basking in the glory of the US Open and enjoying the exciting sport that is tennis! Even if you or your little ones are not quite as skilled as the Williams sisters, fear not--Westchester County offers some of the best tennis centers offering lessons, camps and so much more.

Regardless of age or skill level, if tennis is a sport you’re looking to learn, or even if your kid is already a seasoned tennis player, read on for our picks of the top tennis facilities in lower Westchester. Grab your racket and get ready for fun, great exercise and professional instruction close to home. And if you're looking for more ideas to get your kids active, check out our Classes Guide

Westchester Pool Parties: Best Outdoor Swimming Pools for Kids' Birthdays

Temperatures are on the rise in Westchester and if your kid is lucky enough to have a summer birthday, why not throw an awesome pool party to commemorate the occasion? Nothing beats a pool party for fun-in-the-sun summer memories--the smell of chlorine, the hot scratchy pavement on wrinkled toes, the endless games of Marco Polo. If you don't have a pool in your backyard, no need to fret! Three of the hottest water play locations in Westchester County are also some of the best places for  summertime pool parties!

Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Yonkers

In the final post of our epic five part series covering the City of Yonkers, Mommy Poppins is looking at the best places to take the kids for family friendly meal. From breakfast to dessert, fancy to fast, Greek to Cuban, there is plenty to choose from on the busy streets of Westchester's largest city. If Italian food is what you're looking for, you're definitely in luck. Not far from Bronx's Arthur Ave, Yonkers is known for its generous pizza slices. 

Shopping With Kids in Yonkers: Three Premier Shopping Destinations for Westchester Families

Yonkers is a fantastic city teeming with things to do for kids and families. So far this month, we've shared the best of what Yonkers has to offer families, including picturesque parks, green spaces and nature trails, as well as a dozen indoor destinations for families.

Now onto the thing I happen to love most about Yonkers--the shopping! I might be dating myself, but I remember my mother taking me shopping in Yonkers (Alexander’s anyone?) and now it’s one of my must stop shopping destinations for my daughter. When shopping for kids (and adults), Yonkers has it all. We are shining the spotlight on three premier shopping destinations in Yonkers that not only offer toys, shoes, clothing, games and more, but also places to play, kid-friendly restaurants and exciting events held all year round! So read on for Yonkers’ hottest children’s shopping spots and make a day out of it with the entire family.

Indoor Play in Yonkers: 12 Places Westchester Kids Can Learn and Have Fun in Yonkers

Our month-long highlight of Yonkers continues. We've given you the scoop on the best things to do with kids in Yonkers and filled you in on the city's best parks and green spaces. Now we're taking a look at indoor play places for kids in Yonkers.

There's so much to see and do in this city, it was hard to narrow it down, but here it is! We've rounded up our top one dozen picks for family fun in Yonkers. Residents and visitors alike will find that Yonkers is a fantastic family destination. From extraterrestrial explorations and Lego-mania to uneven bars and feature films, Yonkers is simply out of this world.

Tibbetts Brook Park, Lenoire Preserve and Other Outdoor Places to Play in Yonkers

Just a hare's breath north of the Bronx borough line, Yonkers, New York State's fourth most populous city, is full of beautiful greenery and lush open space. From stately mansions to meandering bike paths, it is a city that is simultaneously steeped in history and accelerating into the future. Because there is just so much for families to do here, we are dedicating this post to amazing outdoor play spaces for kids in Yonkers--and keep your eyes peeled for our top picks for indoor play coming soon.

Cooking Classes for Kids in Westchester

Cooking is a favorite pastime in our house, so my daughter has been in the kitchen since day the day she came home--first in a sling, then in a bouncy seat and, eventually, on a stepstool at the kitchen counter. I’d like to say she’s willing taste everything she cooks, but she’s willing to at least touch it.

Whether your kids are just getting started on their culinary adventures or ready to step out of the home kitchen and work with the professionals, Mommy Poppins has you covered. Westchester County is chock full of classes for the littlest helpers, seasoned sous chefs and talented teens.

Looking for more fun ideas? Check out our Spring Activity Guide

Nature Trails for Westchester Families: 3 Places to Experience Nature with Kids

Westchester is chock full of beautiful places to enjoy nature--it’s one of the reasons so many families choose to live here. From historic sites like Kykuit and Sunnyside with lush gardens to explore, to huge parks like Rockefeller State Park and Croton Point Park, there's more than enough green space to go around. We previously wrote about great places to go hiking with kids, however some of the most gorgeous spots to commune with nature are not the most commonly known. If you're looking to blaze new trails, here are three great places to start.


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