Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: Mary Poppins, Fondue, Eww…Gross!

Things to Do

Summer weekdays are a great time to pile on the fun, and this week there are plenty of ways to do so!

Hailing from Carnegie Hall is a performance by the National Youth Orchestra, which will be recorded for playback on National Public Radio. Also inspiring is a showing of the environmentally conscious and humorous film Oddball. For less high-brow entertainment, sink low at Eww...Gross!

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Fondue Frenzy - Monday
All ages are invited to go for a dip—of fondue, that is! Chocolate lovers will delight in dunking assorted fruit and treats into a molten pot of chocolate goodness. Kids must be accompanied by an adult. FREE

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Family Film Series - Tuesday
The classic family film Mary Poppins will be shown on the big screen. Augmenting its appeal will be a pre-film art show and lemon cakes.

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National Youth Orchestra - Wednesday
For a slice of Carnegie Hall right here in Westchester, take in this performance of talented young musicians--as many as 120 of them!

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Oddball - Thursday
Can a sheepdog, a farmer and a young girl save a colony of fairy penguins from the predator foxes? This film was inspired by a true story and emphasizes environmental conscientiousness.

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Eww...Gross! - Friday
Gross yourself out with worm races, icky facts and a disgusting snack. FREE

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Photo credit: Oddball, courtesy of Jacob Burns Film Center