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Dinosaurs Invade a Shopping Mall in Redondo Beach

Part museum, part play space, Wonder of Dinosaurs at the South Bay Galleria is a tantalizing collection of animatronic dinosaurs of all varieties, in the setting of a mini amusement-park-toy-shop combo that offers a full day of family friendly exploration (and shopping). Spanning two floors of retail storefront, this dino destination has such wow-worthy draws as Triceratops bouncies (some reserved for the many birthday parties being held on the premises) and a movable dinosaur with reigns for riding like a horse. This natural history museum of play gyms, Wonder of Dinosaurs is a welcome addition to the many kid-friendly places in Redondo Beach.

LA's Best Math Tutors: So Kids Do their Homework and Parents Don't

You may have found the perfect school for your kids, plus an after-school program they love, and yet still find that they need a little extra help. For some of us, the toughest moment in parenting happens when the math homework comes out. Even if we were great at math 30-odd years ago, the rules seem to have changed since then. For those who feel their kids want or need a little more guidance, or a push in their math skills, it can be confusing to know where to start—not to mention the fear that you’ll need to cash out your 401K to finance it. We’ve broken down the best ways to find local math tutors, including some ideas to avoid letting the cost grow exponentially.

Michelangelo at the Mall: the Sistine Chapel Is in the Valley this Month

One of Rome's greatest draws is close to home this month, particularly if you live in the Valley. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, one of the Vatican’s great wonders and Michelangelo's most famous work, can be enjoyed up close—in between shopping at The Gap and skating on the pop-up ice rink. While tourists who have saved all their lives for this moment are shepherded through the Vatican in a mob for a brief glimpse of the famous Creation of Adam, Angelenos can take a gander at a leisurely pace, feasting their eyes on a traveling exhibit that's as close as the mall.