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MommyPoppins.com is the New York guide that treats living in NYC with kids as an incredible adventure; digging up all the incredible things NYC has to offer for babies, toddlers, children and families, uncovering activities, resources, services, schools, parks, places, and culture. Mommy Poppins covers everything parents need to know to get the most out of NYC with kids, with an emphasis on keeping it all affordable. From the big questions like how to navigate the school process, to the little ones like what to do this weekend, whether you’re new to NYC, visiting, or have lived here for decades, you are sure to find new and interesting information on MommyPoppins.com. Popular posts have included free summer activities, the Top Beaches Near NYC, Free Swimming Pools and Water Theme Parks Near NYC, interesting and fun excursions, under-the-radar preschools and “top tier� public schools, and even simple solutions to menu planning for city parents. If you would like to contribute something to the site or have questions or comments, email Mommy Poppins. USAToday.com, NYMag.com, iVillage, and Manhattan User's Guide are some of the great publications that have featured Mommy Poppins. Who is Mommy Poppins? Anna Fader - Born and raised in NYC and now raising her two kids here, Anna Fader created Mommy Poppins to share the overlooked, hidden gems of NYC and help other parents take advantage of all those little details of New York that make living here seem more like living in the greatest small town in the world. Dani Finkel - Dani is a lifelong New Yorker who passionately loves the city. After her son Caleb was born she strapped on her Bjorn, got on the subway and started showing him what what the city had to offer. From her apartment in Brooklyn, she’s raising her child to know that NYC is more than a one borough town, and that the opportunity to try something new is just around the corner. Dani worked for years as an art director/graphic designer in the music industry. She now works for Bubby’s in Tribeca. Sharon Kleinhandler - Sharon is a working grandparent who raised four children on New York’s Upper East Side. She is now a downtown grandparent of Madeleine, age 4, and Benjamin, age 2, with another one on the way. All of her children are now adults, three married and all living in New York City.
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