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Do You Know These 10 LA Spots Made Famous in TV and Movies ?

When you live in the movie-making capital of the world, there can be surprisingly cool things to see around every corner. Looking to entertain bored tweens or visiting relatives—or even compliant, happy-to-go-anywhere little ones? Why not remind them (and yourself) that LA is home to many of the locations they've seen on the big and small screen. All over Los Angeles there are places that look strangely familiar, and it can be fun taking a closer look to figure out why. Check out some of these locations from your favorite movies and television shows. 

Eataly LA: A Taste of Italy without the Airfare

For those who pine for fresh pasta, Neopolitan pizzas, and every Italian delicacy that never pops up at Trader Joe's, there's good news. Eataly L.A., the latest outpost of what has been called the Disneyland for Italian food (and has become a New York institution), opened its first North American location west of Chicago last week in the newly redone Westfield Century City shopping center. Eataly now has 39 locations throughout Italy and around the world, and just five of those can be found in the US. Eataly L.A. has three floors (the third is an as-yet unopened restaurant) and offers a little bit of everything: a grocery store, sit-down restaurants, prepared food counters, cafes, and fresh food for home preparation. There's even a cooking school (La Scuola), and foodies who don't want to cook for themselves can watch fresh food being made as well as sample olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and pestos.

So what should kids try? Even picky eaters who hesitate to try Italy's more adventurous fare will be able to find some satisfying pizza and gelato to excite their palates, whether you want to eat in-house, grab a quick bite, or purchase food to make at home.

Free, Kid Friendly Workouts for Mom or Dad at the Mall

The first time you throw your little ones in the backseat of the car and take them to the mall, it’s a magical, low-cost experience for all: Ice cream! Merry-go-round! Free air conditioning! A few hours later, you’ve got yourself a happy, tired family. The twentieth time? Not so much.

But don’t give up! Malls want you to come, and they’re willing to do you a favor or two to get you there. It may seem counterintuitive to head to the mall in search of free stuff, but, in the spirit of reeling us in, many malls offer kid-friendly, free workouts for moms. In other words, the mall is one of very few places where you can exercise without dropping a wad of cash on an expensive class and/or babysitter. I can’t promise that you won’t end up splurging on lunch or a new pair of skinny jeans (that’s the whole point of the free workout, isn’t it?), but the sweat sessions listed below are free to anyone with an iron will.

10 Kid-Friendly Happy Hours in Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, & LA's Westside

Let the parent who has never yearned for a drink and a cheap kids' menu cast the first stone. While Happy Hour was indeed invented as a way to sell alcoholic beverages during a restaurant’s slow period, and mostly conjures images of a not-so-kid-friendly array of inebriated partiers, it can also mean great deals on meals. Many restaurants have Happy Hours that cater to (or at least accommodate) family dining. Here on the Westside, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to late-afternoon or early-evening discounted dinners. As a rule, Happy Hour is mostly a Monday through Friday 4 to 7pm proposition, but the terms are constantly changing, so it is best to call or check a restaurant’s website before settling into a booth. And while you’re checking, it's wise to be sure that you're heading somewhere kid-friendly. Some restaurants are more about the booze than the burgers, and that’s not going to work with kids. The places we've found (and selflessly tested) below are all spots that a family can enjoy together.

Free WiFi: A Dozen Neat Places Parents Can Connect to the Internet, from LA's Westside to Downtown

If connecting to the internet while on the parental go is the glue that holds your world together, then you probably already know plenty of family-friendly places with free WiFi; we won't waste your time mentioning obvious coffee shops and libraries (right?). You've likely also caught on that many places offering kids' classes let parents catch up on email while little athletes take gymnastics or fencing class. You might even know that several ice rinks and bowling alleys have free WiFi for waiting parents. But how about some fun, unexpected places with free WiFi that you might not know about? Parents on the Westside, in Hollywood, or Downtown will want to know about the internet hotspots below.

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