Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Oshogatsu, Reptiles, 3 Kings, and Goodbye to Favorites

2017, 2018, Oshogatsu, Reptiles, Bob Baker, Cavalia
Photo courtesy of Reptile Super Show

Feel that? It's 2018, baby, coming on strong. It's going to be a Dog of a Year (and we mean that in the most endearing, man's best friend sort of way).

But 2017 is hanging on for one last gasp, so if there were any seasonal favorites you hadn't gotten around to seeing, get out there and see them now. This weekend we say goodbye to twinkly lights, romping reindeer, and marionette merrymaking. We bid adieu to winter, which apparently is a real thing in some places. Goodbye thrills, goodbye Chill, goodbye children sledding down the hill.

And this is the final weekend for the Autry's superfun Play exhibit,  where kids can become culturally enriched by learning about the kinds of toys you played with when you were a kid. (Sadly, I am no better at Pong than I was lo those many years ago.)

Out with the old, in with the January, and on with the reading, for our top picks for this utterly new weekend: