Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Imaginology, Pow Wow, and March for Science

Things to do with Los Angeles kids this weekend
Chumash Day Powwow. Photo courtesy of Malibu Chumash Powwow

This weekend, we're asking you to harness the power of your mind. Using the infinite possibilities of the imagination, you can accomplish anything, whether it be mastering interspecies communication or fiddling with a little string theory.

It may seem a little overwhelming, but don't worry: we have a plan... and it can fly! (Or float.) Brick by brickblock by block, you can put the pieces together. It's not rocket science, except when it is. And if at first you don't succeed, not a problem: you can try again another weekend when the weather is nicer.

PS it may be spring, but it's never too early to think about summer.

Keep reading for our most mindful picks for this weekend.