Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Bug Fair, Marina Fest, and Museums of the Arroyo Day

Things to do in Los Angeles for families and children
Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum. Photo courtesy of the museum

So, when bugs are suddenly infesting the city, and the experts on the scene are the ones who usually deal with dinosaurs, um, that's a good thing, right? I mean, no reason to worry or plot an escape, is there?

But, saying we did need to plot our escape, we would kind of hope that all the routes connecting this side of town with that side would be completed. Though halfway is still good. I think. Bring snacks.

Thinking about it, maybe we should look into getaway vehicles. Like boats or something. They don't give boating licenses to bugs, do they?

And if worse comes to worst, don't panic. The robots will save us. (Unless they have bugs.)

Keep reading, because there's no escaping our buggiest picks for the weekend...