reDiscover’s Mission is to provide makers with the tools, resources, and confidence to engage in creative reuse and self-expression. It educates youth of all levels of expertise in transforming discarded materials into art, functional objects, and tools for learning. The staff supports one another as hands-on creators, problem-solvers, community stakeholders, and stewards of the Earth.

reDiscover envisions a culture of makers who contribute to building a creative and environmentally sustainable society. It provides affordable and accessible programming for all youth in Los Angeles. The imaginative and resourceful staff create spaces–physical and mental–where everyone is welcome to explore their creativity without judgment.

As reDiscover nurtures creative reuse among makers, it moves closer to a culture where reclaimed materials can be recognized for their educational and creative value. reDiscover achieves this vision by enhancing youth’s instincts and interests to use the available resources in their lives responsibly. By sharing resources in a makerspace, it reinforces practices of sharing that strengthen its neighborhoods, city, society, and planet.

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