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Bridgehampton with Kids: Top Attractions for Families

Bridgehampton is just one of many happy Hamptons towns that offer magnificent beaches, yummy restaurants, shops, galleries, theaters, horse riding, and vineyards. We've come up with a list of can't-miss activities and places in and around Bridgehampton for families traveling to this South Fork town with kids, or just us locals taking a day trip to explore more of Long Island. 

For more kid-friendly activities out east, check out 50 things to do with kids in the Hamptons and North Fork, or head over to our local Day Trips Guide to explore another town.

Day Trip: Family Fun in Long Island's Sag Harbor

Summertime means vacation time for many families, and luckily you don't have to travel far for a getaway that has something for everyone in the family. Simply head to the East End village of Sag Harbor for some seaside fun. From historical locales to beautiful beaches, it's the perfect place for a day trip or a weekend away. You can easily spend a good part of the day walking down quaint Main Street, lined with shops and restaurants, and make your way to the marina to watch the sailboats go by. Then stop by the windmill that houses the Visitor Center for info on local events, and check out some of our favorite things to do in this beautiful town. And for more to do in the area, take a look at the Hamptons & North Fork Family Guide.

Labor Day Weekend Fun for LI Kids in the Hamptons & North Fork, September 4-7

Labor Day weekend brings an unofficial end to the vacation season on the East End of Long Island. The calendar gave us an extra week to celebrate and Mother Nature blessed us with near-ideal weather all season long. Let’s hope she stays kind for one more final weekend because there’s just too much going on to be stuck inside.

From Friday to Monday, East Enders can enjoy arts festivals, community parties, fishing derbies and, of course, the Shinnecock Pow Wow, Southampton’s annual celebration of the East End's indigenous people.

So get out and enjoy yourself. Take one more look at our Hamptons and North Fork Family Guide for the best in East End entertainment and check out our Long Island Classes Guide to help you get ready for the school year. And remember: Memorial Day 2016 is only nine months away!

12 Places Where LI Kids Can Learn and Have Fun in the Hamptons & North Fork

Few places bring history to life better than the East End of Long Island. And that's not really surprising. Eastern Long Island is, after all, home of the first permanent English settlement in the state. Not to mention two of the nation’s oldest lighthouses, both commissioned by George Washington himself.

Parents eager to indulge their children’s intellectual curiosity will find no shortage of destinations out east. We’ve rounded up a dozen of our favorites that can be visited at limited cost and whose insights are bound to inspire your budding historian.

So check these out, and while you’re at it, enjoy our Long Island Classes Guide for more education fun for the kids. Find more Hamptons and North Fork activities in our local guide to the area for families.

Weekend Fun for LI Families in the Hamptons & North Fork, August 27-August 30

With Labor Day on the horizon, you might assume things would slow down a bit on the East End of Long Island this weekend. That assumption would be  wrong.

This weekend, parents and kids can experience the glamor of the Hampton Classic Horse show, take a railroad trip back in time, catch some fish together and even race a rubber duck or two at the East End’s most recognized landmark, the Big Duck.

So start to get your last licks of summer fun this weekend. Check out our Hamptons and North Fork Family Guide for the best in local entertainment, and with back to school looming be sure to see our Long Island Classes Guide for the best in after-school programs Islandwide.

6 Brunch Places in the Hamptons and North Fork for LI Families

At the end of a fun-filled summer weekend in the Hamptons, what could be better than a family brunch? In fact, for many families returning to the city after a few days of sun and surf, it’s the final ritual before boarding the Long Island Rail Road or challenging the Long Island Expressway.

Scores of restaurants on the East End offer a brunch menu, particularly on Sundays and holidays, but not all are suitable for children. So we've rounded up six of our favorites that offer a combination of location, ambiance and selection that make them ideal choices for parents eager to share a final weekend meal with the family.

For more on what's going on in the area, take a look at our Hamptons and North Fork Family Guide.

Spectator Sports Bargains for LI Families in the Hamptons & North Fork

Few things are as generational as baseball, especially on the East End of Long Island. Here, family traditions are born and potential major leaguers blossom amid the cornfields and pasture lands of both forks.

But where 60 years ago, Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski played on his father’s potato farm in Bridgehampton, now things aren’t as rustic. These days, Hamptons Collegiate Baseball offers some of the best summertime competition around on fields suitable for wannabe big-leaguers.

It’s ideal family entertainment, and just one of several spectator sports options for East End families on a budget. Love running? The Hamptons Marathon is considered a top prep race for the New York City Marathon. How about horses? Bridgehampton hosts one of the highest-profile equestrian meets In the world.

And if it’s a sport you like watching, chances are you can watch it here, at prices guaranteed not to pinch your pocket book.

Here are six of our favorite spectator options on the East End; And for other activities in the area, check out our Hamptons and North Fork Family Guide.

Kid-Friendly Coffee Houses in the Hamptons & North Fork

The East End of Long Island has no shortage of coffee houses, where local artisanal flavors blend with Manhattan sensibilities to create some of the best caffeine creations. But where to go if you’re absolutely longing for a caramel macchiato (and don't want to drink it on the run), but are all wrapped up in mommy or daddy duties?

Along with kid-friendly eateries in the Hamptons and North Fork, there are also a handful of family-friendly coffee shops on the East End that will let you indulge your craving in an atmosphere sure to delight your little ones, and we've rounded up a few of our favorites. For more family fun in the area, be sure to check out our Hamptons & North Fork Family Guide.

Weekend Fun for Kids in the Hamptons & North Fork, June 26-28

Memorial Day may have marked the unofficial start of summer, but East Enders know the season doesn’t really begin until the end of the school year, which is this week! As students start their break on the North and South Forks, abundant summertime activities for kids take over. This weekend alone, you can treat your family to a car show, nature walks and a magic spectacle.

And for more fun in the area, check out our Hamptons & North Fork Family Guide.

Family-Friendly Events on the East End, Hamptons & North Fork, August 22-24

There's still plenty of time to enjoy summer in the Hamptons and North Fork. This weekend your family can visit the Riverhead Railroad Festival and two summer carnivals. We've come up with 8 must-attend events during the weekend of August 22-24.

Be sure to also check out our Long Island Calendar for more kid-friendly activities, as well as our Hamptons and North Fork Guide. And don't forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter so you can receive our roundup of fun things to do delivered directly to your inbox.

And for those of you staying out on the East End, be sure to check out CMEE's Summer Concert Series every Tuesday this month. Mommy Poppins Hamptons and North Fork Family Guide is a proud sponsor. This week: Karen K and the Jitterbugs.

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