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82nd Street Academics


82nd Street Academics’ mission is to complement public education so that students, regardless of home language, will have access to quality higher education. We help students take those crucial “early steps to college.” Our main office is located in the heart of Jackson Heights, Queens – a historic New York City neighborhood growing in cultural and lingual diversity.

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A+ Academy


A+ Academy is a learning center with over 25 years of experience. It offers enrichment programs for grades 3-8 and specializes in preparing students for the SHSAT, SAT, ACT, and other admissions processes for middle school, high school, and colleges. Its signature program, the SHSAT course, sends over 300 students to specialized high schools each year.

Classes are held year-round at three locations in Brooklyn—Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, and Bensonhurst.

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A+ Learning Center, Reading Town L.I.


Welcome to A+ Learning Center's after-school programs, where you will find specialists in reading, writing, and math for grades pre-K through 12.

A+ Learning Center offers:

  • Personalized programs
  • Common Core-aligned curriculum
  • Homework help
  • Affordable tuition
  • Guaranteed progress.

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Acera: The Massachusetts School of Science, Creativity, and Leadership


If your kids like to wonder about the world around them; enjoy hands-on, inquiry-driven learning; and like to build, create, code, and play, consider enrolling them in Acera's STEAM-based afterschool enrichment programs. The programs are held from 3:30-5:30pm on weekdays and are open to all; you don't need to be a full-time Acera student to attend. Classes include programming and robotics, woodshop and engineering, filmmaking and set design, and more. Acera is also excited to host a free Girls Who Code Club. Located in Winchester, Massachusetts, Acera is a nonprofit K-9 STEAM school. Its mission is to help build the next generation of creative thinkers, innovators, and leaders.


Advanced Spanish Institute


Advanced Spanish Institute will help your child to read, write, and speak Spanish with fluency. The sequential and comprehensive full-immersion program prepares children in grades K to 12 to use the language in real-life scenarios and gives them a head start for college and their adult life. 

Besides developing a strong foundation in the language, students have the opportunity to compete with other Spanish learners throughout the US and in Spain by taking the National Spanish Exam, the DELE, and/or the Advance Placement Exam (AP). 

Classes are taught by a native, certified teacher who has many years teaching Spanish. The lessons integrate games, songs, books, articles, movies, and any other material useful for world language acquisition.

Your child will have fun while acquiring proficiency in the third most spoken language in the world!

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Alpha Minds Academy


Alpha Minds Academy is an academic enrichment program that offers classes in chess, coding, logic, mathematics, and Russian language.

Logic classes (ages 3-5) and mathematics classes (grades K-8) help develop reasoning and critical thinking, with an emphasis on problem solving skills. Classes include:

  • Singapore Math Curriculum
  • Math competitions
  • Test preparation.

The chess program for grades pre-K through 8 offers:

  • Classes for Young Beginners (ages 4-6)
  • Beginner/Intermediate/Tournament level groups (all ages)
  • Chess tournaments
  • International chess curriculum
  • Expert chess coaches
  • Alpha Minds Academy is a member of the US Chess Federation.

The coding program for grades 2-8 includes classes in:

  • Scratch (grades 2-5)
  • Python (grades 5-8)
  • Web design (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

Also offered is a comprehensive Russian Language Immersion Program for children ages 1-14.

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Art Studio NY - Classes


Enjoy one of the top-rated art studios in NYC, The Art Studio NY. The Art Studio NY offers kids' art classes (ages 2-17) that nurture your child through top-notch fine arts instruction by expert educators and professional artists. The encouraging, fun art classes focus on the needs of each and every child and nurture creativity and self-expression.

Why parents love The Art Studio NY's art classes:

  • Small group classes with one-on-one guidance
  • Tailor-made instruction for each child
  • Impressive art projects created by your child that build self-esteem
  • Kids learn real art techniques and explore painting, drawing, mixed-media art on canvas, and art history with a balance of structured learning and self-expression
  • Excellent reputation on the Upper West Side for 14 years.

The Art Studio NY offers:

  • After-school art classes
  • Summer/holiday art camp
  • Private art lessons
  • Children's birthday parties
  • In-home art lessons
  • And more!

Arts in Action Visual Art Program


AIAVAP teaches a sequentially structured curriculum that is fun to learn!<br />
<br />
The underlying premise of Arts in Action VAP is that all children are artists. Our process-oriented curriculum demystifies drawing, painting, and sculpting in a logical and analytical way, empowering children to create with confidence. Learning a visual arts language deepens a child’s perspective and insight just as it does in math, reading, writing and academic subjects. The AIAVAP curriculum also fosters self expression, self esteem and a sense of empowerment.<br />
<br />
AIAVAP’s After-School classes are designed to expose children to age appropriate fine art concepts, and skills and a variety of exciting materials that working artists use in their art. AIAVAP teaches art that empowers children to communicate effectively through the foundations of drawing and painting!<br />
<br />
In these fine art classes, students develop skills in the foundations of drawing and painting through explorations of line, shape and color.

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