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Play Club


Play Club believes in the power of play to teach, grow, and bring people together. At summer camp, your children will engage in what what Play Club calls deep play: they will be using their whole selves to engage fully in creative, imaginative, and meaningful child-led experiences. Younger children and older children will work together to create and explore, strengthening social and emotional intelligence through play. This camp is the perfect antidote to structured lessons, classes, product-based experiences, and over-scheduling that often takes over the life of the modern young child. At summer camp, Play Club strives to create an oasis where children can get down to the serious (and fun!) business of simply being children. 

There are two programs available: A July camp in Cooper Park in Williamsburg and an August camp in and around McGolrick Park in Greenpoint. Pick your weeks and come play!

Galoop - Camp


Galoop offers unique programming and community for young children and their families. Its mission is simple: to provide a nurturing environment for young children, a curriculum based on the latest research in child development, and parental education and support. 

Galoop's full-filled summer camp is modeled on the morning program that’s offered during the academic year. Camp is designed for kids ages 6 months to 3.5 years accompanied by a caregiver and explores a different theme each week, like dinosaurs or outer space. Come ready to make solar systems, get wet with watery fun, hatch butterflies, and more.  Each morning also features exploratory play, song and story circle time, and group snack time.

Visit the website for a schedule, and sign up for one, two, three or four weeks!

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Professor Egghead Science Academy


With Professor Egghead, every day of the week is overflowing with cool science, hands on experiments, and unbelievable demonstrations. During science camp, awesome Professors guide Egghead campers through a week of fun as they make brand new friends and learn real science while having an experience like no other. Each day at camp, Eggheads will learn, explore, and have fun as they solve new challenges.

Professor Egghead Science Academy offers blow-you-away cool science camps including Rocket Camp, Extreme Engineering Camp, Explorer Camp, Detective Camp, and many more.

When people think of classroom science, they might picture boring lectures, words they don’t understand, and fighting the urge to fall asleep. But that’s not what science is! Science is exploring, learning, investigating, testing, and figuring things out. So, Professor Egghead Science Academy went to the lab, looked into the science behind “cool”, and came up with the perfect equation.

Steam Works Studio


Spark creativity and bolster a deep interest in science, math, and arts in children and young adults through hands-on practical learning by making. Steam Works Studio offers summer day camps as well as after-school and weekend classes covering a broad suite of topics including robotics, coding, 3-D printing, electronics, animation, and more.

Tessa International School Summer Camp


Jumpstart your children's future and choose from Spanish, French, or Mandarin at Tessa International School's Fun, Friends & Discoveries Summer Camp.
Tessa Summer Camps are thoroughly enjoyable immersion programs in the language of your choice. With a new theme and adventure every week, learning a language has never been so fun. Children explore a range of fun multi-sensory, highly interactive activities with their teacher in the target language, from outdoor fun to indoor creative play, singing, games, music, and movement. Your child has fun while learning a language and being exposed to a different culture.

Camp is for children ages 2.5 to 6 and takes place at Tessa International School in Hoboken. Weekly registration is available for full or half days. 

Early language education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Take advantage of this perfect mix of fun academics and outdoors activities!

Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp


Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp, located in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades, offers an experienced and spirited staff (average age 26) and low camper-to-staff ratios (6:1) in an encouraging and nurturing environment for children ages 4-14. Founded in 2000, it is one of the oldest beach camps in Los Angeles and has been recognized as the "safest beach camp" by the Chief of the LA County Lifeguards.

Camp offers over 200 activities, with something for everyone. Offerings include:

  • Water activities: surfing, boogie boarding, swimming (no prior swim experience necessary)
  • Team sports: soccer, basketball, baseball, flag football
  • Creative activities: dance, crafts, yoga, puppet shows
  • Individual sports: gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading, fencing, and more.

Register your child for any days you wish, with no minimum days or weeks. Bus transportation is available, with stops in Brentwood, Mar Vista, Cheviot Hills, Westwood, Hancock Park, Sherman Oaks, and more.

Pedalheads Bike Camps


The Pedalheads learn-to-ride bike program for kids ages 3 through 12 is best known for helping children get off training wheels and safely ride on the road.

Pedalheads provides innovative and effective programs that are safe, fun, and challenging, inviting children to discover a world of opportunities. People choose Pedalheads programs because:

  • Since 1995, they’ve taught hundreds of thousands of kids to ride bikes
  • They have a proven track record of getting most kids off training wheels within one week
  • They aim to develop healthy, confident, and independent kids by way of their own teaching methods, small classes, and incredible instructors  
  • They have promoted kids' health and development over the last 30+ years, earning them a reputation of excellence in the communities they serve.

Kids who experience the program report feeling "braver and gooder at biking" and say they like Pedalheads more than candy, school, and story time!

Lil Chameleon - Camp


Join Lil Chameleon for the perfect morning or afternoon weekly summer drop-off program for your 3-6 year old. Each week, Lil Chameleon combines fun songs, stories, games, and movement with activities like independent and group arts and crafts, cooking, project solving, building, science, dance, yoga, and sensory and pretend play.

Each program will be an intimate group of 6 or fewer kids led by CC, Lil Chameleon's Founder, and her program assistant. All programs will be held in the play cafe and activity room. These air conditioned, comfortable, and child-friendly rooms will be closed off from the rest of the store providing a private, safe, and secure environment for the kids to explore. Outside service providers will help lead various activities throughout the week. Register early to secure your child's place, and look for the early bird booking discount code.


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