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Lidia's Play Cafe


Lidia's Play Cafe is a kids' play space and cafe located in Ridgewood, Queens. It caters to children ages 0-6 and provides a Montessori style of play with a minimalistic concept. 

Lidia's Play Cafe has a robust coffee bar menu that includes locally roasted specialty coffee, sandwiches, fresh juices, a kids menu, and much more. It is an ideal place for kids activities, playdates, and private events.


Waypoint Gaming


At Waypoint Gaming, celebrate any special occasion with today's most popular video games. Make a memorable experience for everyone attending your event, from five-year-olds to adults. Waypoint Gaming revives the joy of personal interaction by offering a space to enjoy your favorite video games or spend time with with friends while watching a variety of games—from video games to tabletop gaming cards to board games.

Serving the gaming community throughout the Long Island and New York area, Waypoint Gaming welcomes all.



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