Contributor FAQ

Mommy Poppins is a leading national website for family activities, offering city guides, event calendars, activity resources, and travel destination features to help families turn ordinary days into memorable adventures. Our contributors love exploring their local areas, and beyond, and sharing their experiences to bring family fun to life through their words and photography.  

We like to build ongoing relationships with freelancers who will both submit pitches and are willing to consider story ideas from our editors. 


How do I proceed to be a contributor?

If you are interested in writing for us, please fill out our online submission form.  You can submit pitch ideas as well as links to any relevant published writing you may have. 

Pitches should include:

  • Headline describing the story idea

  • One paragraph that describes why this topic is unique and interesting

  • If helpful, you can also include a few bullet points with more information of what will be included in the article to help us understand the direction of the post. For instance, if it’s a round-up of the best hot chocolate spots in your town you could list the spots you plan to include. 

We are not looking for fully fleshed out articles. Our editors review the pitches to assess whether your ideas are a good fit for our website and get a short sample of your writing. 


What types of articles do we publish?

We accept pitches on:

  • Local news of family attractions that have recently opened

  • Reviews of hot new destinations and local activities for kids 

  • Bucket lists of local attractions (IE Best Petting Zoos Near Washington DC)

  • Day trip ideas, family friendly hikes, and attractions just outside your city

  • Family travel ideas (listicles on popular cities and roundups of family friendly hotels, beaches, attractions and family travel destinations) 

  • At home activity idea bucket lists

  • National lifestyle content that would interest parents of babies and toddlers, school-age children, or tweens/teens. 


Should I submit photos with my pitch? 

Good photography is important to creating great online editorial. While we do not require photography to be submitted with your pitches, if you are a good photographer that will definitely be a bonus when we review submissions. 

If you are interested in writing reviews of local attractions, we will need to see a sample of your photography before moving forward, so providing photography samples now will allow us to move forward faster. 

Any images submitted with your pitch should be your own original photography and not published elsewhere. Please title images with your last name, the pitch title, and subject matter so we can connect them with your pitch.  Images should be high quality, horizontal format and between 620x400 and 1200x750 pixels. 


How many pitches should I submit?  

We have no requirement for the number of pitches submitted, but more pitch ideas gives us a better sense of the types of features you are interested in writing and a greater chance of one of them being accepted to move forward immediately. We generally get three to five pitches from writers in their first submission.

Before pitching any idea please search our site to see if we have written about the place or topic in your area before in a similar way. 


Can I submit something I’ve already published? 

We do not accept previously published work. We ask that you not pitch ideas that you have pitched or are planning to pitch to another local site. 


Will I be paid? 

We pay contributors per published article. Our rates are competitive with other publications in our niche. If your pitch is accepted, someone will reach out to discuss fees. 


Do I need to have previously published work? 

We do not require previous publishing experience. We are looking for engaging writing and clean copy. 


Is there a Mommy Poppins style? 

Mommy Poppins provides accurate and well researched information delivered in a personal and friendly voice. Our articles should tell parents what is unique and particularly cool about a place or activity, and what parents should know before they go. Using first person singular or plural and letting your personality come through is encouraged. 


What is the word count?

Most of our articles are between 700-1000 words. 




I haven’t heard back after submitting pitches. What should I do? 

We get a lot of submissions and do our best to follow up with everyone who submits relevant pitches. We are not always able to take on new contributors in all areas at all times and we may be holding your information until we are seeking contributors in your area. If you are concerned your submission was not seen you can send one inquiry email to