Manhattan Preschool Listings

Manhattan Montessori Pre School Nursery

Preschool should be a breeze—you don't even have to know how to read! But in NYC it seems like you need a PhD to navigate the admissions process. The competitive atmosphere around getting into preschool creates a lot of unnecessary confusion and anxiety. We created this page in order to help New York City parents start the preschool process all the hype and hysteria.

Start with our Overview of Preschool Admissions Process, where we've laid out our take on the real deal with preschool admissions.

Grab a copy of The Manhattan Directory of Private Nursery Schools for more information about preschools in Manhattan.

You might also like our Classes Guide, which lists many cool programs for preschoolers.

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East Village

Financial District

Gramercy/Union Square

Greenwich Village

Harlem (125-155th)

Lower East Side/Chinatown

Midtown East

Midtown West

Morningside Heights (W 110-125)

Murray Hill


Upper East Side 50s

Upper East Side 60s

Upper East Side 70s

Upper East Side 80s

Upper East Side 90s

Upper West Side 100s

Upper West Side 60s

Upper West Side 70s

Upper West Side 80s

Upper West Side 90s

Wash Heights & Inwood (Above 155th)