The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water Parent Movie Review

Taking my son to Paramount Studios on a school night to see the new SpongeBob movie is one of those little treats I enjoy being able to dole out as an LA parent. I knew I was scoring some high quality Mom Points, and I was not remotely surprised that my 11-year-old loved the film. What did surprise me was that I really enjoyed it, too! And I'll be brutally honest: I don't think I've ever uttered the name SpongeBob without making some kind of pained facial expression. I have a dad friend who has tried tirelessly to convert me to the Square Pants team, even citing parallels to Commedia dell'Arte, but the best I've ever managed is a polite smile. So with THAT context and background, it means a lot when I tell you that I really enjoyed The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. Is it your family's cup of sea? I'll try to give you just enough info to help you decide, without spoiling any of the guffaws.

Places to Play in Cold Spring: Where Kids and Families Can Play and Learn

In January, we highlighted the village of Cold Spring including the area's top attractions and some suggestions on where to eat. Now we'll wrap up our tour of this cozy village with a look at the best places for kids young and old to play and learn.

Whether you're looking for quiet indoor activities or death-defying outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone--most within easy walking distance of the village's MTA station. 

Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: Victorian Valentine Tea, SAT vs. ACT, Happy for History and More, February 2-6

Though February is a short month, a lot of big holidays and occasions are packed in it, as you’ll see when you view our Events Calendar.

Love is in the air this week in Westchester, with several of our top event picks highlighting Valentine’s Day events--like Light-Up Origami Heart and Victorian Valentine Tea. But because we like variety, we’re also showcasing events with a different focus, like Presidents Day prep at Happy About History, among others. As an added perk, all of these are FREE!

Keep in mind that the events below are just some of our favorites—there are lots more, so don’t stop there! Read on, click through and check them out!

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Mostly Free and Fun Things to Do This Weekend with Westchester Kids: Super Bowl Cooking, Frozen Party, Chess Tournament and More, Jan. 31-Feb. 1

If your family has cabin fever from snow days, don’t despair--we’ve assembled our top picks for the coming weekend in Westchester to help get everyone out of the house and back in action.

In light of this being Super Bowl weekend, we’re excited about the special edition of Let's Cook Together!, where little kids and their big grown-ups can jointly prepare a festive Bowl-worthy meal. Also on the sports theme is We Got Game: Sports on Film, with a topic you’ll probably recall from when it garnered considerable media attention--and debate.

Need a little mental stimulation after the abbreviated school week? There’s the Annual Chess Tournament, a history lesson at Old-Time Carpentry and nature study at Marvelous Moths: Grand Opening Weekend.

If you’re feeling like you just want to kick back and be entertained, try the much-lauded B.Y.O.K. (Bring Your Own Kids) Concert Series: Joanie Leeds & the Nightlights or Free Concert: Yonkers Philharmonic. For more interactive entertainment, there’s Danceworks for Children.

Finally, you’re sure to be a hero when you take your child to the Frozen Party--which is FREE!

Check out our Event Calendar for even more great activities, as well as our roundup of the best places to go sledding in Westchester. Read on for details about this weekend's top picks.

Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: Teen Super Bowl Party, Camp Fair, Frogs and More, January 26-30

If the recent weather kept you home, get back in your groove at any of the many great indoor programs happening this week in Westchester! We’ve culled our top picks for you, but it was really hard to choose--there are a lot of noteworthy things scheduled, so be sure to comb through them on our Events Calendar after reading the ones we’ve highlighted below.

In addition to international flavor with Taste of Korea, getting hands on with Fascinating Frogs and a jumpstart on summer with the Yorktown Camp Fair, our calendar also includes open mic night for kids, square dancing, a 50th anniversary event for Dr. Who and more! As always, most of these events are FREE!

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Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Cold Spring: Top Picks for Family Dining & Dessert

We continue our month-long coverage of Cold Spring with a look at restaurants and other eateries. Though Cold Spring is small, there's a reliable cadre of restaurants to choose from, most of which are on Main Street and all of which are within walking distance of the MetroNorth station. Outdoor seating is a staple.

You won't find changing tables in the bathrooms or kids-eat-free deals, but the places we've highlighted are all welcoming of children and very laid back. For those craving sweets, your best bet is ice cream, but be forewarned, there are several excellent spots for that, so you'll have to try them all! 

Read on for our top picks for dining with families in Cold Spring. Also, be sure to check out our Winter Fun Guide and Indoor Activity Guide for ideas to keep kids busy all season long. And if you haven't already, sign up for our FREE newsletters to have our latest content delivered right to your inbox. 

Mostly Free and Fun Things to Do This Weekend with Westchester Kids: Bodypainting Day, Performances, Workshops and More, Jan. 24-25

Winter is proving to be an exciting time in Westchester with tons to do despite the freezing temperatures! This coming weekend in particular is full of entertainment and hands-on education.

With so many performances of various genres happening this weekend—it’ll be hard to choose! We've rounded up a magic show, plays, concerts and even a visual-arts performance dubbed Nyack Bodypainting Day. For even more upcoming shows, check out our roundup of kid-friendly performances happening through March.

Several compelling classes and workshops are also being offered this weekend, including Maker Day, NASA Ambassador David High and Intro to the Instruments, to name a few. The annual Toy and Train Show also returns to Westchester.

We've culled even more activities on our Event Calendar, plus find the month's highlights on our January GoList! Read on for details about this weekend's top picks.

Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: Spelling Bee, Stuffed Animal Tea Party, MLK Day and More, January 19-23

The winter months can sometimes feel dreary and uninspiring. But we can't hibernate all season and, honestly, why should we when there are so many fun things to do throughout Westchester? The coming week is chock full of appealing events happening all over town! There are numerous ways to celebrate MLK Day, plus indoor (i.e. warm) activities throughout the week including crafts, performances and more.

This week kicks off with a school holiday and we've got details below on exploring its true meaning with MLK Day Singing Parade and Celebration. Another favorite this week is the return of the Scarsdale Library Spelling Bee, where local contestants test their whits…er, wits…in a friendly competition (last year’s losing word was “mischievous”). If cuteness is what you’re after, the Stuffed Animal Tea Party is surely a good bet.

Read on for our top weekday picks, click through for details and visit our Events Calendar for even more great things to do!

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CSAs for Westchester Families: How to Buy Locally Direct from the Farm

Hard as it might be to believe, deep in the middle of winter is the time to start thinking about next summer’s vegetables, especially if you prefer locally grown produce. Whether you’d like to pick-your-own at one of our local farms, pick up onsite or have fresh veggies delivered right to your door, there is a CSA here in Westchester to suit your family’s style.

If you're not familiar with the term, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it is a thriving program throughout the Hudson Valley. Now, in the deepest days of winter, farmers all across New York State are planning their crops for next year and CSAs are making it possible for them to plant, tend, harvest and sell small-scale crops directly to the people who want locally raised food.

Read on for more info on CSAs, including details on how to join and participating farms throughout Lower Hudson Valley.  

Maple Sugaring Day Trips Near New York City

In the mood for a sweet getaway with the kids? New York City is but a short hop from some of the Northeast’s finest maple sugaring centers, where tree sap is transformed into the breakfast syrup we all love.

Day trips to sugaring events in the metropolitan area and beyond offer parents and kids the chance to see how sap is collected, cooked and stored. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites, easily accessed from the city (most just an hour away by car), and added a few more just in case you’re in the mood to travel.

You can find more getaway ideas in our NYC Family Travel Guide.


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