White Plains Indoors: Where Westchester Kids Can Play, Learn and Explore

All month long we have been featuring the fantastic city of White Plains. So far, we've covered the top things to do and the best parks and playgrounds in the city. Now we're turning our focus to the coolest indoor spots to have fun in White Plains! Whether your family is looking to beat the heat for the day, or simply want to try something new, White Plains offers so many options, the hardest part is choosing what to do first. So read on for our picks of the best indoor places to play and learn in White Plains.

Weekend Fun for Westchester Kids: Disney, Science Parties, American Music, Art, Carnivals and More, June 28-29

School's out for the summer, and Mommy Poppins has you covered! Our June Go List features a few fantastic events happening this last weekend in June and we've got even more great ideas below.

Westchester libraries are starting their annual Summer Reading Games to inspire kids to read throughout the summer. This year's theme—Fizz, Boom, READ!—focuses on science. The various libraries' big (FREE!) kickoff events vary throughout the week, with Summer Reading Kickoff Party and Dr. Gravity taking place this weekend. And speaking of fun and FREE library programs, there are two standout events this weekend for both kids and adults: Dan Krugman: Luthier offers an opportunity to learn about guitars from a master craftsman and The Great Library Sleepover unites the community for a ginormous slumber party!

Spend the afternoon at the American Roots Music Festival to enjoy the full span of American musical styles on tap from both well-established and up-and-coming artists. Or head to the annual Fireman's Carnival at Harbor Island Park for classic carnival fun. This is also the last weekend to catch Disney's On The Record at White Plains Performing Arts Center. 

Two art events this weekend--Self-Portrait Silhouette and Family Day: Mandy Greer--The Ecstatic Moment invite visitors to be inspired by an exhibit and then create their own masterpiece.

For summertime fun in and around Westchester, look no further than our Events Calendar, where you'll find oodles of ideas—many of which are FREE. Check back often, as new events are added frequently! Plus, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter to keep current with weekend happenings.

For more details, click through to the event listings below. Also, don't forget to check out the other great weekend events we've captured!

Best Parks and Playgrounds in White Plains

White Plains is often referred to as the heart of Westchester County for good reason. It is a city chock full of life, diversity and an abundance of family-friendly events and activities sure to keep the entire family busy and learning all year round including several dynamic parks, playgrounds and walking trails that can be enjoyed by residents and non-residents alike. Read on for more details on where Westchester kids can run, jump, play and explore in White Plains. Admission is free for all the parks and no park pass is required, except where noted for certain activities or features. 

Looking for fun beyond White Plains? Be sure to check out our Event Calendar to keep up with what's happening throughout Westchester this month.

Ultimate Summer Play List: 100 Fun Activities for Kids

To help you get summer started, we've come up with the ultimate summer play list: 100 (mostly) FREE ways you can pack more play into your day. These ideas aren't just for the kids—they're fun and engaging activities for the whole family. After all, grown-ups need time to play, too.

Check out our roundup of creative games, crafts, experiments and other activities below, and if you make your way through all of these, try our list of '70s Outdoor Games, our 25 Water Games, our ideas for Games from Children's Books, and 10 Cool Car Games to play on the way. Not to boast, but summer really is our forte.

Now, set aside school, work and stress; it's time to focus on 100 ways to play with kids this summer.

Westchester Pool Parties: Best Outdoor Swimming Pools for Kids' Birthdays

Temperatures are on the rise in Westchester and if your kid is lucky enough to have a summer birthday, why not throw an awesome pool party to commemorate the occasion? Nothing beats a pool party for fun-in-the-sun summer memories--the smell of chlorine, the hot scratchy pavement on wrinkled toes, the endless games of Marco Polo. If you don't have a pool in your backyard, no need to fret! Three of the hottest water play locations in Westchester County are also some of the best places for  summertime pool parties!

Weekend Fun for Westchester Kids: Clearwater Festival, Shows, Workshops and More, June 21-22

Celebrate the Summer Solstice this weekend with a wide array of fun events for families in and around Westchester. The big headliner of the weekend, and one of our top picks for June, is the annual Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival—the first since the death of beloved founder Pete Seeger and his wife Toshi. Other fairs and festivals this weekend include the Palisades Fair, the Holy Rosary Church Annual Bazaar and the African American Heritage Celebration.

Two performances this weekend allow optional audience participation: Bring your own brass to jam with Latin Meets Jazz Workshop and Jam Session, and teens can perform in an annual Teen Talent Show. Even if performing isn’t for you, both of these events are equally suitable for spectators.

More of our top picks are below. For more details, click through to the event listing. Also, don't forget to check out the other great weekend events we’ve captured-–plus tons of weekday events--on our Events Calendar. And if you haven't done so already, sign up for our weekly newsletter--it's FREE!

Kid-Friendly Fishing for Westchester Families

My daughter was just closing in on the big zero-two when I decided she was old enough to go fishing at Mitchell Lake in Peekskill. Lacking any fishing gear for a kid her size, we tied some line onto the end of a bamboo pole, attached a hook, some sinkers and a bobber and pulled a couple of worms out from under a rotting log near the lake. Within minutes we were dangling our homemade rod into the shallow waters of Lake Mitchell, watching as the resident sun fish nibbled at our bait and, eventually, tried to take it and run. When we finally managed to pull a spiny little fish out of the water my toddler was overjoyed at the opportunity to pet a fish and then very sad to let it go again. She immediately wanted to toss the line back into the water in hopes that they’d meet again.

Westchester County’s parks are full of lakes, ponds, rivers and reservoirs that are teeming with fish. Some are stocked, some are ignored, some are a hike to get to and some practically allow you to fish from the front seat of your car. Be it the early days of trout fishing season in April, the long lazy days of summer, the winter-is-coming fall feeding frenzy or cold winter days huddled out on the ice, catch-and-release fishing is a sport that can be enjoyed any time of year. Not sure where to start? Not a problem. I've been fishing this area since I was a kid and have all the information your family needs to get started.

Weekend Fun for Westchester Kids: Festivals, Art, Food and More, June 7-8

There's no shortage of festivals, art and food in Westchester this weekend. In fact, three of our top picks for June are taking place, including the Fol de Rol County Fair and Festa Italiana

The 17th Annual Peekskill Open Studios runs all weekend, offering studio tours, gallery visits, meet-the-artist opportunities and special features that kids will enjoy. If you go on Saturday, you can also check out the Light Painting Photography family art workshop, also in Peekskill.

Looking to enjoy fresh air, get some exercise and support a good cause? Sign up to raise funds for SunriseWALKS, a walk-a-thon whose mission is to continue providing free camp for kids with cancer (and even their siblings!).

Read on for details about the above, as well as other enticing options (many of which are FREE). For more options, peruse our Events Calendar. And if you haven't done so already, sign up for our weekly newsletter--it's FREE! 

National Doughnut Day: Free Doughnuts This Friday and Our Favorite Spots to Indulge

There are very few things Mommy Poppins loves more than a free deal...and free foods are at the very top of the list. Every year, on National Doughnut Day, the first Friday in June, Americans raise a fried, sugary, round pastry in remembrance of the Doughnut Lassies who served our country's servicemen in trenches during World War I---or at least, they should. Learn how you too can celebrate this national holiday with a FREE doughnut. 

Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Yonkers

In the final post of our epic five part series covering the City of Yonkers, Mommy Poppins is looking at the best places to take the kids for family friendly meal. From breakfast to dessert, fancy to fast, Greek to Cuban, there is plenty to choose from on the busy streets of Westchester's largest city. If Italian food is what you're looking for, you're definitely in luck. Not far from Bronx's Arthur Ave, Yonkers is known for its generous pizza slices. 


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