13 Free St. Patrick's Day Activities in Westchester

Looking for ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Plenty of parades are happening throughout the area, but if that’s not your family’s thing, you’re in luck: There are also lots of events that give kids the opportunity to learn, be creative, and have fun—while honoring all things Irish.

Whether your little lads and lassies would love to hear some traditional Celtic music, create their own hanging shamrocks or take part in a “leprechaun yoga” class, we’ve rounded up a baker's dozen of  FREE activities that offer something for everyone. 

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Dutchess Daytripping: 15 Things to Do with Kids in Poughkeepsie

Nestled next to the Hudson River, the bustling little city of Poughkeepsie—and the surrounding town with the same name—is packed with family-friendly destinations. This Dutchess County destination is located an hour’s drive from White Plains and about 90 minutes from the George Washington Bridge, and it’s also easily accessible via Metro-North.  

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite things to do in Poughkeepsie, with both indoor and outdoor options to suit any type of day trip.  
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Weekend Fun for Westchester Kids: Purim, Frog and Toad, Pinkalicious

Though St. Patrick’s Day is practically a month-long event here in Westchester, things really heat up this weekend in Westchester and the Hudson Valley! While some of the holiday parades take place next weekend, most step off this Saturday and Sunday, including one of the largest in the state—the Annual Northern Westchester-Putnam St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Revelers can also kick up the heels (or watch others do the same) at the foot- stomping Irish dance production Rhythm in the Night.

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the only holiday being celebrated this weekend: Purim festivities abound this weekend, with many very creative ways to celebrate, including inflatable Twister at Purim Carnival.

Maple sugaring is still in peak season—as are the events that celebrate it like Sugarfest, featuring a pancake breakfast and live music—and a surprising number of family performances are scheduled, such as A Year with Frog and Toad.

With so many great activities happening this weekend, we couldn’t include all of them in this roundup, so consult our Event Calendar after reading on for our top picks. Next, head to our March GoList to plan the rest of the month! If you haven't done so already, sign up for our newsletters to stay in the know.

9 Ways to Celebrate Purim in Westchester

It’s almost time for Purim, the carnival-like Jewish holiday that commemorates the Jews being saved by Queen Esther from murderous Haman. Often referred to as the Jewish Halloween, you certainly don’t need to be Jewish to join in on the celebrations.

There are plenty of family-friendly Purim events occurring in Westchester this month, so read to find out the who, what and where.

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Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: Tech Week, Kid Luau

Teen Tech Week arrives, and Westchester libraries and other venues are rallying to celebrate the national occasion! Expect much in the way of STEM family programming, like Messin' with Makey Makey! and an opportunity to learn 3-D Printing. Or, join Mommy Poppins for a virtual scavenger hunt—but that’s not all …

March is associated with many other occasions. For one, we’ve rounded up ways to celebrate Women’s History Month, and one of these events is taking place mid-week.

Our Event Calendar is loaded with many ways to celebrate March occasions—as well as “just because” fun, like the KidX Luau Event. So grab your planner and start soaking up all the fun and enriching activities we’ve curated for you—most of them are FREE!

Summer Camp Open Houses in Westchester

The nearing of daylight saving time and a few days of blissfully warmer temperatures in our area can only mean one thing—time to pick a summer camp! As part of a mixed blessing, Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley have so many wonderful summer camps that it can be hard to choose.

One way to start is by attending an open house at a camp, many of which are coming up over the next couple of months. Take a look at the list we've gathered—you just might find your kids' next great summer experience.

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Outdoor Fun in Westchester: Greenburgh Nature Center's Maple Sugaring Party

A privilege of living in Westchester is the seasonal fun that families can have in Northeast nature. In the fall, we get to go apple picking, and in February and March we have the good fortune to take part in maple sugaring.

We’ve already rounded up our top picks for where to tap a tree in Westchester and the Hudson Valley; now read on for our deeper dive into the Greenburgh Nature Center’s Maple Sugaring Party based on first-hand experience.

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Girl Power: Where to Celebrate Women’s History Month in Westchester

If the recent women’s marches are any testament, girl power is alive and well, and women and girls across the country are fired up. Perfect timing: March is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect on the many women throughout history who helped break gender barriers and fight for independence, respect and privileges. Westchester families have much to celebrate, and we’ve helped identify ways to do so.

It was in New York that Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton launched their movement in support of women’s suffrage around the turn of the 20th century. And whereas the U.S. will celebrate the centennial of the 19th amendment in 2020, our own local centennial is happening right now, as New York State granted women the right to vote in 1917.

Various Westchester venues are staging celebrations by showcasing some stellar female role models—from computer programmers to first ladies, educators to survivors (and even a chess champion)—all to honor our predecessors and to inspire younger girls to make their own mark.

Now grab your daughters and sons and head out to any and all of these Women’s History Month programs. These are designed to model strong contributions to society and relentless determination. Visit our Event Calendar for more details and many more ways to inspire your children.

13 Simple Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Do at Home

Crafts for toddlers and preschoolers are best when they require few materials, carry simple instructions, and result in either something adorable or that can be played with later. With that in mind, we've rounded up a dozen of our favorite crafts for little kids. Pin it for your next rainy or snowy day, or just one of those need-something-new-to-do days.

Many of these have a fun seasonal bent, like aluminium foil Easter eggs, or a year-round playful attitude like popsicle-stick monsters and airplanes. All of them are easy enough for little fingers with possibly a quick assist from their grown-up. Kids will exercise newfound fine motor skills and plenty of sensory play.

Find more DIY kid projects in our WeeWorks Guide. Older kids, and even preschoolers, can test out our round-up of 50 Easy Science Experiments, too.


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