Indoor Play in Yonkers: 12 Places Westchester Kids Can Learn and Have Fun in Yonkers

Our month-long highlight of Yonkers continues. We've given you the scoop on the best things to do with kids in Yonkers and filled you in on the city's best parks and green spaces. Now we're taking a look at indoor play places for kids in Yonkers.

There's so much to see and do in this city, it was hard to narrow it down, but here it is! We've rounded up our top one dozen picks for family fun in Yonkers. Residents and visitors alike will find that Yonkers is a fantastic family destination. From extraterrestrial explorations and Lego-mania to uneven bars and feature films, Yonkers is simply out of this world.

Tibbetts Brook Park, Lenoire Preserve and Other Outdoor Places to Play in Yonkers

Just a hare's breath north of the Bronx borough line, Yonkers, New York State's fourth most populous city, is full of beautiful greenery and lush open space. From stately mansions to meandering bike paths, it is a city that is simultaneously steeped in history and accelerating into the future. Because there is just so much for families to do here, we are dedicating this post to amazing outdoor play spaces for kids in Yonkers--and keep your eyes peeled for our top picks for indoor play coming soon.

Cooking Classes for Kids in Westchester

Cooking is a favorite pastime in our house, so my daughter has been in the kitchen since day the day she came home--first in a sling, then in a bouncy seat and, eventually, on a stepstool at the kitchen counter. I’d like to say she’s willing taste everything she cooks, but she’s willing to at least touch it.

Whether your kids are just getting started on their culinary adventures or ready to step out of the home kitchen and work with the professionals, Mommy Poppins has you covered. Westchester County is chock full of classes for the littlest helpers, seasoned sous chefs and talented teens.

Looking for more fun ideas? Check out our Spring Activity Guide

Weekend Fun for Westchester Kids: Children's Book Week, Festivals, Arts and More, May 17-18

This weekend is all about art, books and festivals in Westchester. With several of our May Go List picks going on, there's lots of fun in store. Celebrate National Children's Book Week at the 23rd Annual Community Storytelling Festival, attend Children's Book Week Author Readings or meet another well-known children's author at the Candy Fairies Book Event

Feeling artsy? Try your hand at fashion design at Designing Girls: Doll T-Shirt Creative Workshop, participate in one of the many workshops at Family ArtsBash or work with clay at One with the Clay.

Festival, anyone? A highlight for this weekend is Discover Pinkster!  which replicates colonial-era celebrations of African culture with a rich agenda of dancing, drumming, cuisine and more. Also this weekend--the Second Annual Kite Day and Lightscapes, the beautiful light-nature art installation, continues this weekend.

Read on for our top weekend picks--many of which are FREE. As always, if something piques your interest, be sure to click through to the event listing for full details. And don't forget to check out our Events Calendar for more events this weekend and beyond!

5 Mini Golf Courses for Westchester Families

Golf season has arrived and people around the county are rejoicing (my husband included--although since becoming a Daddy his golfing days are a far cry from what they once were). If you're looking for a fun activity to enjoy with the entire family, why not give miniature golf a shot? Regardless of skill level, kids of all ages--and their parents--can enjoy a game together. Westchester offers a variety of mini golf courses that make for an active, affordable way to enjoy a beautiful day with the whole crew. If the weather is less than stellar, Westchester even has an indoor course!

Read on for details on 5 mini golf courses in Westchester. Also, be sure to check out our Spring Activity Guide for more family-friendly activities and destinations. And don't forget our May Go List and Events Calendar for kid-friendly outings.

PM Pediatrics: a Trusted Alternative to Emergency Rooms

All parents dread their little ones getting sick, but, hey, it happens. And when it happens late at night, over the weekend, or on a holiday when your child’s pediatrician isn’t around, it can be a real nightmare. After all, who wants to have to deal with the chaos of the local ER, where you can be waiting for hours with tons of other people? Luckily, PM Pediatrics is open 365 days a year until midnight. There's no appointment needed, and the typical wait time is 15 minutes or less. Even better: It caters solely to children and young adults, so the staff is well-equipped for treating a variety of childhood illnesses, as well as handling scared, moody, and tantrum-throwing kids (who can blame them?). 

Best Party Places for Toddlers and Preschoolers in Westchester

As adorable as first, second and third birthday parties can be, the idea of my toddler and 10 to 15 of her closest friends wreaking havoc on my living room and our unsuspecting cats is enough to make me consider just skipping the festivities until she is old enough to lend a significant hand in the post-party clean up. Luckily, there are professionals all across Westchester County who have mastered the delicate science of toddler birthday parties.

If you prefer to party at home, check out our post on in-house party entertainers and stand back as little ones are delighted and amazed. For those of us who opt to leave the work entirely in the hands of the professionals, read on for our top picks for celebrating yearly milestones with the 3-and-under-crowd.

Best BBQ in Westchester: 6 Barbeque Restaurants for Westchester Families

Barbeque is, in my opinion, one of the best and easiest meal options for kids. It’s messy. It’s eaten with your bare hands. It comes with French fries and mac and cheese and, in many cases, it is soft and saucy and perfect for outdoor gatherings.

We are constantly on the lookout for the best places to eat with kids throughout Westchester. Now, in anticipation of Memorial Day, Mommy Poppins has scouted out six of our favorite BBQ restaurants in the county. Whether you’re eating in, carrying out or looking to avoid leaving your lawn chair, these restaurants have got you covered.

Parties with a Purpose: Kids' Volunteering Birthday Bash To Help Those in Need

Kids' birthday parties should be a blast, but they don't necessarily need to be two hours of lavish expense resulting in a mountain of under-appreciated gifts. Just as you can organize an at-home volunteering project during a playdate, it's easy to throw a party with a purpose. This goes beyond encouraging guests to donate to charity in lieu of presents (which is great, too). We've rounded up fun and easy things kids can do to help those in need that can be incorporated into many themes, and all of our ideas can be done at home. Make sure you have a brief discussion with the kids before you get started about why you've chosen to host a party with a purpose, and who will benefit from their generosity. That way the children not only understand the concept, they can feel good about giving to others. Isn't that the greatest birthday gift of all?

10 Summer Camps for Westchester Kids with Special Needs

For children with special physical, emotional, learning or medical needs, it can often be difficult to find summer camp programs designed specifically with their challenges in mind. While many traditional summer camps can accommodate a child with some minor needs, those designed to play on the strengths of special needs children while helping them develop in areas of weakness can often offer campers an experience unlike any other. 

We've rounded up ten summer camps in and around Westchester County that cater to children with special needs, providing individual attention with low staff to student ratios coupled with programs designed to let kids have fun, learn and explore while developing social skills and confidence in a nurturing and safe environment. Read on for more details on special needs summer camps in Westchester and the lower Hudson Valley area. Looking for more camp options? Check out our ever-growing Summer Camp Guide and our Camp Directory


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