Lower Hudson Valley Destination: Sally's Dream Playground

At almost 9, my older is son is getting a bit jaded when it comes to playgrounds. He loves a good game of Frisbee in an open field, and he’s always up for tag, but take him to a typical playground and his attitude is meh. If there are no other kids his age, conquering the monkey bars quickly loses its shine and he starts asking to leave way before my 4-year-old is ready to go.

But Sally’s Dream Playground at Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery is an exception. This playground features engaging challenges and fun for kids young and old, along with lots of open green space, paved trails for biking and scootering, picnic areas and more attractions. Sally's Dream Playground really lives up to its name; with everything this park offers, it's definitely worth the drive.

Burdock Root & Dandelions: Forage for Edible Plants in NYC with Wildman Steve Brill

As wonderful as New York City is with its slew of museums, theaters and eateries, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Naturalist Steve Brill (a.k.a. "Wildman") can help slow things down a bit, though. For more than three decades, the famous Wildman has been taking New Yorkers including school-age kids on foraging tours in every borough and beyond. In fact, people come from far and wide to experience his quirky charm.

Locations that piqued my family's interest included Greenwood Cemetery, Inwood Hill Park and Sunken Meadow Park on Long Island. We ended up deciding on an edible plant adventure in Central Park. With about 30 other folks, we set out for a new foodie experience, sans the plate and utensils!

STEAM Camps in Lower Hudson Valley: Kids Can Invent All Summer

Children are born inventors and explorers; that's why STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and math) are so popular. Whether it’s digging through muddy streams to see what lives there, building and battling Lego robots, or writing nature-inspired poetry, the best STEAM-focused camps know how to engage kids by always keeping things fun. (Summer break is no time for worksheets.)

A few weeks ago, we rounded up STEAM classes and camps in Westchester; now we’re examining the offerings in the lower Hudson Valley area. Don’t forget to browse our Summer Camp Guide to find out about additional enriching programs.

Music Under the Stars in West Point: Kid-Friendly Summer Concert Series for Westchester Families

Outdoor concerts are one of the surest signs that summer has arrived. For our family, West Point’s Music Under the Stars series at Trophy Point is a summer night non-negotiatble. Set on a small point of land extending out into the Hudson, these FREE pack-a-picnic events are a full sensory experience. The music, played by the Unite States Military Academy's West Point Band, is always amazing, the view overlooking Cold Spring is breathtaking as the sun sets, and a breezy wind cools off the point on even the hottest evenings.

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Warwick

During our month-long focus on Warwick, we've explored our favorite things to do with kids in the area, as well as our top places for indoor and outdoor play. We wrap up our coverage with a roundup of family-friendly restaurants in town.

Warwick has a plethora of eateries, ranging from fast-food chains to higher-end options like Chateau Hathorn. Most of our picks fall somewhere in the middle, and all of them are kid- and parent-approved by my family!

Indoor Play Spaces in Warwick: Where Hudson Valley Kids Can Play & Learn

So far during our month-long spotlight on Warwick in Orange County, we've rounded up our top 25 things to do with kids in town and the area's best places for outdoor play. Today we're looking at our favorite spots where kids can learn and play indoors in this Hudson Valley community.

Whether it’s trying a new sport, getting creative or lounging around with a good book, Warwick has options for a range of interests and ages. Read on for our list of the best places for kids to spend some fun and enriching time indoors in town.

Outdoor Play in Warwick: Where Hudson Valley Kids Can Romp, Splash and Skate

We began our month-long focus on Warwick with a list of our top 25 things to do with kids in the agriculturally rich community in Orange County. Now we're digging into some of our favorite places to run amok in this Hudson Valley town. Whether you're looking for an organized activity or just a wide-open space for unstructured cavorting, there are lots of wonderful spots to play outside in Warwick.

Weekend Fun for Westchester Kids: Pinkster, STEM-tastic, Eco-Fest, May 16-17

The weekend ahead is packed with fun, family-friendly events and activities throughout Westchester, many of which we highlighted in our May GoList.

For budding Einsteins, there’s STEM-tastic Saturday. Meanwhile teens put together this annual Spring Junior Carnival. For exotic entertainment, try Classical Indian Dance. And to raise your kids’ awareness about their food intake, ask them How Many Miles Are on Your Menu?

Festival, anyone? Discover Pinkster! replicates Colonial-era celebrations of African culture with dancing, drumming, cuisine and more. Other annual fests this weekend include Spring Eco-Fest and Kite Day.

Read on for our top weekend picks and click each listing for full details. Don't forget to check out our Event Calendar for more events this weekend and beyond!

Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: SummerFest, Scientists at Work, Dancing, May 11-15

The week ahead is full of eclectic and stimulating fun for Westchester families. The SummerFest Kids' Concert series kicks off with a performance inspired by the hit Disney flick Frozen. Little Einsteins will love doing hands-on experiments with Scientists at Work. And it's hard not to smile at an event called Dance Like a Chicken Day.

Bonus: Four of the five events we’re highlighting are FREE! Want more free fun? Check out our Event Calendar and our May GoList.

25 Reasons Westchester Is a Great Place To Raise Kids

With its wonderful schools, diverse housing market, and myriad things to see and experience (not to mention its proximity to NYC), Westchester County is understandably one of the most desirable places to live in the entire country. So it's a given that it's also an incredible place to raise (or be) a kid!

Whether you’ve lived here all your life, moved here after realizing that 2.5 kids and a dog in a one-bedroom apartment wasn’t your idea of bliss, or stumbled upon our corner of suburbia completely by accident, welcome! Here are 25 reasons why you'll never want to leave.


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