Gymnastics Classes in Lower Hudson Valley: Where Kids Can Tumble, Bounce and Cheer

Kids love to run, jump, hang, climb and flip—and most are just as likely to tackle the playground monkey bars as they are to use their bed as a trampoline. Channeling that energy and sense of adventure through a sport like gymnastics can be a great way to enhance motor skills and encourage safe play and exploration, making it an ideal first activity for many young children (honestly, who doesn’t love a jumbo-sized trampoline or a massive foam pit?)

Whether you have an aspiring Gabby Douglas on your hands, or are jut looking to try out a new (and incredibly fun) activity, gymnastics classes may be just what you're looking for. We’ve explored gymnastics centers in Westchester; now we're taking a look at a few great options in the Lower Hudson Valley.

Day Trips: 5 Family-Friendly Destinations Close to Westchester

Westchester is full of wonderful things to do, from fantastic county pools to family-friendly museums and so much more. Even so, summer time lends itself to family outings and many use lazy summer days to escape for a day and take in the sights of a nearby town. With New York City to our South, Connecticut to our East, Rockland County to our West and the more rural counties of Dutchess and Ulster to our North, it is easy to hop in the car (or on a bus or a train or even in a boat!) and find whole new towns to explore. Using central Westchester as our starting point, we've rounded up 5 great small-town destinations—all of which are under 2 hours away!

STEAM Camps in Lower Hudson Valley: Kids Can Invent All Summer

Children are born inventors and explorers; that's why STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and math) are so popular. Whether it’s digging through muddy streams to see what lives there, building and battling Lego robots, or writing nature-inspired poetry, the best STEAM-focused camps know how to engage kids by always keeping things fun. (Summer break is no time for worksheets.)

A few weeks ago, we rounded up STEAM classes and camps in Westchester; now we’re examining the offerings in the lower Hudson Valley area. Don’t forget to browse our Summer Camp Guide to find out about additional enriching programs.

Summer Camps in Lower Hudson Valley That Offer Transportation

We know that transportation is often a highly ranked amenity when scouting out summer camps. That's why last week, we rounded up programs throughout Westchester County that offer busing. This week we're turning our attention to the many summer camps throughout Lower Hudson Valley that offer this same convenient service.

Read on for camps in the area that provide transportation, whether it’s door-to-door or from a central location. Looking for more camp ideas? Be sure to check out our Summer Camp Guide and Camp Directory.

Kid-Friendly Winter Productions: The Best Live Performances for Westchester Families

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season winds down, we may soon find ourselves with a surprising amount of free time on our hands. The winter is a perfect time to head indoors for a live performance, so to help guide you in your scheduling, we’ve rounded up some promising, kid-friendly productions in Westchester and the Hudson Valley. Plan ahead to get the performances and seats you want!

Read on and click through to the event listings for full details. For more fun winter events, be sure to check our events calendar or sign up for our free newsletter which will keep you up to date on all of the fun, educational and exciting happenings around Westchester and beyond.

Best Places for Kids and Families to Play and Learn in Nyack

We wrap up our month-long coverage of Nyack with a look at indoor places for kids to play and learn in the area.  We've already featured the top 25 things to do and taken a closer look at Palisades Center. Now we turn the spotlight to where to learn and play indoors.

Nyack offers so many fun-filled indoor experiences for kids and families, the onset of cooler weather and subsequent detour from parks and playgrounds is a bit easier to take. Read on for our picks of the best indoor places to play in Nyack. 

3 Cemeteries for Westchester Families to Visit for Halloween (or Anytime)

As a child, it never occurred to me that the picnics my family often went on in an old Dutch cemetery were anything but trips to the park. We’d have sandwiches, walk around the ancient stones trying to read the inscriptions (Literacy!), figure out how old the stones were (Math!) while collecting fallen leaves and acorns from the enormous old trees that shaded the small graveyard (Science!).

Now, with the year turning towards the heart of autumn—and, of course, Halloween—people become interested in the ghostly tales of those who lived here before us. For a unique spin on the ghoulishness of late night (or midday) cemetery visit, consider checking out these local and historic cemetery tours.

Stargazing in Westchester: Best Places to See Meteor Showers, Comets and Stars

Several times a year I find myself outside on my tiny patio at all odd hours, staring up at the sky in hopes I will catch a glimpse of some spectacular astronomical happening in the skies over Westchester. There are meteor showers, comets, planet alignments, super moons, eclipses, oppositions and conjunctions--not to mention man-made events like shuttle launches and space station pass-overs.

Recently, a friend asked if I knew of any public spaces in the area where the skies are dark enough for stargazing--places that welcome families and amateur astronomers to observe the skies. Happily, there are several places in Westchester and the surrounding area where families can see and learn about the night sky and we've rounded them up for you.

Pack a thermos of hot chocolate, grab some warm blankets and check out these local astronomical viewing sites and activities--one might even say the views are out of this world!

Holiday Shopping: Where to Keep Kids Happy While You Shop in Westchester

Shopping is mandatory during the holiday season, though its probably the part that kids like the least. They would rather be having fun around town, taking in a performance of the Nutcracker or checking out a cool holiday train display. So what to do when shopping duty calls?

There are a few ways to approach holiday shopping with your children in tow. You've got the twin options of bribery and coercion, or the combination of those two into one for maximum effect. Well how about scouting out the shopping centers with play spaces and entertainment to help make the experience more fun? We've rounded up your best bets for getting loads of shopping done in and around Westchester with kids in tow along with tips for keeping them happy while (or after) you shop!


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