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Splurge List: Where Westchester Families Can Be VIPs

We spend a lot of time helping you find the most affordable fun in Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley, but we also know you and your kids deserve a splurge every now and then. If you’re looking to feel like a VIP, check out some of these local family-friendly splurges that are worth the extra price. Big bonus: Many of these high-end excursions are still cheaper than your run-of-the-mill equivalents in the city. 

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10 Swimming Pools and Splash Pads in the Hudson Valley with Day Passes

It’s full-fledged summer and we know you’re looking for ways to cool off. We’ve already directed our Westchester-residing residents to the swimming options at the county parks, but what about the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley? Fear not because we’ve got those areas covered as well. 

We’ve gathered up a list of great swimming pools and splash pads in Rockland, Orange and Dutchess counties. While some town pools are open to residents only, the ones on this list offer daily passes (at a minimum) to everyone—so pack a lunch and take a day trip somewhere new! 

10 Ways To See July 4 Fireworks and Festivities in the Lower Hudson Valley

The 4th of July is almost here! We've already filled you in on the best places to catch stunning Independence Day fireworks in Westchester. Now we are heading across the county line to round up the top spots for holiday sparklers throughout Lower Hudson Valley. Since many of the 2016 celebrations also include live music, ball games, parades, magic shows and even a carnival, these festivities are definitely worth the drive if you're coming from Westchester.

Glamp Out: Alternative Camping and Glamping for Westchester Families

Though hard-core campers may find it hard to believe, hauling a hundred pounds of gear out into the middle of nowhere to spend a night communing with mosquitos and tree frogs is not everyone's idea of a vacation. Perhaps you've never been camping and would like a low-risk way to get your feet wet (so to speak, of course) or you've been camping many times and are ready to try a trip where digging your own latrine isn't part of the charm. You're in luck! In addition to many conventional campsites, the Lower Hudson Valley also boasts several places that offer an alternative camping experience- one where you just show up and most of the work is already done for you! 

More Father’s Day Fun: Ways To Celebrate Dad in Lower Hudson Valley

As Father’s Day approaches, our attention turns to the guy who helps make it all happen. We recently shared our top ways to celebrate Father's Day in Westchester. Now we're heading across the river to highlight more ideas for honoring dads.

We've compiled a range of activities to help you plan a great day, no matter what the man's into—from sports to outdoor fun, and everything in between. If you're coming from Westchester, these events are worth the drive! Looking for more activities? Consult our Event Calendar. 

Earth Day for Kids: Celebrations for Families in the Lower Hudson Valley

We've already rounded up several Earth Day celebrations happening throughout Westchester, and the fun doesn't stop there! We are going beyond the county line to explore even more ways to celebrate our planet in Lower Hudson Valley.

Earth Day, held annually on April 22, falls on a Friday this year, and there's plenty going on throughout April. These events are interactive, educational and fun for all ages—after all, it's never too early show our kids that we must love, protect and preserve the world we live in. Read on for our top picks for Earth Day events happening throughout Lower Hudson Valley. If you see something that piques your interest, click through to the event listing for all the details, including address, time and price. Also, be sure to peruse our Event Calendar for more family-friendly outings.

12 Drop-In Kid Spots in the Lower Hudson Valley

Whether you’re in need of a date night, or your kids just want some evening fun, there are many places in the Lower Hudson Valley that host Kid or Teen Nights. Great for some solo adult time, these places offer either drop-in (no parents or pre-registration required) or drop-off play (parents not required but pre-registration may be). Some of these facilities have irregular program dates, so contact the location for the most recent schedule. 

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Thanksgiving Fun Runs: Kid-Friendly Turkey Trots in the Lower Hudson Valley

A turkey trot can be a fun way to get the kids out of the house Thanksgiving morning—and get out some energy! Many of these fun runs are held in support of a charity, so there’s the added bonus of doing a good deed while you “earn” that extra slice of pumpkin pie.  

We've already highlighted some of the best kid-friendly turkey trots in Westchester, and now we’re turning our attention to the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley. Be sure to check out our Holiday Guide for even more Thanksgiving ideas for families, and keep up to speed with our November GoList

Special Halloween Library Programs in the Lower Hudson Valley for Kids

While there’s nothing wrong with your basic pumpkin or witch foam-sticker-and-construction-paper craft, it can be hard to get kids (especially older kids) excited about a project they’ve already done a million times. We last took a look at libraries in Westchester with cool and special programming, and now we’re going to turn our eyes to the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley. Whether it’s music or science, art or zombies, the library programs on this list try to mix things up a bit. And as with the Westchester programs, all of the events here are FREE!

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Fishkill Farms: Eco-Friendly Apple Picking in Lower Hudson Valley

Apple picking season is still in full swing and though there are plenty of orchards that offer the chance to pick your own apples and pumpkins in upstate New York and New Jersey, it was really important for my family to choose an organic orchard. Turns out, truly organic farms are harder to come by than I thought.

I did a little digging and found Fishkill Farms a few years back and since then, my family has made the annual apple-picking pilgrimage to this lovely farm that practices ecologically-sustainable farming and offers low-spray apple varieties in addition to a growing number of organic ones. An hour and half from Midtown Manhattan and an hour from central Westchester, Fishkill Farms makes for a great day trip.


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