Weekend Fun for Westchester Kids: Maker Day, Street Games, Colonial Day

Things to Do
Photo of Colonial Day courtesy of the Thomas Paine Cottage.

The coming weekend is loaded with interesting events for Westchester families, with a great overriding theme: Keep it simple. In the absence of large-scale festivals that are on the horizon, this weekend is loaded with nature-themed activities that celebrate spring, hands-on opportunities to create new masterpieces and throwback opportunities to honor traditions that have generally been lost.

Attend a birthday bash to celebrate Israel’s milestone anniversary, or try your hand at nature photography at Snapshot of Spring. Get back to basics at Let’s Play Some Street Games, or get even more retro at the annual Colonial Day. For hands-on fun that’s free, get crafty at Maker Day.

These are just the beginning! Read on for more, and consult both our Event Calendar and April GoList for more ways to savor spring.