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Stephanie was only eight-years-old when she watched Rhoda Morgenstern attempt to toss her hat into the air in the middle of a busy, '70s NYC street. She knew right away that she had to live there. Nearly 40 years later, Stephanie does live here, is married with a son, and can’t imagine residing anywhere else. In addition to being mom and all the “jobs” that come with that title, she is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in the magazines Saveur, Chile Pepper and Family Fun, and on Disney’s website She makes sure the Mommy Poppins NYC Events Calendar is chock-full of the best the Big Apple has to offer, and shares her family's adventures in her many posts. If you're planning a cool kids' event, let her know at You can follow her on Google+.

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5 Fun Finds at the American Museum of Natural History

Although I consider myself lucky to be close enough to the American Museum of Natural History that I can bring my child as often as he likes, the monthly visits tend to get a little repetitive. Especially since he really likes the whale room and needs to take a full inventory of it each time he visits. Add in a few bathroom breaks and a lunch break and it is time to leave before you have seen anything else in the museum. 

So, we’ve taken to exploring the museum specifically to unearth new places to add to our repertoire when we visit. There is so much in there it could easily take a lifetime to see it all, but, we have turned up enough cool stuff to make for a fun afternoon. On your next visit, bypass the whale room (or the dreaded dinosaur floor) and try visiting one of these fun finds:

Cool New Museum Exhibit for Kids: A T. rex Named Sue

A boy named Sue?  Maybe.  But then again, maybe not. No one knows for sure the gender of any of the 22 T-Rex fossils found to date.  There simply aren’t enough of them for scientists to study this trait.  This is just one of the many interesting tidbits we uncovered at the Liberty Science Center's special return engagement of the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found.

The exhibit, A T rex Named Sue, is particularly good at presenting aspects of these pre-historic animals in a child friendly, easy to understand, way by using interactive, hands-on displays. In fact, the displays are so cool and there are quite a lot of them, that the kids might actually overlook the massive, 42 foot long dinosaur skeleton in the room.

Valentines Kids Craft Ideas: How to Make Chocolate Lollipops

The sweetest Valentines are always the ones you make, especially if they are made of chocolate! It is so simple to make molded chocolate lollipops for Valentines Day that even little children can make them without too much help. It takes only 1 ingredient, 3 steps and only about 15 minutes “hands on” time. 

NYC Kids Shows: Children's Theater Listings for Winter 2010

No matter what age they are, kids really have good theater in this town. New York City is uniquely set up to provide top quality children’s entertainment, thanks to its host of actors, musicians, puppeteers and storytellers happy to perform for the little ones. Better yet, these productions are created to specifically engage a young child and many of the shows are interactive, usually about an hour in length and generally affordable. If you haven’t taken your child to live theater performance yet, check out this list of shows being performed this winter and get going.

Seal Watching in New York

It is way more exciting to see animals in the wild than it is to see them at the zoo. And even here in New York City we are able to glimpse some animals in their natural habitat– and I don’t mean rats, squirrels or pigeons, either. Each fall hundreds of harbor seals start their annual journey from Maine for a warmer climate, traveling south until they reach the temperate waters surrounding Long Island.