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Five Things to do with Kids in Providence, Rhode Island

Are you looking for a last-minute labor day weekend getaway? Or maybe you are organized enough to already be planning a fall weekend trip. If Providence, Rhode Island, doesn’t immediately come to mind as a family-friendly hotspot, maybe it should. This medium-sized town is hopping with fun, arty activities that even “been there, done that” New York kids and their parents will approve. 

Providence is a three-hour straight-shot up the I-95. If you prefer to leave the driving to someone else, Megabus is launching direct service from Manhattan to Providence, starting August 25. These double-decker, WiFi-equipped buses are an eco-friendly way to travel, and the views from the top-deck should please the kids. To launch the new service, there will be plenty of bargain-priced tickets for sale over the next few weeks. 

Here are 5 cool things to do with kids in Providence, Rhode Island’s Creative Capital.

Club Getaway: All Inclusive Family Vacation Camp

For years I have been sending my kids to great summer camp programs where they do awesome stuff all summer while I sweat it out, slaving away in the City. I think of summer as an opportunity for kids to experience all kinds of things they don't get to do over the school year, be outdoors more and try new things. But why should this only be for kids? Why can't adults get the same benefits from summer vacations?

Last summer we were invited to spend a few days at Club Getaway in Connecticut. Club Getaway offers family weeks in August and September where kids and adults can experience a summer camp-like vacation together. I was surprised that this mini-break turned out to be the highlight of my summer.

Read on about Club Getaway and find out how you can get $200 off a mini-vacation there this summer.

Visiting Universal Studios Theme Park: How a VIP Tour will save you money (as well as your sanity)

Last Spring the lovely people at Universal Studios Orlando invited us to visit their park in Florida for a VIP tour. It's not something I might have sprung for normally, but after having the most amazing theme park experience ever, I am completely sold that this is now the only way to ever see a theme park. And after doing a little frugal mommy math, I think I can even justify it as paying for itself.

So here's the deal with the Universal Studios VIP tour. I haven't been on any Disney World or any other theme park VIP tours so I don't know if they are all the same, but basically it works like this: You meet your guide and he chats with you about what kind of stuff you want to do. Then he takes you through the park, completely picking out the itinerary so you don't have to think about it at all. But the most amazing thing about the VIP tour is you cut every line (except like two rides that are too popular to let people cut without instigating a vengeful mob scene.) and move through the park at lightning speed, which not only is super cool and fun, but takes all the stress out of visiting a theme park, eliminates fights between siblings about where to go next, and completely eliminated my own exhaustion and fatigue.


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