Weekday Picks for Philly Kids: Museums, Nature, Holidays Nov 16-20

When expecting my first child, I was told, "The days are long but the years are short." As my oldest son nears double digits, I realize how true that quote is. Thankfully, our Events Calendar can help make the days go quickly while savoring special moments with your kiddos.

This week offers many opportunities to create those memories. Visit a museum to foster a love for the arts. Munch on popcorn and watch a movie. Take a nature walk to discover the beauty of birds and trees. Or, cuddle up to read your favorite book from a local bookstore.

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Weekend Fun for Philly Kids: Dogs, Trains, Siege Weekend Nov 14-15

By mid-November, Philly families can sense the excitement of the holidays. So, does our Events Calendar, as it is jam-packed with events celebrating the season. Santa has arrived at the mall and holiday shows have already hit the stage.

However, if you aren't quite ready to delve into the holidays, there are tons of wonderful non-holiday events this weekend. Attend the National Dog Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Learn about the Native Americans at Great Valley Nature Center's Lenape Festival. Or, hear the West Philadelphia Orchestra at its free concert, held at Philadelphia's Central Library.

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The Peanuts Movie: Parent Review of Charlie Brown's First Feature Film

The charm and appeal of the new Peanuts movie spans generations, from the moms and dads who grew up reading the comics to the youngest who've only seen the TV specials. Sweet and entertaining, The Peanuts Movie (G) can be a great film for the whole family to see together—but does it retain the nostalgic glow of Snoopy and Woodstock without resorting to Lucy's jarring, outdated cries of, "Charlie Brown, you stupid idiot"? And is it worth seeing in 3D, or will the old 2D work just as well?

Weekday Picks for Philly Kids: Movies, Nature, Astronomy Nov 9-13

Grocery shopping, making lunches, doing laundry and emptying the dishwasher can become monotonous weekday chores. Why not change things up a bit and venture out to one of the many events featured on our Events Calendar?

From storytimes to sing alongs, from museums to farms, there are many options available all week long. Don't forget that this Wednesday is Veteran's Day, so fly your American flag and thank a soldier. Be sure to use our advanced search options to narrow down your options by age, area and type. This week, put down the laundry basket and have some fun with the kiddos. Enjoy!

Weekend Fun for Philly Kids: Apples, Performances, Veterans Nov 7-8

November brings kids playing in piles of colorful leaves, crispy cool mornings, Thanksgiving Day and lyrics from Guns-N-Roses' November Rain to my mind. But, the reality is that the first two weeks of the month provide a brief pause for Philly families before the hustle and bustle of the holidays set in.

If you are looking to spend some QT with the family, there are many options going on throughout the Delaware Valley this weekend. Explore an art museum, see a show, go outside and embrace nature or celebrate a Veteran.

Read on to find our top picks for the weekend but make certain to browse through our recently published November Go List as well as the entire Events Calendar. However you enjoy the weekend, make it a great one!

Shop Local for the Holidays: Independent Bookstores for Philly Families

"Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks." —Dr. Seuss

Black Friday shopping is an annual tradition for many families, but what if big-box stores and deep discounts aren't your thing? With Small Business Saturday and the holiday gift-giving season approaching, it’s a great time to consider supporting our local, independent retailers.

Enter the privately owned bookstores in the area. Philly families love to visit their local libraries to borrow books and take advantage of the resources they offer. However, sometimes we just want to bring a book home to keep or give as a gift. In these cases, it's tough to beat the personal touch and charm of an independently owned bookstore. Knowledgeable, small shop owners are usually the most helpful with book suggestions for all levels of readers. They can also foster a love of reading among children though other book-related activities such as story times, meet the author events and book clubs. Some stores even have buyback programs where kids can trade in used books for a discount on new ones.

The shops on our list are either dedicated to children’s books or have large kids’ sections that offer programs tailored to the young ones. 

Weekday Picks for Philly Kids: Storytime, Crafts, Museums Nov 2-6

As we come down off our sugar high from all the Halloween candy, the reality of Monday morning sets in. What is there to do with the kids this week? Plenty! Monday through Friday, this week is packed with storytime events, arts & crafts workshops and museum play.

Just browse through the entire Events Calendar for more weekday fun and be sure to check out our November GOList which features a round up of our top picks for the month. Make it a great week!

Weekend Fun for Philly Kids: Halloween, Day of the Dead, Treats, No Tricks, October 31-November 1

Throughout Philadelphia, you can feel the excitement. At long last, Halloween weekend is here! Kids anxiously await their door-to-door journey to gather treats, while parents secretly hope the children return with their favorite candy. But, the best news of all is the extra hour we get from Daylight Savings Time. Make the most of that extra 60 minutes with fun found on our Events Calendar.

Explore Mütter Museum, Penn Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art and Lancaster Museum of Art as they each celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Watch a show such as The Media Theater's A Tale of Beauty and The Beast or Hedgerow Theatre's Storytime! King Arthur. Or, take the family to see Adventure Aquarium's Weeki Wachee Mermaids do their underwater acrobatics.

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Weekday Picks for Philly Kids: Parades, Trick or Treat October 26-30

Beginning this week, Mommy Poppins Philly provides Philadelphia families with a weekly round up of our top Weekday Picks, to keep the fun at your fingertips in between our weekend event picks. And, with less than seven days before the most exciting night of fall, Halloween, there are many options. Leading up to the big day, kids can participate in activities such as costume parades and trick-or-treat opportunities. Below are our top picks by day, but be sure to check out the Events Calendar for each day's complete listing.

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Weekend Fun for Philly Kids: Zoo Boo, Pumpkin Carve, Goblins October 24-25

With Halloween almost upon us, Philadelphia families must prepare...buying candy for trick-or-treaters, making costumes (or digging through the dress-ups to convince the kids they want to be a princess or a firefighter again, right?) and decorating the doorstep with mums, pumpkins and cornstalks. Once the fall preparations are complete, turn to our Events Calendar to celebrate the season with the family.

Check out The Philadelphia Zoo or The Brandywine Zoo for their Boo at The Zoo events. Marvel at the skill of local artists as they carve pumpkins for The Great Pumpkin Carve in Chadds Ford or try your hand at carving a Shunken Head at Peace Valley Nature Center. Or, see a kids concert at World Cafe Live Philadelphia or Wilmington.

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