Celebrate National Trails Day on June 4

It's almost summer, which means it is time to celebrate some of the coolest spots in town - the amazing network of trails and paths that the greater Philadelphia area has to offer. With National Trails Day coming up on June 4, you can mark you calendar for a great way to catch some shade (and also note some amazing trails or parks you may not have already known about). National Trails Day events highlight the importance of the outdoors, healthy activity and supporting your local resources. Whether you are an avid hiker, or just looking for an opportunity to share some nature loving with your kids, National Trails Day has tons of events that you can access, no matter where you live in the region. Here is our roundup of some of the best. 

Weekday Picks for Philly Kids: Parades, Music, Strawberries May 30-June 3

Despite the short work/school week ahead, there is no shortage of educational experiences this week. To start, teach young ones about Memorial Day at the Independence Seaport Museum's Memorial Day ceremony. Then, head to the National Constitution Center's Free Admission Day to share the story of how our country became free and the reasons why we honor those who have fought for our nation.

Once Memorial Day ceremonies and parades are through, explore outdoor fun such as carnival rides at St. Paul's Church or live music in Downtown West Chester. For further excitement, plan an overnight adventure at The Philadelphia Zoo or Penn Museum, or, relax with baby while checking out a movie at Bryn Mawr Institute or PFS Roxy Theater.

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10 Things To Do with Toddlers at the Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore is the quintessential summer getaway for Philly residents- especially families. It's not too far, it's got great beaches and fun amusements for the kids. But you may be wondering what to do with your younger kids on your family vacation. Toddlers can be tricky to entertain, but the Jersey Shore has plenty. We've rounded up some great activities that little tykes will love. Whether you're visiting for a weekend, or you're there for a whole week, you'll find plenty of kid-friendly fun on this list.

Visiting Historic Philadelphia with Kids

Taking the family to Historic Philadelphia can seem like a daunting task. There is so much to see and do that it can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, Mommy Poppins can give you the low-down on some of the best spots to visit while in Old City. Even if you visit Philadelphia regularly, there is always something new to discover. Many attractions are free or relatively inexpensive. So, check out the list below which includes some favorites, and begin to uncover all that Philadelphia's historic district has to offer for families.

8 Play Places for Philly Siblings with an Age Gap

If your kids are separated by a large age gap, it can be hard to keep them both happy and entertained. What makes your baby happy can be boring for an older kid who wants to run and play, but squirmy toddlers might not be able to keep up with your older kid's activities. Unless you can clone yourself to take each of your kids to different activities, finding something to keep them all entertained is key.

Weekday Picks for Philly Kids: Nature, Stories, Vacations May 23-27

It is hard to believe that this is the last week before the unofficial start of Summer 2016. Savor these moments of springtime bliss by embracing some of the many activities found in our Events Calendar.

This week, there are a variety of opportunities for outdoor play. Visit Tyler Arboretum for Tyler Tales, Briar Bush Nature Center for Magic Mornings or Bucktoe Creek Preserve for Drop-In on Nature Playgroup. Or, consider visiting a local county park. Then, listen to stories at Barnes and Nobles, Delaware Museum of Natural History or Philadelphia's Central Library.

However, if you are just realizing that you still need to plan your family's summer vacation, browse through our entire Mommy Poppins site. It offers a wealth of information on New York City, Long Island, Westchester NY, Boston, Connecticut, Los Angeles and even our neighbor to the east, New Jersey. Also, be sure to complete our Mommy Poppins survey to enter to win a family trip to Punta Cana. Vacation time is just around the corner!

Does the Angry Birds Movie Soar? Depends on Your Age

My 10-year-old daughter must have sensed my trepidation on the way to the Angry Birds Movie screening, because she said, "Don't worry, Mom. Maybe it will be a pleasant surprise, like The LEGO Movie." She knows I'm not big on movies based on brands. LEGO was an exception because it wasn't locked in to a specific story line. But thanks to the ubiquitous game, Angry Birds has a set premise: the birds are angry, and the pigs are villains. In the eponymous film we find out why. And, while it doesn't always soar, it's definitely not for the birds, either.

That's good news for parents, since every child between the ages of 2 and 12 seems set on flying directly to the theater to catch this animated adventure on opening day. But before you go, you probably have some pressing questions—especially what exactly earns the flick a PG rating, and whether it's worth the extra splurge to see it in 3D. We watched the film with eagles eyes and have the answers.

New England Family Beach Vacation: Visiting York Beach, Maine

When planning a family vacation, it can be difficult to conjure up the right mix of relaxation and entertainment—especially when young children are involved. We spent a week in York Beach, Maine, with our 9-year-old and 4-year-old sons and felt it had nailed just the precise formula we were looking for. We’ve even vowed to return this year.

York, an area that includes York Village, York Beach, York Harbor and Cape Neddick, is located on the southern tip of the Maine coastline. It is supremely family friendly, and we’ve rounded up some of the highlights for a visit.

Weekend Fun for Philly Kids: Food, Festivals, Outdoor Fun May 21-22

Time flies when you are having fun as the saying goes. However, when raising children, fun is often defined in many different ways. This weekend's Events Calendar is full of exciting and educational experiences to keep everyone in the family engaged and entertained.

Philly families can savor delicious Italian cuisine at the South 9th Street Italian Market. Afterwards, head up the highway to stop by Peddler's Village's Strawberry Festival for a decadent dessert. Or, grab a basket and gather berries at one of the many PYO strawberry farms located throughout the Delaware Valley.

Once your appetite has been satisfied, venture outdoors to learn about bees, fish, frogs, birds, and other interesting animals. Conclude the weekend with an outdoor concert or a family-friendly movie. To keep up with the latest Philly fun, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and like us on Facebook.


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