August GoList: Best Things To Do with Philly Kids This Month

It’s nearly impossible to believe that summer starts to wind down this month, but not before families soak up the last bit of summer fun. And for this, August does not disappoint. We’ve rounded up 13 happenings around the Philly area that we think you and your kids will love.

Besides what’s on our list, don’t forget to catch a free outdoor movie or music concert before the season ends, cool off at an area splash pad, and find a place to unwind with a brew while the kids happily play close by or grab an ice cream cone. And as always, dive into our full events calendar for more  ideas for August fun.

Let Imaginations Take Flight at the American Helicopter Museum

From little two seaters to giant military helicopters, the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester (about 40 minutes east of Philadelphia), gives kids hands-on experience with rotary-winged aviation. Moms, dads, and grandparents alike will enjoy giving their little ones an hour or two of fun learning in a location that’s easy to get to, offers free parking, and isn’t a sensory overload. This museum is a regular on my list of things to do on hot summer days, rainy winter afternoons, whenever the grandparents come for a visit, or really anytime we want to get out of the house and look at fun “things that go.”

After having been to the American Helicopter Museum many times with my three children, here are my thoughts and some tips on making the most of your visit.

Weekend Fun for Philly Kids:History, Science Exploration, Music Festival July 28-29

School has been out for weeks so it's easy for Philly kids to get out of their traditional learning routine. But what can you expect? After all, everyone needs a vacation! But, just because it's summertime doesn't mean there aren't plenty of amazing opportunities to discover new things. During this last weekend in July, kids of all ages can engage in hands-on opportunities and educational experiences found in our events calendar.

Start out with a history lesson. Families can visit Newlin Grist Mill to learn about tinsmithing, Pennypacker Mills to see an interactive exhibit about transportation in the 1900s, or Historic Philadelphia to hear stories about our great country at Once Upon A Nation Storytelling Benches located throughout the city. Love science? Hagley Museum's Science Saturday allows children to learn about the power of water while the Independence Seaport Museum's Citizen Science Lab teaches kids about ecology, biology, and chemistry. How about a little literature? Nothing can compare to some Shakespeare in Clark Park. Do you prefer art? Make crafts at Lakeshore or appreciate the exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Ready for some music? Listen to tunes on the Camden Waterfront at XPoNential Music Festival.

With events like these, your kids are sure to learn a lot while having tons of fun.

Make an Arts Splash this Summer with the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Every summer, the Philadelphia Museum of Art becomes one of the city’s can’t miss destinations for children. The museum offers an impressive array of family friendly programming year-round, but the annual Arts Splash program kicks things up several notches. Outside, the heat and humidity may continue to rise, but inside the museum, Arts Splash offers all kinds of cool—a reprieve from the scorching sun, new ways for kids to engage with modern art while, and amazing opportunities for folks of all ages to make their own art.

Recently, Mommy Poppins was invited to check out Art Splash. Read on to learn what we thought about the space, as well as how families can make the most of their time at the exhibit.

Philadelphia Babysitters Club: Where to Find Great Care for Your Kids

Oh the reliable, trustworthy, go-to babysitter. Parents seem to always be on the lookout for that unicorn in their life...a Mary Poppins, if you will. While this mythical beast may be impossible to find, the next best thing can be a reliable, trustworthy babysitting resource who can help you find the perfect match for your childcare needs (daily, date nights, or the occasional "me time" moments). We do a lot of coverage here of fun things for you to do with your kids—100s of things, in fact. From outdoor adventures to indoor playspaces, and everywhere in between—but when you can't (or would rather not) take along your kids, who can you count on to make sure they are well cared for? 

Fortunately, there are a ton of great resources to help you find coverage, from daily to last-minute. And we are happy to be your one-stop-shop for finding the babysitting service that works for you.

Why You Might Enjoy a Disney Cruise to Europe As Much As Your Kids

When my husband suggested a Disney cruise as a way to introduce our kids to Europe, I was doubtful. Our girls had yet to take a plane ride, and we were going to tackle the great cities of Rome, Barcelona, Cannes, Genoa, and others with them? Couldn't we just hit a theme park instead? Ultimately, though, I gave in, even as I imagined dragging a reluctant kindergartener through scenic city streets as she begged to watch "DuckTales" instead. 

Family-Friendly Escape Rooms Near Philadelphia

If you haven't been to an escape room, you've probably at least seen someone share a photo in your news feed, holding up a sign that says something like, "I escaped!" It's a super fun rainy day, weekend, or even birthday party activity. The gist is simple: Get locked in a room with a bunch of friends (and strangers) and find the clues to work your way out. What makes these rooms even more fun is the choice of themes-anything from classrooms to locker rooms, Harry Potter, and even the 1980s. We recommend you check websites for room themes, as these may be subject to change at any time. Not all escape rooms welcome kids, so we've rounded up some family-friendly escape rooms in the Philadelphia area. And don't forget to check out our post on family-friendly escape rooms in NJ if you'd rather visit a locale in the Garden State.

Weekend Fun for Philly Kids: Animals, Performances, Carnivals July 21-22

The diaper bag is packed with essentials. Sippy cups are filled and snacks are packed. The kids are buckled safely in the car and Mom and Dad are ready to roll. Where are Philly families off to? Some of the amazing summer activities that can be found on our events calendar, of course!

This weekend offers an assortment of fun for animal lovers. Learn about aquatic life at the Please Touch Museum's Shark Week festivities or splash about in the creek searching for critters at Green Lane Park. Discover how important honey bees are at Harriton House's Annual Beekeeping and Honey Festival or watch for birds at John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove. 

Want to see a show? Get tickets to see Aladdin at Gratz College Theater, Cirque du Soleil VOLTA at Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, or Disney's Mary Poppins at Ritz Theatre Company. Round out the weekend by singing along to great bands at a summer block party, participating in a bike rodeo at the park, dancing at Eakins Oval, dining on delicious eats at a food truck gathering, or riding the amusements at a local carnival.

So, the car engine is humming and the A/C is on... where are you off to first?

(Psst...Don't forget to mark your calendar and purchase your discounted tickets for MommyCon Philly which is on July 28th).

25 Fun (and Educational) Things to Do for Free with Kids this Summer

Summer is all about going to the beach, eating ice cream, exploring the outdoors, and having family-friendly fun—no "reading, writing, and arithmetic" allowed...Right? Well, it turns out that there's a whole world of educational fun to be had while your family enjoys summer, from exploring marine habitats at the beach to learning about science while making your own ice cream.

Whether your summer vacation takes you to the forests of Yosemite or the beaches of Mexico, here's a list of 25 ways to keep kids learning—while having fun—all through their school vacation.

Beat the Heat: 30 Ways to Stay Cool with Philly Kids this Summer

With heat and humidity hitting us this summer, this weather is enough to turn even the sweetest kids into total grumps. And while staying in and enjoying your A/C has its perks, sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Fortunately, no matter the weather, there are amazing places to go romp and play in the city and the suburbs that can help you beat the heat.

Check out our events calendar, and our list of family-friendly museums in the Philadelphia area for even more fun indoors and out!


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