11 Historical Ways to Spend Presidents' Day Weekend for Philly Kids

Presidents' Day weekend is the time of year that Philly families enjoy a much-needed break during the throws of winter. Some may take a ski getaway or road trip, while others delight in a staycation. With so much history to offer, consider spending part of the holiday weekend by participating in some historic activities from our events calendar. These experiences not only entertain but also educate young and old alike. We have rounded up some of our favorites below.

Weekday Picks for Philly Kids: Storytimes, Nature, Circus February 13-17

"Enjoy the little things in life, for someday you will realize they were the big things" is how the saying goes. During this Valentine's Day week, Philly families can follow this wise advice by enjoying some simple, yet exciting moments with the little loves in their lives.

Story times are a great way to spend quality time with children. Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, Delaware Art Museum, and Wissahickon Library all offer opportunities this week. Nature lovers can explore the outdoors with a visit to Tyler Arborteum so children can search for Footprints in the Snow or to Churchville Nature Center for star gazing at the winter skies. End the week by making a childhood memory at the circus.

Save a little love for your favorite spots and vote in our BESTIES contest. Now, browse through our top picks of the week as well as our entire events calendar to select something fun to do with the people you love the most.

School's Out Day Camps for Presidents' Day in the Philly Area

Monday, February 20th is Presidents' Day. And, although most children have the day off from school, many Philly parents are not so fortunate. Thankfully, we have rounded up some great one-day camp opportunities to make life a bit easier. Whether it is art, drama, or nature, there is something for everyone on the list. View the options below to see what best fits your child's personality and interests. If you happen to have the day off as well, be sure to browse our events calendar as we have listed many family-friendly activities throughout the Delaware Valley.

Weekend Fun for Philly Kids: Crafts, Performances, Chocolate February 11-12

Love is in the air as Philly families can see from our events calendar. From craft sessions to musical performances to chocolate festivals, there are many ways to spend this weekend before Valentine's Day throughout the Delaware Valley.

Start off the weekend by having the kids make something special for their favorite valentines such as a heart ornament at Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve, greeting card at Pennypacker Mills, or chocolate candy and felt hearts at The Handwork Studio. Appreciate music by enjoying classical sounds at the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra's Valentine's Concert, or dancing the day away listening to the beat of Alex & The Kaleidoscope. Once family fun is through, parents can grab dinner and a movie while the kids enjoy a fun-filled evening at Elmwood Park Zoo's Kids' Night Out or Delaware Museum of Natural History's Parents' Night Out.

Our Generation Dolls is doing a special free Valentine's Day craft event at Targets in Ocean Township and Mt Laurel, NJ. To sweeten the deal, enter to win $200 Target Gift cards. Be sure to share the love this Valentine's Day by voting for your fav small businesses in Philly. Have a great weekend!

40 Snow Day Boredom Busters for Kids

Whenever the weatherman predicts a big snow, you can almost hear the collective cries of joy from children, and the sighs of resignation from the adults who know they’re going to have stir crazy kids at home. Somehow the initial excitement always seems to wear off way too early in the day, leaving hours still to be filled.

Before your brood drives you batty, scan through this list of things to do at home on a snow day, from baking projects (cake in a mug) to cool crafts (homemade puff paint) and fun games (indoor snowball fight). We think you’ll find enough ideas to keep them happily entertained until the school bus pulls up again. Have fun and good luck!

Valentine's Day Fun for Philly Kids

Philadelphia is a wonderful place to celebrate Valentine's Day. Known as the City of Brotherly Love, Philly offers lots of fun for families with young children or older ones. Some events are perfect drop off opportunities so parents can grab dinner alone while others offer time to bond as a family. We have rounded up some of our favorite activities throughout the Delaware Valley.  Keep reading to see which events you want to put on your family calendar.

14 Ways for Families to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Philadelphia

Valentine's Day is a unique holiday. It is a celebration of love, but usually reserved for romantic relationships. However, in the spirit of showing the ones you love the most how special they are, Valentine's Day can also be a great opportunity to celebrate as a family. In Februrary, when the winter doldrum sets in, finding ways to get out and celebrate in the spirit of love may be just what the doctor ordered!

Here's 14 ways you and your family can celebrate Valentine's Day in a uniquely Philadelphia kind of way. For more Valentine's Day, check out our event round-up of great activities.

Leap into Something Fun with Frogs: a Chorus of Colors

Does your little one love frogs? You're in luck; The Academy of Natural Sciences is hopping with tons of these amphibious friends! There are over 4,000 species of frogs living on every continent except Antartica, and you can see a few of them on display at the museum right now! Frogs: A Chorus of Colors is presented in conjunction with Clyde Peel's Reptiland and is on display Feburary 4- May14, 2017. Read our review and leap on over to the museum to learn more about these awesome creatures.

Weekday Picks for Philly Kids: Playgroups, Museums, Frosty Ball Feb 6-10

When winter settles in and it is too cold to go outside, Philly families may hear cries of boredom from their young ones. It doesn't have to be this way! Our events calendar is packed with exciting activities and boredom busters for everyone.

Visit the Academy of Natural Sciences to see its new exhibit, Frogs: A Chorus of Colors or the Franklin Institute's exhibit, Jurassic World. Take a ride to the Delaware Museum of Natural History and listen to stories during its Book in the Nook. Drop by Bucktoe Creek Preserve for a nature playdate or one of the Philly Art Center locations for a story time playdate. Once the kids are tired and taking naps, sort through outgrown clothes and consider being a seller at one of these local consignment sales. If selling isn't your thing, donate the clothes to a good cause.

Don't forget to vote for your BESTIE! Share your thoughts with us and be entered to win a 2 night stay at Camelback. Now, continue reading for our top picks for the week ahead.

Where to Get Your Chocolate Fix in Philly

If you love chocolate, Philly has no shortage of this sweet treat. Chocolate shops and even chocolate restaurants abound in the city of brotherly love. Just in time for celebrating Valentine's Day, we've got some great places to enjoy this delicious treat. Because what kid (or parent) doesn't love chocolate?


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