Children's Books About Snow for a Cold Winter's Night

Jay Bushara writes a blog called One Potato where he shares his passion for off the beaten track children's books. Below he illuminates us with his recommendations for some beautiful children's books on the theme of snow, perfect for curling up with on a cold winter's night, whether it's snowing outside or not.

Where to Meet a Fire Fighter and Learn about Fire Safety in New York City

My daughter who is 7 years old had an educational workshop about fire safety at her after school program. I'm interested in taking her to a real fire house to help bring his lesson home. Do you know of any? — Yolanda

It's great to teach our children about fire safety and I've always found the firemen at our local firehouse to be really friendly. If they're not rushing off to a fire, they generally will welcome kids into the station to check out the trucks and see what they do. But, there are also two special museums set up just to teach children about fire fighting and fire safety rather than just trying to show up at your local fire house.

Holiday Gift Idea: 40 Years of Sunny Days DVD Set

Every once in a while I find something that I think is the absolute perfect holiday gift and want to give it to everyone on my list. This year my singular obsession is the new DVD created in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street.

Celebrate 40 Years of Sesame Street and Get a Limited Edition Library Card

If you haven't noticed, Sesame Street has been celebrating its 40th Birthday. And it's been quite a celebration. They've gotten a street named after them and Google has been doing cute Sesame Street artwork on their homepage. But I think the coolest thing is happening at the Brooklyn Public Library where they are having some special events and kids can get a very special library card.

New Tribeca Kids Film Club and 3 Other Cool Kids Movies Series

Earlier this week we wrote about a website that helps you choose appropriate movies for your kids. Another way to find great movies for kids is to check out one of the local film series where aficionados have selected for you movies that are outstanding.

And this week there's a new option because the people who bring you the Tribeca Film Festival are turning their filmy goodness to movies for kids with the brand new Tribeca Cinemas Kids Club. Read on for the scoop on this new film series where you can catch cool flicks for kids every other Saturday starting this weekend, plus three other cool film series you won't want to miss.

Historic Opportunity to Visit Aboard The USS New York

Let me put it out there that I'm not a big fan of war, but I am intrigued by the arrival of the brand new, not yet commissioned, USS New York in our harbor. This is not something that happens every day and, I have to say, reading about this ship, it's pretty interesting.

Win a Free Family Portrait Photo Session in Our New Artisan Guide

New York City is filled with incredible artists and, as parents, we are lucky that many of them make their talents and their services available to families: the concert pianist who teaches children, the painters and photographers who do portraits, artist who create wonderful and imaginative murals, and lots and lots of craftspeople of every stripe. We have created a new page to help these artists connect with the families that can use their services.

Where to find an H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Clinic in New York City

We've all been hearing lots of hype about getting vaccinated for the H1N1 swine flue on the radio, television, and in the print media urging people to get the vaccine. On the other side there have been lots of conversations in the playgrounds and on message boards discussing fears of the side effects and dangers of the flu vaccine. But once, you get over the question of whether to get the vaccination or not, you're faced with a second issue: how do you find a flu shot vaccine?


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