A World of Miniatures Will Open in NYC with Gulliver's Gate

UPDATE: We're hosting a Facebook Live scavenger hunt with lots of ticket giveaways and a sneak preview of amazing Gulliver's Gate. Follow the Mommy Poppins Facebook page on Tuesday, 3/7 at 4PM to participate.

One of the biggest things to debut this year in New York City will be quite small. It's Gulliver's Gate. We told you about the miniature world coming to Times Square in our 2017 GoList and now are back with a deeper look into this incredible not-yet-open display.  

Scheduled to open in early April near Times Square, Gulliver's Gate (named with a nod to Jonathan Swift's famous protagonist Lemuel Gulliver) shrinks the globe and even some time periods to Lilliputian proportions, small enough to fit on a football field or, for us city people, one block. 

The immersive display features iconic manmade and natural landmarks from around the globe set in 300 tiny scenes. But it won't be only something to look (er, gape) at. Gulliver's Gate features interactive elements, educational tidbits, and even a chance to have yourself shrunk down and placed in the exhibit. It's a perfect opportunity to show your kids the world without ever leaving NYC.  

9 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month with Your Kids

February isn't (or it shouldn't be, anyway) all about conversation hearts and carnations for Valentine's Day - it is a month when we celebrate something much more important, Black History Month. This is a time when we can teach our kids about the richness of African American culture as well as the obstacles many have overcome throughout the years as well as celebrate numerous successes and advancements in civil rights. Here are nine ways you can celebrate and teach your kids about these historical achievements at home and around Houston.

Must See from CES: 8 High-Tech Baby Gadgets on the Way

Even the Jetsons didn’t have baby gear like this. 

CES, the largest technology trade show in the U.S., was held last month in Las Vegas, and there was a ton of futuristic baby gear on display. All of it is meant to make the lives of parents easier, but that doesn’t mean some of it isn’t a little … unusual. 

Whether these gadgets will ultimately be practical remains to be seen (and some of it might have you longing for the days of the Flintstones instead). Be sure to sign up for our newsletters to stay in the know! 

Presidents Week Camps and Classes for Long Island Kids

Presidents Week 2017 is approaching, leaving many parents wondering how to keep their kids occupied while school is out. Chase away the winter blues and boredom cries with these classes, activities and camps taking place during the break.

From science experiments to jewelry making and sports skills, these Long Island camps have it all. Drop in for a day or the entire week.

And for more events and activities, be sure to check out our Inside Activity Guide and Long Island Events Calendar.

Weekend Fun for CT Kids: Libraries, Eagles, and Lunar New Year, February 4-5

Connecticut is located firmly in Patriots country, so for many of us this weekend is all about the Super Bowl. If you've got little ones, you know they can only sit still for so much non-animated TV so we've lined up all sorts of activities to wear them out before kickoff, whether they're interested in eagles, LEGOs, or anything in between. It's also a fantastic weekend to do some cultural exploration, with Lunar New Year celebrations in New Haven and New Canaan as well as a wonderful storytelling workshop in honor of Black History Month.

But wait—there's more! This weekend is also Take Your Child to the Library day, and libraries across the state are hosting all kinds of fabulous activities from live animal demonstrations to robots to magic shows (all events are free, but check to see which require advanced registration). At most events there will be staff on hand to sign kids up for their own library cards if they don't already have them.

We update our Events Calendar daily so be sure to check for even more great activities. To keep up with the latest family-friendly events and activities, be sure to also sign up for our newsletters, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you haven't had a chance, be sure to vote for your favorite Connecticut businesses with our BESTIE awards—we're offering some terrific prizes for sharing your input.

Super Bowl Weekend Fun for Houston Kids: Feb 4-5

In case you haven't heard, Houston is hosting the most-watched football game of the year, the Super Bowl LI! Yes, that's 51 years of football fun! I'm not a huge football fan myself, so even if you don't like football that much, be sure to check out the cool free exhibits at Super Bowl LIVE at Discovery Green. It has everything from the Mars Rover (perfect for picture taking) and other cool NASA stuff on display, free concerts all day long, and yummy food trucks to try out. If you have guests coming in, here are some ideas for how to keep them entertained. And for after the big day, and after hours of eating pizza rolls and queso, here's a list of gyms or yoga classes with childcare for working off the chips (no judgment here - you're not a true Houstonian if you don't eat multiple bowls of queso during football games).

As usual, winter in Houston is very unpredictable. Some days you can be outside enjoying the warm, beautiful weather, and then other days it's pouring down freezing rain. So when the weather is not looking great, look at this list of indoor play spaces. If you like to plan ahead and are already thinking about summer plans, we are preparing our summer and vacation camp guide with lots of ideas. 

Our event calendar is loaded with fun, daily events for Houston kids! You can also submit your own events. For more activities and events to fill the each weekend of the month, pop over to our February GoList. And don't forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive articles such as this in your inbox every week. 

Now, let's check out what's happening all over Houston this weekend: 

On the Way: 2 New Places Westchester Kids Can Swim & Play

Parents looking for places for kids to burn off steam or learn a new sport will be happy to know Westchester has two new businesses on the way: SwimLabs Westchester in Elmsford and Kids in Sports in Scarsdale. Both are franchises of larger chains, and both intend to provide families with new ways to stay active. 

Looking for more places kids can have fun? Check out our Sports Centers, Gyms & Fun Zones Guide and sign up for our newsletters

30 Things to Do with New Jersey Preschoolers Before They Turn 5

When my girls were toddlers, I put a lot of time and energy into coming up with fun activities to keep them (and me) busy. And I soon discovered how many wonderful places and events New Jersey has to offer little ones.

Now that my kids are school-age, the days of play spacesmommy-and-me classes, storytimes, and playgrounds will be replaced by soccer games, dance lessons, and homework. Take advantage of these great opportunities throughout New Jersey while your preschoolers are young enough to appreciate them—and sometimes even young enough to score FREE admission.

For more can't-miss Garden State destinations, check out 100 Things to Do in New Jersey with Kids Before They Grow Up.

11 Long Island Summer Camps for Preschoolers

Finding a fun, enriching summer camp close to home that is a good fit for your preschooler (or, soon-to-be preschooler) can be nerve-wracking. You want your child’s first camp experience to be safe and memorable, but not overwhelming. So where to begin?

Here’s a list of 11 Long Island preschool camps that offer a well-rounded summer experience filled with outdoor time, games, arts, sports, and socialization.  All offer summer experiences for kids of all ages, so check out their offerings for older children and teens as well.

Remember: Every camp has its own philosophy and program emphasis, so explore the camp’s websites, call the director and, if possible, attend an open house. Be sure to also explore our Long Island Summer Camp Guide, or browse through the listings in our Camp Directory.

Family Dance Party: A NYC Kindie Band Playlist for Kids

There's no doubt about it: The kindie band movement is thriving in New York City. Although I make it a point to expose my son to kid-friendly “grown-up” music, I also have a soft spot for kindie bands—even hopping on the bandwagon and heading Putumayo Kids and producing Kindiefest, Brooklyn’s Family Music Conference.

For those of you new to the kindie music scene—or well-versed but looking for some variety—I've pulled together a curated list of my top picks for NYC-based artists available for streaming on both Pandora and Spotify. Of course, these artists reflect the multicultural city that New York is and draw on their many diverse backgrounds, producing bilingual and global tunes.

Got a little music fan? Find upcoming NYC kindie band concerts, including these artists below, in our Event Calendar, or check out these parent and me baby music classes. The big kids might consider music camp, too!


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