Drop-In Childcare and Babysitting Services for Parents on Long Island

When parents need time to run errands, get work done, or even have a date night, it can be difficult to find impromptu childcare. We've created a list of drop-in childcare and babysitting services on Long Island to accommodate whatever your schedule throws at you. These services provide safe and fun childcare for your child to thrive, while you tick off items on your to-do list or even have some fun of your own! You’ll find mini-camps, drop-in childcare, parents’ night out, and babysitting services to meet all of your last-minute and sporadic childcare needs.

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Long Island City Preschool Guide

Long Island City boasts a surprisingly robust cohort of preschools, checking just about every box a family might need. But figuring out what boxes you want to check and which schools in your neighborhood match those boxes...well, it's not always easy. If you're feeling overwhelmed in your preschool search—or if you just want to make sure you haven't missed any great options—look no further. We've rounded up the nabe's most popular preschool options and categorized them to give you a leg up on the process.

A quick overview of the preschool categories below: Year-round preschools are just what they sound like—they're up and running all year long and often offer longer coverage hours for working parents. A "traditional" preschool follows the NYC public school calendar and runs from September to June, with a curriculum that reflects that school's unique educational mission. Co-op preschools require parents to commit some of their own time to school administration, management, and/or activities. Reggio Emilia and Montessori preschools offer a curriculum focused on child-directed learning. Home-based preschools are run out of a home-like environment, rather than a school, and tend to have small classes and an intimate approach. Religious schools offer a religious component, as you might expect. And some preschools are a combination of these types—a co-op Montessori, for example.

Got it? You've got this. Now all you have to do is set up visiting dates, apply, and cross your fingers...Good luck!

Ultimate Halloween Event List: 35+ Best Celebrations in LA for Free or Spooky Fun

Why are most of the Halloween events below free? We spend on the Halloween costume (and a second one if we buy too early), and the pumpkin (and a second one if we buy too early), and the Halloween candy (and oh do we pay if we buy too early)—has anyone else reached their limit with spending money on this mother-of-all kids' holidays? We've sniffed out a whole bunch of free spooky fun, plus a few of the key Halloween activities that might be worth paying a little extra for. The following 35+ events are the Halloween parties not to miss—the scream of the crop!

The Best Trick or Treat Neighborhoods in Chicago

Halloween is your annual excuse to get the family dressed up, sugared up, and out for a spooky adventure. You’ve got the perfect Halloween costume and trick-or-treat bag (plus an extra bag for when that one gets full). Now, you just need to find that extra-special Chicago neighbor giving out the full-size candy bars. 

Whether you’re looking for haunted mansions, festive parades, live entertainment, or over-the-top decor, we have the best neighborhoods in Chicago for trick-or-treating and Halloween fun for families. If you strategize, you can even hit up multiple events for maximum returns on that costume.  

Trick-or-Treat, Pick Pumpkins, and See Jack O'Lanterns on Governors Island This Year

Tis the season for fall festivals and Halloween fun in New York City, and what better place to celebrate the changing seasons than beautiful Governors Island? Its season runs through Halloween, and its October calendar is scarily packed with plenty of fun.

For the third consecutive year, the Friends of Governors Island and Trustees for Governors Island have teamed up to put on a classic, daytime, small-town Halloween at Pumpkin Point. If you prefer your Halloween fun to fall in the post-dusk hours, exciting news: The Night of 1,000 Jack O'Lanterns returns for its second run in three years. For all the details about Halloween events on Governors Island this year, read on.

The Ultimate Guide to Philly Area Playgrounds for Toddlers

Everyone knows that going to a playground with a toddler can be treacherous. Everything is a little too big and you find yourself helicoptering your kids' every move. That's why tot lots are perfect for the smallest kiddos. With fun interactive areas, smaller steps and slides, and baby swings, kids can have a little more independence (and so can you). If you’re looking for fun, safe playgrounds ideal for younger kids, we've got a list of some great tot lots in the Philadelphia area. 

Best Halloween Activities for Boston Preschoolers and Toddlers

For little kids, Halloween is usually more about the treats than the tricks. The excitement is in getting dressed up for a costume parade, making decorations, and hitting the trick-or-treat trail with a pillowcase or pumpkin bucket in hand.

For fun, not-so-scary Halloween happenings in and around Boston this month, read on. While big brothers and sisters may want to be spooked (or even scared silly), these activities are for kids and families who just want the Halloween festivities to be sweet.

25 Not-So-Scary Halloween Activities for Philly Area Kids

For most, Halloween is an exciting time of year filled with sweet treats and an excuse to dress up as a favorite superhero or princess. However, some Halloween fun can be a bit unsettlingly for little ones. Spooky costumes and scary decorations can leave young children (and even some older ones) frightened and rattled. So, if your family is looking for Halloween fun without the spook, look no further. Mommy Poppins Philadelphia has rounded up some of the area's best seasonal fun without the scare factor. From train rides to scavenger hunts to amusement park fun, there is something to suit the kids in your crew.

Be sure to browse our recently published Ultimate Guide to Halloween Fun and Free Halloween Fun in the Delaware Valley with additional ideas. For now, read on for our top Not So Scary Halloween activities.


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